Spring is doing its best to defeat winter.
Spring is doing its best to defeat winter. CHARLES MUDEDE

A sign bridge in Lakewood collapsed after a white car hit one of its "support beams." The crash and collapse, which amazingly sent no one to heaven or hell or the hospital, evidently impressed WSDOT a great deal, because a sign bridge is "an [incredibly] heavy structure."

The Hundred-year War on Pedestrians intensifies:

What one really hopes to see with all of these high gas prices people can't stop talking about is the return of "prayer at the pump." It was a thing back in 2008, when gas prices were also sky high. It was a religious movement that only America could produce. Men and women praying at gas stations, praying for prices to go down. Congress couldn't do it, corporations wouldn't do it. It was time to kneel before the Almighty. Pump be thy name. Amen.

A silver car is reported to have hit the prayer space of a Burien Islamic community center, pulled back, and split sans its bumper and hubcap. Though the damage was considerable, no one was injured. Some have connected this incident with four others that targeted Islamic centers "in the past four months."

Cars, rejoice! The city has opened nine lanes for you on the waterfront. You are now free to make as many traffic jams as you want.

All of the escalators on the east section of the busiest station on the line, Westlake Station, are down. One of the escalators managed to run for just two weeks after repairs were completed. It's truly amazing how bad this situation is, and how it never seems to end.

Link is where escalators go to die and die again.
Link is where escalators go to die and die again. Charles Mudede

Also, both escalators on the north section of the International District Station are not working.

The escalators might be dying all of the time, but the city seems to be doing just fine. Puget Sound Business Journal's Marc Stiles reports that the "Seattle-area office market was one of the best-performing large markets in the country, according to a recent report by CBRE on office demand."

The eviction ban is, of course, over because many in power want us to believe that the pandemic and its negative effects can now only be seen in the rearview mirror. Heidi Groover and Sarah Grace Taylor of the Seattle Times offer information on where renters who have yet to exit the pandemic economy might find help.

Lolita, a 56-year-old orca who for five decades provided entertainment for consumers at the Miami Seaquarium, has finally reached retirement. There will be no more shows for Lolita, the "oldest orca in captivity." According to former Stranger editor Christopher Frizzelle, the whale learned to do those horrible, soul-sucking tricks in Seattle.

Spring will have to work very hard to break winter's grip on today. The prediction is that the sun might make an appearance late in the afternoon. But did you see yesterday? Did you see how it was winter for some hours and then spring for others? The month of March tends to be a battleground for these warring seasons.

Though China has yet to do what the West wants it to do—unequivocally condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine—it has, by way of its president, Xi Jinping, officially described it as "deeply worrying" and called for "maximum restraint."

President Biden is "expected to ban Russian oil imports" today. The New York Times believes he was pressured to make this very hard decision, which will, of course, present oil corporations with yet another opportunity to raise the price of their climate-destroying commodity. UPDATE: Banned.

Let's end this post with a perfectly French pop tune by Christine and the Queens: