In the same way that water is always wet, the Pope is always Catholic, and Sally Field always delivers her most climactic lines in threes, a story told by Harvey Fierstein is always absolutely spellbinding. An actor (Hairspray, Mulan, Cheers, Independence Day, etc), writer (Torch Song Trilogy, La Cage aux Folles, Kinky Boots, etc etc), and comedian, Harvey has lived a million adventures and is the platonic ideal of an entertaining party guest, the person everyone else wants to feel worthy of being seated next to. And what seatmate could be more worthy than the incomparable Bianca Del Rio? A talented comic performer whose wheels-within-wheels snappiness runs circles around every room, Bianca will engage Harvey on his new memoir, I Was Better Last Night. The book, like Harvey himself, is a non-stop barrage of scintillation, and despite what the title suggests, its author just keeps getting better and better.

This virtual event is hosted by Elliott Bay Book Company and happens this Wednesday, March 9, at 6 PM.

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