«Fentanyl use in Washington has climbed to "stunning" levels in 2021»

As goes the artist formerly known as the Purple One, so goes the Nation.


‘ There are several ideas being floated
for a physical COVID IXX memorial ’

I see a bloated former guy
in the Center of it all
with all the dead
in a Circle ‘round
pointing at him

not to Mention
all the Collaterals.

“57-year-old Johnny Stine
used social media to hawk
his fake coronavirus cure”

well he Learned
from Thee Best:
el trumpfster

but WHAT
was even
IN that

(see: sorry to
bother you)


Re Allergies:
1. I do recommend going to an allergist. They might find something that you didn't know was there.
2. Tree pollen allergies you might want to avoid certain foods that mimic tree pollens in your system such as:
Apples, pears, plums, peaches, prunes, nectarines, apricots, cherries, kiwis, anything in the parsley family (it's a lot of delicious herbs and spices), potato, tomato, green peppers, avocados, hazelnuts, almonds, and legumes. Like all of them. Typically when these foods are cooked it does kill the pollen triggers so they are alright to eat cooked.

I have super severe grass allergies and have to avoid a whole host of foods. It. Is. Goobers. But hopefully only avoiding while your allergies are bad helps a bit. My allergist suggested shots which are a commitment. But I also want to be able to eat legumes without breaking out into hives.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR!! But for grass season (which is April-August. FU PNW) I'm taking two OTC allergy pills and one dose of Flonase a day. As prescribed by my allergist.

Other than that it's keeping everything really clean, especially pillow cases, sheets and then making sure my hair's washed everyday.

There's also this stuff that my naturopath (she's less woowoo than a lot of naturopaths) recommended called D-Hist that's supposed to help. I haven't started taking it cause she missed that it contains something derived from pineapple whish is a big one on my do not eat list. Which is everything. I just don't eat anything. HA!

Good luck!


It's ridiculous enough Jaz's TMI over their allergies has become newsworthy twice now on Slog, and headlined with yet another awful Getty image to boot!

Still, I hope you feel better Jaz.



All drug use is up everywhere. Maybe we should start trying to figure out why no one wants to face our reality sober.


For itching eyes (floating pollen and direct contact with newsprint, sunscreen, preservatives or bud) Bauch & Lomb Opcon-A drops go everywhere I do. Do not exceed recommended dosing-per stern warning by the Ophthalmologist.
Also, the last four allergens get in eyes from dirty fingers. Hand sanitizers are not cleansing rinses and don’t count here. Get irritants off your face before going to sleep: they smear onto the pillow and then you park your eye right into it if side sleeping.

Also air systems that trap COVID particulates will trap pollen. Here’s a world-wide cheaper DIY design: just a box fan and four furnace filters. Pretty cool story of collaboration as opposed to profiteering.


24-hour Claritin has always worked for me. You'll probably have to sign a DEA log at the pharmacy, as the stuff is feedstock for meth labs.


Question: If "their" is the correct possessive pronoun for non-binary, then "you" is incorrect as singular in my second paragraph in @4? If incorrect, what is there besides "you all"?


LOL that you think Joybird couches are 1K.


@3,6, 8, 9-- thanks for your help! Lots of strategies I haven't used before so I appreciate it.

@raindrop -- I thought the Getty image was funny. And "you" is the correct second-person address for someone who uses they/them pronouns. Scroll down to "What verbs do I use with the singular “they”?" on this article to get a better understanding of it:


@10 "All y'all."


@12: Thanks Jas - and really, I hope you do feel better.


Yes, hope you feel bettter!!


Technically, Ballard Market (where I shopped for 15 years) always was Town & Country Market, they just reverted to the chain name.


I do Miss

but will
settle for
Winco & Costco

*another sister

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