*Once the weather is better :)


Head on down to Freeway Park and look for the QR codes on lampposts to hear a voice coo meditative poetry in your ear. It’s part of Field Guides: A Walking Meditation — an art installation commissioned by the Freeway Park Association in 2021 to invite “interactive participation” with “the three-dimensional kinetic possibilities of the place.” That’s art-talk for “get people to walk around a little,” but there are far worse uses for an afternoon than this relaxing 20-minute experience created by Hannah Simmons and Leah Crosby. Scan the codes and you’ll be treated to a recording that encourages you to take in your surroundings, stroll slowly down the paths, make some observations about your feet and your breath and the leaves and clouds around you. The recording also expects you to know which direction is north, which, haha, good luck. The installation is going to run through May 1, but if you really wanted to listen to the recording after that point, who’s going to stop you?

Field Guides: A Meditation runs from now until May 1.

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