I left Seattle 12 years ago but I recently moved back. I had to wait until COVID-19 was under control to start going back out to the gay bars. And these GAY BARS... What the hell happened? It’s like time has stopped, and not in a good way. The Cuff? They put a roof on the patio??? Wow... a roof on a patio in a rainy city, finally! LOL! Diesel? Meh. Queer Bar? It's Purr but with a new name. CC’s? New location, not a big difference. Pony is OK. Look, the DJs are always great in Seattle. Always. Same here at Pony. Great DJs at Pony. But that is all... Also, Union? Nice but boring design. Drinks are weak. I have not been to The Comeback. LOL.

What happened to ARO.Space? Or Easy? What about Kurrent? Blue?! I used to meet people all the time at those places. Sometimes I would meet people, date them for a while, then find out that my friends were also dating them. It was fun! Maybe I should blame cellphones. Things went downhill after cellphones. Grindr? Sniffies? Meh. It was nice just to go out and meet a guy. Also, did you know straight people know how to dress up nicely and have fun now? Unfortunately, the stereotype that gays have good taste is something we left in the past, too. What are we WEARING, GAYS?


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