Adios, Russell &THNX
for all the Memories!

(that sounds
like Quite the
Trade Package!)

and Kudos to McDonalds:
for Paying their employees
in both Russia and Ukraine
even though they Shut Down


OK, so question: at this point, with the Russian economy in free-fall, and Ukraine on fire, I'd love to know what McDonald's actually lost by this move?


Time to turn red states into economic deserts.


@3 They already are. the question is which came first the shitty rural red state economy or the shitty rural red state values?


Russell is old and slow, and exalting his greatness means living in the past.

Russia is old and slow, and exalting its greatness means living in the past.


The only way of hurting Putin - as I see it and if there is a way of hurting Putin (he's sooooo rich) - is to stop buying his natural gas and oil. It's what's financing the Ukraine offensive. Of course, that's going to send the price of crude through the roof, as any shortage would. Gasoline might hit $10 a gallon for a while. People who insist on using their automobiles are going to be very unhappy. Some people need their cars for their businesses and/or jobs. Some people in the Plain states and Western states have to drive 40 miles to the grocery store. Some will blame the President instead of the mad man in Russia. It'll be tough. But you know what? I don't have to tell you that sometimes you have to compromise and sacrifice to get things done. If you have to save up for a down payment on a house, you usually have to strike some things from the budget.

It's easy for me to say. I'm a city boy. My grocery store is walking distance. But my gas bill has doubled. We'll all feel it at the market when a head of lettuce is $7.50.

I sometimes wonder, given that rationing helped win the war, if today we would win against Hitler. Or, would the national attitude be, "Ten gallons of gas and two dozen eggs a month? A pound of sugar and coffee a month? Two pairs of shoes a year? Fuck that shit!"

Some goals are worth going without to achieve them, Boxing up Putin and sending his ass to Venus on the Fireball Express is one of those things.


I concur: our Rugged Individualism Sucks
& whilst sending [Putin's] ass to Venus
on The Fireball Express is a
commendable notion

he's not (like-
ly) beneath taking
the Rest of Us along

and I for one
do NOT wanna
Live on Venus. yet.
do they even have Parks?


@4 I'd say the shitty values come first, which lead to voting against one's self-interest, which leads to shitty jobs.


Wow the guy who rammed into the Federal Building really chose the Bolivian Army Ending.

It looks like he was trying to bust his way into the building and was thwarted by the garage door being more secure than he anticipated, stranding him outside.

It will be interesting if it can be determined whether he was a right-wing antigovernment lunatic or a left-wing antigovernment lunatic. Ot maybe both....


@8 Yea I figure it's something along those lines as well but I think the "voting against one's own self interest" follows the shitty jobs and precedes the even shittier jobs.

I think it's
- modernity leaves rural communities behind so;
- the young and motivated leave rural communities;
- so a smaller population leads to a smaller economy and job loss;
- leaving a less skilled less energized populous yearning for the past;
- so they vote for the past (against their interest);
- which causes the remaining young and motivated individuals to leave;
- which leads to an even shittier economy.

Not exactly sure when meth enters the picture.


wow Brent we're both #8 and we are both in agreement on something....


You want to help Ukraine? Rent an Airbnb in Kiev. Whatever you can afford. Do it.



"fxxx?" Are you another one of those prudes who's afraid of typing the word fuck? My goodness.

It's probably unlikely to fuck anyone up, but is also completely unnecessary and unnecessarily contributes to the negative stigma associated with LGBT-ness.


@8 honestly it looks more like suicide by cop to me. He rams the building, fires his weapon in the air and then charges the cops. Apparently he was writing messages all over his house the last few weeks too. Something def off mentally.


I'll be very disappointed if SIFF doesn't offer a streaming option for the bulk of their film selection.

I had an absolutely splendid time last year taking a few days off work and utterly tearing thru my list of films to watch. The experience was vastly, VASTLY superior to having to piece together a weird schedule of screenings over the course of two weeks, drive across town, park, find a seat in a crowded theater in time to listen to a festival judge yammer about what a good choice I made by seeing this movie. FFS why would anyone prefer that to being able to watch any film you want in the festival, whenever you want, day or night, and pause the MFer when you want?

Online SIFF forever, please!


@11 - Logically speaking, homosexuality or gender issues perhaps wouldn't even arise in the curriculum of K thru 3. But what if little Jimmy shouts across the classroom, "Jason has two daddies! They're gay!" What to do then? Let it go because we can't talk about it?

No, This law isn't about preventing screening "Brokeback Mountain" to nine-year-olds. The intent of the law is to re-install the idea of shame and sinfulness at an early age. You mustn't talk about it because it is wicked. That's what it is about. It's misplaced energy. Almost 60% of children nationally read at below grade level. That number is probably larger in Florida.


@15 Where did you read about the written messages on the house? The only coverage I've read is about the incident itself and the video. I've seen nothing about identification or potential motive.

And yea, suicide by cop is a distinct possibility, the random firing in the air, etc. He might have been expecting a stronger response from the Feds, not having to wait for SPD.


@18 A KING5 story showed his house with lots or writing on it.


Speaking of blatantly indoctrinating our children with homosexual material...

Delightful viral footage of a RWNJ Texas lady ranting about the curriculum at a school board meeting. She's a bit of a celeb and also appears in viral footage getting forcefully arrested after refusing to don a mask in a department store.

Google Cornhole Karen.



That work? Best I can do on short notice.


@4 STII, @6 Bauhaus I, & @8 Brent Gumbo:+3 for the group WIN!! And thanks for beating me to it.

@6 Bauhaus I: Actually, I'd like to go one further. Let's leave poor, innocent planet Venus out of it. I say we strap BOTH Vladimir Putin and Donald Jackass Trump, bound and gagged with E.coli infested bullshitzky sandwiches stuffed down their ugly throats, on a one-way rocket to the farthest Black Hole. There they can get properly cornholed in the darkest voids of outer space by Jeff Bezos' overpriced dildo.

@9 STII: Yep. That about sums it up. As for meth in the red states, I think it's along the lines of "Fahtin' fer their Free Dumbs", i.e.: staying unmasked and anti-vaxxed "for religious reasons", loving their guns, making sure that rapists and unborn fetuses have more rights than women and girls, along with corporate RepubliKKKan misled opiate addiction (hey--gotta keep them Big Pharma guys rich!). Thus, the high (no pun intended) population of children with developmental disabilities born in red states. There is no state funding for affordable healthcare or social programs available in the undereducated pro-Trump blinded wasteland, so everyone there who desperately needs help from the Guv'mint is SOL. The GOParty of Turd is convinced that a Big Mac Extra Value meal (or a trough of seven) makes for a nice, nourishing family feast. (Remember when Ronald Reagan declared ketchup as a vegetable?). Mississippi has the highest rate of obesity in the U.S. at 37.3 % of the state's population ((just over 1 in 3!). This is largely because farmers markets and grocery stores have given way to miles of strip malls chock-a-block with gas stations, minimarts, and fast food joints. Why cook when there's Chick-fil-A?
Meanwhile, the idiots who most likely voted TWICE for the Orange Turd are laughing at us from down in the gutter after losing everything, because we can't make them stop going over the cliff fast enough.



Thanks. don't have a TV so never think of checking their sites.

The last couple of paragraphs seems to confirm the anti-government lunatic angle, doesn't shed light on whether a right wing lunatic or a left wing lunatic.

"However, a neighbor of Stephens in Bellevue said his behavior changed recently and that he has been paranoid. For the past few months, according to the neighbor who wished to remain anonymous, Stephens has been writing messages on the outside of his home and garage.

KING 5 confirmed messages were written on the outside of Stephens' home. One written on the garage door asks the FBI for protective custody. Another said he's a victim of fraud."


@6, thanks for your lecture on what we already know. @23, thanks for a comment that was simultaneously boring and disgusting.


Does "tough on crime" mean getting back to a place where motherfuckers who get booted from a store for stealing don't later return to said store with a gang and shoot the security guard, because why not there are no consequences around here anyway? Just curious.


The Stranger should rejoice.... Seattle is getting rid of one of the "one percenters" ..... You know the ones who make more than the staff writers, own a house on the water and exploit the masses.


"Conservative States Race to See Who Can Harm Queer People the Most"

Which they have always done. The difference now is we liberals have removed almost everyone who is LGBT+ from their list of potential victims, so they're going after trans' persons as one of their few remaining targets. They do this because they're bigoted, hateful bullies, and no amount of our social progress has yet changed this.


@28: It's deeper and more complex than that. Cis people, gay or straight, or human nature in general, are ill equipped mentally to understand transgenderism on the outset, until they accept and realize the trans person is the same person (like when a friend or family member transitions) but in a much happier life, then they become grateful and loving to that person.

Or not. So give people time. Listen. It's not all bigotry, a lot is simple fear of the unknown. So give people the benefit of the doubt. Know that people can change. Of course we have to fight the politics as well, but this is one the ways to success for that as well.

I went though some mental gymnastics myself after one of my dearest friends in Seattle transitioned and now is even more of a friend as happy female.



Based on your comment history, I'm guessing the average 7 - 9 year old, roughly corresponding to second and third grade, already knows more about human sexuality than you do; at least they can use the word "fuck" without resorting to infantile self-censorship.


@30: In polite society it's elevated decorum, not "infantile self-censorship."


@31. Polite society? This is The Stranger. The next article up literally says not to spray foam into your urethra. What bizarre upstairs downstairs alternative reality are you living in?


@29: "It's not all bigotry, a lot is simple fear of the unknown. So give people the benefit of the doubt."

The topic here is opportunistic politicians who pander to bigots. There's no need to go easy on any of them. None of them need lessons in gender dysphoria, they just need to leave trans' people alone. And we should call them out on their opportunism and bigotry, until they stop pushing both into the faces of innocent trans' persons. Simple as that.

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