we're gonna hear
till the next Election
"completely unfounded
histrionics from Republicans"?

well yeah when
the Feeble-minded
hear The Lie repeated often
Enough how can it NOT be True

or mostly?
close enough!
just like on the FOX.

but won't 'repubs'
deputize their Disciples
to hunt down and Make Pay
any Citizenry foolish enough
to leave their State for what they'll
call Immoral Purposes or Women's Sins?



or better yet
do Not


We have been here before. In fact, 100 years ago, when many of the same people whose ideological descendants are today's fetus fascists outlawed alcoholic beverages. They promoted the very same snitch culture that Texas, and now Idaho, think they can enshrine into law.

They failed. They failed big time. They failed just like those who tried to keep marijuana illegal failed, and just like -- sorry for those who don't like reading this -- outlawing gun possession will fail. Prohibition unleashed the most prolonged period of mass civil disobedience in the nation's history. Who in their right minds, except the most deluded, would imagine that a post-Roe United States would be any different, or that the eventual outcome would be different?

When Bezos starts delivering mife and miso by drone, it will be game over. Tampering with the US Mail is already a felony. These Christer Gilead assholes are going to reap the whirlwind.


When Roe v Wade goes down the crapper, our nationwide IQ will get even lower - even though you didn’t think that was possible!


they warned us
of Sharia Law
we just didn't
know They
were the


Phil Fortunato is an idiot


Kristofarian is here so it's like a shitty poetry slam for the stupid


speaking of shit-
ting on Walls
I m here:
for U.


It'd be a damn shame if a couple of blimps full of abortion pills had a collision over Texas and spilled their cargo.

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