"Idaho Lieutenant governor Janice McGeachin is building a coalition that includes white nationalists and members of far-right militias"

Otherwise known as "citizens of Idaho"


Kudos to Hannah for acknowledging her misspeaks. Bless you dear.


@1: No, not all citizens, not even a majority. Slog commenter Morley lives there for example. A dash of realistic nuance won't dilute your edgy passion.


The cops swept that CID encampment, and then a homeless man was shot to death at 10th & Weller at 4:30. So yes, the homeless are primary victims of crimes (that are committed by other homeless).

The situation remains tragic and intolerable.


Mutual Aid group do not serve anyone except there own egos and social media brand. Go away f*cktards.


and in OTHER News China's
BACKING tf OFF the Putin
'cheerleading' -- coupled
with the Ahnald's gentle
Exhortations perhaps
the Light at the end
of the Tunnel may
NOT be Arma-
Fucking Ged-

Happy Friday!


There will always be another COVID wave coming. It’s been a great two years for media hand wringing but it’s time to move on to another big scary thing. Not “news” any more.


@12 -- well it'll be Big News
to those 'Done!' with the Covid
masks 'social' Distancing etcetera

when they begin to Wonder
why they cannot seem to
Smell anything and have
'just a bit' of a Headche.

we're Still losing
one thousand two
hundred fellow citizens
Every DAY. so no. it Ain't



so Sorry to hear that Garbby
if it isn't too late for it are
you able to get The Pill?

Good Luck


@14: Oh Lord, damn. Thanks for sharing that. Get well soon.

@6: "She may not speak for every idahoan"

I challenge you to be intellectually honest enough to say "she does not speak for every Idahoan."


@14 - In other words, you felt like shit for a couple days and stayed home. I remember getting sick back in the day too, I bet I caught it walking to and from school. UPHILL, BOTH WAYS. Come on folks, get the shot, get over it.

On a side note of complaint and snark, do you realize that a can of Rainier is $8 at the new Crocodile? And you could not drink it outside of the bar area? WTF?


@3 I learned this winter with proper layering up top i can rock shorts all the way down to 39 degrees if no wind chill. So I've got that going for me!


@13-17, the vast majority of those hospitalized (close to 90%) are not fully vaccinated. It is sad there are so many needless deaths, but there are tools to prevent it; it isn’t helpful to fearmonger a largely vaccinated city when COVID outcomes approximate other endemic diseases. Thank you to sick folks who are staying home, but I can’t do March 2020 in perpetuity…Of course I can change behavior if we learn the variant has gotten more dangerous.


A journalist probably shouldn't be contributing "snaps" (or claps) at an event they are covering.


@4,8,9,10 - Thank you! glad others feel this way - sick of the sanctimonious b.s.

@17 - maybe missed the part about it being a breakthrough infection (?)

@13/15 - couldn't agree more with your sentiments - specifically, re: pills (PFE, MRK), supposed to be administered within 5 or 7 days of symptom onset, so likely too late in this case - I hope @14 feels better soon <3

@17, 21 - That's an unfortunate change for the Crocodile - good to know... - one way to avoid those exorbitant ticket fees is to purchase at the box office / day of show, although this of course won't work for a sold-out show..


@1 lol nailed it


Not everyone can snap, actually.

But @22 has an interesting observation on that.


"COVID outcomes approximate other endemic diseases"

Like what? Name the endemic diseases that routinely fill ICU's to bursting please.


from an Exhaustive (90-
second) Web schweep:

the BA.2 variant appears to be on its way to becoming the dominant COVID strain in the region, having more than doubled in prevalence in only a week, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

the BA.1 variant of Omicron that drove the third wave is now being replaced by its closest cousin the BA.2 variant.

Many studies have also mentioned that the BA.2 variant* is NOT ONLY more transmissible than BA.1, it is also MORE LETHAL than Omicron.

well there
ya go.

*having More Than Doubled in
prevalence -- in only a week.


@27: Well then, be courteous and provide at least one link you found to support "the many studies have also mentioned" MORE LETHAL argument.

We'll be waiting.


@27, you’re not 90-second internet searching on the right question. I’ll freak out when we determine vaccines for a variant of concern poorly protects from severe disease (hospitalization and death). That’s not been shown yet. Variants gonna infect, thats hoe they be, nothing new. See also influenza.


I think you're confusing "new cases of new admissions" with "lethality, @27.

Short answer: keep masking.


@29 Wrong. Influenza does not flood ICU's.

And we have flu vaccines, too. The vaccination rate for the covid19 vaccines is higher in the US than that of flu vaccines. Flu vaccination rate is about 52%. Covid19 vaccination rate is 65.8%.

So if your claim was remotely true ICU's would be flooded by unvaccinated flu victims. They are not. Not even close.

What people refuse to comprehend is it's not the lethality of a particular pathogen but how many people it can infect and how quickly. Covid19 is in the sweet spot of being highly infectious — more infectious than most flu's — and just lethal enough to max out healthcare bandwidth every single wave. More lethal than the flu. Even with vaccines.

So unfortunately in order to prevent healthcare system collapse other mitigation efforts besides just vaccination will be necessary with covid19 until the rate of variants either decreases or better vaccines are developed.


yeah I gotta Retract my silly
@27 very poor 'research' on my
part -- Apologies. as I came in this
eve. on NPR they were confirming @29
& 39 and I (mostly) trust them to get it right.


@11 kristofarian: We can only hope.

@14 I'm so sorry, Garb! I hope you and your partner are feeling better soon.

@30 Will in Seattle: Masking up? I sure as my morning dump still am, mandate or no mandate.

COVID is not done with us yet, folks. It's like we're in the middle of an apocalyptic horror movie ("The War of the Worlds", "Independence Day" or"The Stand", maybe?) with at least another hour in the movie theater still to go.

Go, Arnold! I hope The Former Governator of California terminates Putin's sorry, smelly KGB mafia ass. While he's at it, Arnold can help flush down the Orange Turd and its sock puppets, too. The Ukraine and the rest of the world will cheer.
Hasta la vista, baby!
Schwarzenegger said he'd be back.


yep el Gropenführer's Back*
and I seem to be Lovin' it!
has he turned into the
Planet's Greatest

*sans the gropin'
sans the Reichmeister
and STILL in Shape?


and KUDOS to
Pramala Jayapal!

@33 -- confirming
@29 and @30
not 39


@33: Good on you for fessing up, apology accepted.


yeah don’t untwist your
panties quite yet


Omicron’s BA.2 version is rising,
complicating hopes of living with the virus

BA.2 has not been shown to cause more severe illness [in Hong Kong]; instead, Hong Kong’s deaths seem more related to other factors, including residential density, a low vaccination rate among those 70 and older and residents of nursing homes and little population immunity from prior infections.

It remains unclear how powerfully BA.2 will affect the United States. BA.1 is still responsible for the majority of U.S. cases, but the growing share of BA.2 cases has reached about 23 percent, according to estimates published Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The powerful protection against severe Covid offered by full vaccination and booster shots appears to apply to BA.2 — but only about 48 percent of eligible American adults, or 93 million people, have been boosted, according to the C.D.C.

by Sophie Downes

tonnes more at


@38: Que Será, Será

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