Oh sure, any old subway can travel through space, but can yours travel through time? (Well, technically, yes, because we’re all traveling forward through time.) This community meetup promises to blast attendees into the future with a glimpse at what’s coming down the transit line over the next few years. Hosted by the independent volunteer group Seattle Subway with special guest-Senators Marko Liias and Jamie Pedersen, this is your chance to get truly geeky with at least some of the folks responsible for setting the region’s transpo priorities. It’s an excellent opportunity to nudge elected officials about your particular pet peeves and projects — expect to hear some grousing about the ludicrously deep stations that were recently proposed, the lack of density around stations, and Sound Transit’s ongoing problem with escalators deciding they’d rather be stairs instead.

Organizers of Subway into the Future! suggest arriving at Optimism Brewing at 5:30 on Wednesday March 16, with speakers scheduled to start at 6 pm. Very on-brand for a transit-related event to begin with a half-hour wait. Read more event suggestions from The Stranger right here.