I don't know that the baseball "union" should be part of this blog. That is basically millionaires arguing with billionaires over how to divide a very large pie. A plague on both of their houses. The average annual salary of a MLB player is over $4 million and the mean is about $1.2 million. Granted, the union signed a bad deal 5 years ago and are playing catch up, but the owners have made a decent offer to beef up the lower end of the pay scale. The sticking point now is Scott Boras' desire to allow the top end guys (his clients, mostly) to more easily obtain $20+ million annual contracts from the New Yorks and LAs of the baseball world.


@1 While that is true, the MLB strike will also impact the many people who work at the stadiums. In Seattle alone that is probably well over 1000 workers.


Well Summa Bitch!

WHO Knew there
Could be so Much
Labor News in one
lil’ goldang Country?!

unhappy things happen
when workers seek
to unionize

si! ‘unhappy’ to
ze Profiteers

so those well-tossed
Bags of Garbage are
the hopes & dreams
of the overly-well-
fed Profiteers?

pitchin’ My
tent now!

[Mind the ‘Coasting Conquests’
Conor. The so-called ‘right’
don’t Need no More


@1 +1 Boras is basically pissed that teams don't want to give 32-year-olds 10 year contracts anymore (see "Cano, Robinson"). Fuck the owners, this is their lockout. But get Boras out of the equation and I bet a deal could be struck pronto.


The lowest starting salary for a MLB player is $600,000 - not exactly exorbitant, given the average career length for players is less than three years; and also considering owners generate nearly $4B in revenue annually.


Management is never in a panic. Management is cold and calculating, and hoping that people will think that it's panicking.


@1 silly fallacious reasoning. The typical upside down rhetoric of the American brainwashed where anything short of workers slaving for peanuts is some manifestation of communist greed.

Who cares if baseball players make more money than the average worker. They are the workers in their industry and they are the central product.

The players sacrifice their bodies. They toil in poverty in the minors. There is no baseball without the talent provided by the players.

The owners do nothing but be parasitical suckers off of other people’s talents. The players deserve the lion’s share of the profit off their own labor.


@1 Reading about the MLB lockout the established players are doing this for the kids that won’t ever really make it all the way. These aren’t millionaires fighting with billionaires over ivory backscratchers but millionaires fighting with billionaires to get them to let the majority of ball players get to earn a little bit of a decent living before their dream ends.

I am pro labor and love this column but fuck SEA and their bullshit. Cases don’t fucking matter. What matters is hospital capacity and vulnerable groups. We have hospital capacity now and the group respresented but SEA is not a vulnerable group. These are working aged people who should be vaccinated and hence have no need for protection. They pull this bullshit canard that they are protecting the kids but even they are over 75% vaccinated and not a vulnerable group anyways.

At the least it’s safe to let the kids take their masks off outside but NO, the fear cult says the masks stay but for what reason? Cases? Bullshit.

Fuck Seattle Education Association, shameless hacks who give labor a bad name.

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