I'm not going to feel bad for being able to afford a SFH. Sorry. I guess I will be screaming into a pillow though becsuse I'm excited about how rich I'm going to be when I sell this place.


Poor MGM, it was never the same after Meyer fired Joan Crawford, and now this. So sad.

@1 - Congratulations on your healing. Bearing the cross of misplaced woke guilt is debilitating to the soul.


@3 Huh?

Charles wrote that the high real estate prices are a sign at Seattle isn’t dying. Which is it? Can y’all decide whether Seattle is dying or not because you seem to want to have it both ways. Thanks.


much like Student Debt
Housing as Commodity
limits our Pursuit of
Happiness -- but
keeps the Bank-
sters Well fed.

is This the Planet
we wanna Inhabit?


It certainly doesn’t look like the last housing bubble. Lending requirements are still conservative and many purchases are for cash. The main problem is a shortage of properties at any price point.


@3, 4: In addition, Charles has been predicting the imminent collapse of the regional residential housing market for the better part of a decade.


« there's no guarantee that the shelter will actually meet the individual's needs, which is why so few referrals result in someone accepting.»

Biggest complaint about shelters is 'people steal your stuff there' which is code for 'cannot do drugs nor store drugs while at shelter.' So back on streets they go.
This is a definite argument for safe injection / use sites in the city, just like Vancouver.


@1 its kind of weird to even talk about "guilt" with respect to a systemic problem. Will you next let us know that you don't feel guilty about the Gravitational Constant?

But you do illustrate the cornerstone of resistance to addressing that problem: the pecuniary interests of incumbent real estate owners.


@2 an adult using the word "woke" and trying to be serious about it is pretty fucking hilarious. Thanks for the morning laugh. You usually deliver.


This looks similar to a recipe I use that is on paper. I'd think half the recipe should make at least 24 hamentaschen. Refrigeration helpful but not required. And you do not have my permission to use this recipe if you plan on putting chocolate or Nutella in them.


What languages do the unhoused in the CID speak? I know many residents in CID speak Vietnamese and Chinese, but campers??


Provide all the homeless a one way bus ticket out of Seattle, as far away as greyhound will go. Lure them onto the bus will alcohol and heroin.


"Traffic does not exist if you don’t want it to."

The mantra of every traffic law flouting urban cyclist.


@8 so if we provide a space for addicts to shoot up then they'll definitely accept whatever shelter space is available. I think you've been smoking with them if you think that will change anything whatsoever. They will never accept shelter as long as there is an alternative that will let their addiction continue to run their life unabated.



Back in 2018 when we shipped the residents of the 3rd and Broad tent mansion back to Kansas City we sent them by air.

The advantage being once on board they can’t deplane until they get to their final destination. On a Greyhound there’s nothing to stop them from just getting off at the next stop and walking back to Seattle.

Given the ridiculous amounts we have spent on the homeless over the last 5 years it probably would be cheaper to just fly them back to where they came from.


People are willing to pay these prices for houses in seattle because a house in seattle lets them live here, and they can make a shit ton of money living here. So in that sense, they are not “overpriced” any more than a set of tools that allows you to earn a good living are. As long as we don’t build more houses, those to whom the houses make economic sense bc are going to bid them up. It’s not rocket science.



More frequently, "meet the individual's needs" translates as "actually have a place for them to stay let alone store more than a small backpack", which most don't have in either instance.


Meanwhile, cities and towns across the nation will do exactly the same thing: ship their homeless populations elsewhere, and of course some of them, as many of our resident conservatrolls have perpetually insisted, will be sent here. So, we all just keep playing this giant game of "musical chairs" thinking it's some sort of solution, when in fact we just keep shuffling the problem around without doing anything meaningful or constructive to actually solve the underlying systemic, structural causes of homelessness. But then, I suspect that's what people like you would prefer, because then you can continue to whinge about it.



Ever read the vendor profiles in Real Charge? Pretty much every single one of them arrived in Seattle homeless.

Seattle is the 18th most populous city in the country yet we somehow have the third highest homeless population.

How is that?

Maybe it’s time we stopped making Seattle an attractive place for people who have chosen to flush their life down the toilet.


Seattle is not 3rd in the nation by rate. That is an erroneous report derived from US News article in 2018. As of 2022 by rate Seattle is about 12 or 13th.



1) That list includes some pretty small cities like San Luis Obispo, population apx 47,000.

2) I'm not sure who is behind, or writes for, the website but they sure could use a remedial class in the Geography of the USA, "Located in the nation’s capital state of Washington, Seattle-Tacoma...."


No to mention that they are using the entire Seattle-Tacoma metro population to derive the rate. As most of our suburban friends have been kind enough to criminalize being homeless and run them all out of town, they're in the cities, so I would bet that the actual rate is double the one they come up with.


That’s how rare works.

The numbers used are derived from the 2021 HUD report. HUD lumped Seattle Tacoma together because the population of homeless tended to drift between the two cities and for some reason that how the count was taken. There are other sources if you look hard enough.

Also: The US News numbers included all of King County.

These numbers are very difficult to come by in the first place. Populations are itinerant and migratory. And they count shelter and service usage and in Seattle and LA the also counted people at encampments — which often can be used by individuals simultaneously. Also cities with more services will always have higher counts. And many smaller cities do not participate in official counting at all. So it’s all guesswork.


@26 "Also cities with more services will always have higher counts."

Is this an admission that the "services" Seattle provide act as an enticement for these vagabonds to come to Seattle?

Perhaps if we stopped providing these services we could lower our count. Sounds like a plan to me!


@27 isn't that the same reasoning Tr*mp used at the start of Covid? "Fuck these people on the cruise ships, gotta keep those numbers down..."

You're showing your true colors here, dude.


@28 I’m just responding to Professor Shrubber’s assertion that cities that provide more services for the homeless tend to have more homeless.

Perhaps if Seattle provided fewer services for the homeless the homeless individuals would go elsewhere. A strategy of attracting fewer homeless to relocate to Seattle seems reasonable.


Anita Bryant is still alive??? Shit!---just when I thought the Ron De Santis-confused State of Flor-i-dumb couldn't get any more fucked up.

I couldn't afford to buy a house without being house poor. It's not good to have no liquid assets even if owning a house or condo outright. I'm hoping insatiably gluttonous cyber asshole Jeff Bezos doesn't get the inclination to buy out my neighborhood, if not the entire State of Washington anytime soon.


@21: I'm very curious to know what year you bought your first home within King Co, and what your annual salary was at the time.


Oh, and purchase price, of course, but there's approximately 100% chance you're just here to troll, and you'll never return to these comments again, so I'll have to make my own extrapolations, sans data (that you'd probably just lie about anyway).

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