This is a joint effort.
This is a joint effort. We're hard at work just a little bit high :) watching all your submissions. SPLIFF Jury 2022

Ever nibble on a "Mozza" whip? Like a cheese stick, but swirly? The SPLIFF jury has had about ten plates full of 'em while watching all these submissions to SPLIFF Film Festival 2022—and babies, these sticks are good, but your subs are even better.

For the fourth year in a row, SPLIFF asked stoners around the world to show us what they like to watch when they're high. And once again, stoners of the world came through. We're finishing off this year's line-up right now, but while you wait for the reveal, get ready for an all-new trippy line-up (everyone's been saying "this is our best year yet!" in between fistfuls of Mozza!!) by snagging Early Bird Tix NOW!

We can't wait to see you on Saturday, April 30, for a total stoner fest at the SIFF Egyptian! Hosted by Betty Wetter!