Jess Stein

"It Can't Rain All the Time"
Very true.
Very true. JK
This can either be read as words of encouragement or consolation.

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
A world premiere musical that you can really sink your teeth into Get your tickets HERE!
"Be Gay Do Sins"
Got it.
Got it. Jk
Check and check. Thanks, Sarah Epperson!

"Stop the Sweeps"
A small sticker.
A small sticker. JK
Forgot where I saw this one.

"Success Is the Best Revenge"
Sorry this is blurry, I was drunk.
Sorry this is blurry, I was drunk. JK
Very true. Makes me think of this song:

"Crypto Mining Harms the Earth"
Spotted on Capitol Hill.
Spotted on Capitol Hill. JK
What animal do you reckon this is?

"Anti Christ"
Why does this make him actually seem cooler?
Why does this make him actually seem cooler? JK

"Housing Is a Human Right"
Don't let KOMO see this.
Don't let KOMO see this. JK
Have you read my colleague Hannah Krieg's excellent piece on 3rd & Pine yet?

"Snail With a Cactus on His Shell"
Wouldnt that be nice.
Wouldn't that be nice. JK
I can't quite make out the tag on this one. If you know, tell me in the comments or shoot me an email. Update: Thanks, Seth Goodkind!

"The Queer Agenda"
Actually accurate.
Actually accurate. JK
Thanks, Drug Policy Alliance.

Cute! JK
Something cute to send you off to your weekend.

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