Married - poke your spouse one hour earlier to get out of bed!


Ask a non-millennial for help


Living in Arizona does have its pitfalls (Red state insanity, disappearing water resources, "But it's a dry heat!"), but as the years go by, I find that not having to deal with daylight savings time stupidity (aside from having to remember whether we're in alignment with California or New Mexico when road tripping) has unexpectedly become one of the best things about living in the state.


My main issue is making sure the oven clock and microwave clock are in sync. If they're off by a few seconds it will annoy me to no end.


published on 3/14?!

two days Late or
363 days Early?

you're gonna need
a New Calendar

(Every dang YEAR!)
'THNX' to Big Calender

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