See you next year, you beautifully dreary February.
See you next year, you beautifully dreary February. Charles Mudede

All of this water forced a Taco Time in Des Moines to close its doors. The rain also caused another mudslide in a neighborhood that suffered a major mudslide in January. It looks like the future will continue raining more or less like this until Friday. But today will not be as wet as yesterday.

Goodbye, February: As for March, don't be cruel, because I could never be that way to you.

According to Pierce County Sheriff's Department, the trouble began when a "suspect struck the back of the victim's vehicle with their vehicle." This happened at a Jack in the Box drive-thru in Spanaway. The victim got out of his car to give, one guesses, the suspect a talking-to. The suspect then not only ran over the victim but also "backed up, and ran over the victim again before fleeing the scene." There are reports that the victim was run over several times. And that's where one life in this our only world came to an end. In a fast food drive-thru. The police are investigating this incident as a homicide.

Ignore this. Just another hit-and-run that killed a pedestrian. Happens all of the time.

Professional cricket is coming to where? The Seattle-area? In 2023? That's what they are saying. It's going to happen in Redmond’s Marymoor Park, which will be connected to Link in 2024. I hope the park builds a pavilion and serves tea and biscuits during games. And, yes, if you want to know, I was a wicket-keeper in form 2.

KOMO: "Biden's 1st State of the Union address comes amid pandemic, inflation, Russia and more." Can this be more strong job growth or strong GDP growth? Doubt it. Biden is destined to always lose with conservative KOMO, and also, it seems, with Joe Manchin, who joined "with Senate GOP to block bill guaranteeing abortion access."

The problem with this idea is the Manhattan properties can only be owned by the richest of the rich. If these billionaires (who happen to be Russian) go, then others of their kind will certainly replace them. In short, nothing will have changed in Manhattan, the world's capital of billionaire urbanism.

Ukraine is 100% certain that Russia will soon claim that it has surrendered, when in fact it has not and, at this point, has no such plans. Reuters has this story.

Russia is set to bomb the shit out of Kyiv with "high-precision strikes."

Putin, see what you done did? Now we can't see the latest Batman. CNN reports: "'The Batman,' which is anticipated to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, won't hit theaters in Russia following the country's invasion of Ukraine last week."

Never for a moment even doubt the fact that you can ever win with capitalism.

Scientists in Ireland have recorded a spider capturing and eating a bat. The Guardian: "While most spiders feed on small insects, bats are at risk from the false widow because they have a potent venom which allows them to catch vertebrates much larger than the spider itself." Images from this nightmare can be seen here.

I had no idea that lichen was so useful. Indeed, I would not mind trying out a lichen bed for a night or two. One can imagine the kind of dreams an old man's beard might inspire. Your arms turning into branches, your hair becoming a bird nest, your toenails growing into the mud, your eyes peering out of a trunk. That sort of thing. Lichen dreams.

I recall a sample on a Burial mix that said something like: "The problem these days is no one knows how to make a tune anymore." This is so true. In our age, the art of the tune is lost. Even our best pop minds can't come anywhere close to the simple brilliance of, say, Nancy Wilson's 1964 tune "(You Don't Know) How Glad I Am."

That's a tune.