[one House + one
Senate = Congress]


Too bad ~40% of eligible voters don’t bother showing up, and half of the ones that do are depraved lunatic Republinazis that don’t give a flying fuck about anything other than enforcing white trash supremacy, even if it kills them as we’ve seen with COVID.


“At this point, our best option is that Biden makes gains in both Houses and can finally institute a program that increases government investment in renewable energy, such as Build Back Better, which is not a far cry from a Green New Deal.”


Biden doesn’t want to pass the Build Back Better deal. He actively worked to kill it last year, first by separating it from the BIF and then by lying to progressives and Nancy that he had the votes for the BBB so that he could pass the BIF in response to his shitty poll numbers.

If you think we’ll get the BBB in any reasonable actionable and effective form, you’re just delusional.


"we work too much?" Really? There are kind of a lot of things that need doing if we don't want to cook the planet. We need a hell of a lot MORE people working on things like alternative energy, environmental cleanup, building more housing, etc.

The way to accomplish those things is not to work less, but to get more people moving on them. Cold we do a 4-day work week? That would likely work if we could get broad agreement on it. But we need everyone contributing if we are going to get out of the current situation.

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