Amazon has begun its dance with the devil that is stock buybacks...
Amazon has begun its dance with the devil that is stock buybacks... Charles Mudede

Now that Seattle has nothing to lose when it comes to the incredibly shrinking Boeing in the Pacific Northwest, the city's leading paper is finally free to tell it like it is: "The grabbing hands grab all that they can." Dominic Gates writes that the "top executives" of the Chicago-based corporation "took home millions of dollars in cash pay" in 2021, despite the pandemic, despite the 737 MAX mess, despite losing $4.2 billion. For example, the CEO made out like the bandit he is: “$7.4 million in salary, cash bonus and stock awarded when" he took the top job in 2021. Capitalism is and will always be a war among the classes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Amazon is finally on the crack called stock buyback, which is basically value manipulation. The major holders of its shares are over the moon about this. They can't stop pinching themselves and each other. $10 billion of Amazon's money used to inflate shares that are already inflated to a future that will never see the light of day.


Amazon announced its first stock split since the dot-com boom, telling investors on Wednesday that they’ll receive 20 shares for each share they currently own. The stock soared 6% in extended trading.

The company also said the board authorized it to buy back up to $10 billion worth of shares.

Boyz in the hood of Bellevue:

West Seattle blog tweets that its neck of the woods experienced another "gun-brandishing road rage" within a week.

Rising gas prices have reduced the risk of siphoning gas to a level that's acceptable for a number of area thieves. Indeed, they are getting pretty raw about it up in Everett.

Everett Police Department:

While some thieves use rubber hoses to siphon fuel out, we are seeing modern day thieves use power tools to drill a hole in the gas tank and steal fuel.

The cost of damage to the gas tank far exceeds that of the gasoline and we recommend that you park your vehicle in a garage or well-lit and high traveled area to help deter would-be thieves. If you see or hear suspicious activity near your vehicle, call 911 right away.

Lo-Fi Performance Gallery needs your help because a car crashed into its front door on Tuesday. No one was hurt, but, as anyone familiar with this kind of thing knows, the insurance companies will take forever to financially settle a matter that's of vital importance to a small business that's survived two grueling years of the pandemic by the skin of its teeth. Lo-Fi, an important cultural institution, is only trying to raise $8,000. Do what you can, if you can.

Seattle is doing it, and so is Portland. KING 5: "In an about-face, liberal US cities target homeless camps." Why this failure? Because the left was left defending a situation that was in essence impossible and not of their making, which is camping on streets or parks. Their policy space is limited to open public spaces. Public housing and robust services for the mentally ill were off the table from the get-go. Nor could the destitute create and settle in slums. There was either life on the streets or sweeps. This limitation guaranteed that the right would win every time.

This happened in Atlanta. And many of the people involved in the embarrassing incident were black. How did they not know this was not a bank robber but the director of Black Panther? It grossed nearly $700 million in the US. Anyway, the video of his arrest is now available. Watch it and know that if you are black, there is no sphere of achievement that can protect you from this kind of bullshit.

All of this reminds of me something. What is it? I remember! It's Eddie Murphy's SNL classic. Mr. White at the bank. Begin watching at 3:33:

For real, niggas/kaffirs of the world unite: "White Australian police officer acquitted in killing of Aboriginal teen, a case that gripped the country." How long, we sing this so fucking old song?

Russia, as you very well know, is still bombing the shit of the Ukraine. And banks are pretending like they got wounds to lick. Trust me, the banks will not lose a penny at the end of the day.

Let's take this moment to watch a transmission from the alien world of cats:

Let's enter the weekend with some classic Japanese post-acieed, Susumu Yokota's "Sou":