Ooooo; a first!

This is the place to share this physiological evaluation of internet trolls:

“Why It’s So Important to Remember That Online Trolls Are Lonely Weirdos
They're desperate to steal your mental health. Don't let them.“


@1 +1 PrincessAngerline#2 for the WIN!


@1 +1 PrincessAngeline#2: for the WIN!!


Oops. Sorry for the double post.


The paper shortage has been going for a while. I’m a printer and my paper rep hasn’t been able to get any of my normal brands since November. All the paper mills have stopped making sheets to make cardboard. Last December Kelly paper (which supplies most of the commercial printers and independent screen printers in the region) only had 30% of stock in store, next to nothing in the warehouse, and nothing in their Portland or LA stores that could be shipped up, and that hasn’t changed.

online a $35 ream of tabloid cover stock is going for at minimum $65 plus shipping (paper shipping is expensive and sometimes more than the ream itself so what one used to be able to pick up in store for $40 after taxes is now easily over a hundred aster shipping). Every month I check in with my dude at Kelly to see if the manufacturers are making sheets again and every time he tells me no dice. (it takes different machinery so it’s not possible to easily flip back and forth) so the reason every printer and artist has been scrambling for months is because people are buying so much crap on line the only way paper mills can stay afloat is to switch to making shipping material.

I’d be shocked if this is straightened out by election time, and honestly the gvt should be going directly to the mills NOW because any printer who sees something halfway decent is gonna buy it because there’s just been nothing for months and clients are getting angry at the delay of their items but if there’s nothing to print it on it can’t exist….it’s one of the weirder shortages I’ve encountered all pandemic because it’s less about the raw materials and just that in order to kee up with peoples home shopping it’s almost killing an entire industry that already was hurting bad through the pandemic.


“Washington State Treasurer Mike Pellicciotti is backing a bill in the U.S. Senate that would allow pot shops/dispensaries to take credit and debit cards instead of requiring them to sit on tons of cash, according to KOMO.”

this is gonna Piss Off the nra
all’s these damn Potheads
NEED is a Machine Gun
nest in a Bunker just
outside the door

well let ‘em COME!


I thought we were importing plenty of bamboo ballots from China now?


Oh hay Don Young finally croaked at 88. The fattest hog at the trough of government slop since 1973, they had to carry him out in a pine box. At least that obtuse loudmouth asshole shut up for once. Anyway, he’s dead and in hell now.


“Free speech, they argue,
is the right to speak without
fear of ‘being shamed or shunned.’”

First the Roberts Court hands
the Electorate over to Big Biz
w/Citizens United but That
ain’t Enough so now you
gotta STFU when they
tell you how damn
Good you got it

These guys


Unless they were hauling iPhones, I think you mean “Mack” trucks.


GOP could save themselves a shitload of money by abandoning paper ballots altogether and instead just have candidates enter themselves into bare knuckle fist fights. Last man/woman standing gets the nomination.


@10 also it's weird to use "Mack" as a generic term for a semitruck. Mack's market share only 7.4% (so sayeth the Google). It's not like calling all cellophane tape "Scotch tape" since it's the main brand you see.


Don Young was a beloved congressman and great for Alaska. He will be sorely missed.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, said Young was "a dedicated patriot and public servant." (CNN)

Rest in Pease Don.


well 'Mack Truck' punches Harder
than Ken Worth or Peter Built
or even Volv Oh or 'White.'


say have you Seen
'Servant of the People'
on Netfiix? tis a Treasure


Don Young, a nasty old man with a hideous beard.


The price/value of a home really only matters when you sell it. The primary reason home prices have appreciated so much is that so few people are selling relative to the number of buyers. If more homeowners tried to take advantage of the inflated 'values' of their homes, the price would fall because the sellers would need to compete with each other, instead of the buyers competing with each other. Capitalism for a lack of better words, is good, capitalism works (in the long run).


jeezuz -- boeing
just had another one
of their planes (737) fall outta the sky.

there were No survivors.

what a gut-wrenching
Ordeal for the friends
and families involved

let's see if boeing
Blames the Chinese
pilots for This one this time.

it almost worked Twice.

time for More Stakeholders
on our Corps' Boards
of Directors America.

if left to its own
Devices will devour Itself.


Still Unsafe At Any Altitude

Boeing whistleblower, Ed Pierson, joins us to talk about the report he wrote entitled “Boeing 737 MAX – How Is It Really Going?” that paints a troubling picture of current problems with the notorious plane that includes reports of 43 malfunctions and onboard failures and six flights where U.S. pilots declared emergencies.

--Ralph Nader*
March 12, 2022

"Obviously the [MCAS] software has gained all the attention because it was covered up, and the pilot training was also not there.

But my point all along has been that there’s evidence of production quality issues…And in my reports I showed that production in fact did play a role in these crashes."
--Boeing whistleblower Ed Pierson

*yeah you may Hate the messenger
but That don’t make him Wrong.


The plane that went down was a 737-800 not a 737-MAX that has the MCAS.


@19 -- correctomundo skiddy
I'd say 'endemic' is the
key word in this


Ed Pierson is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and Navy Flight School and served in the Navy for 30 years. Mr. Pierson worked for Boeing from 2008 to 2018.

He was a Production Manager in the 737 Program, and in 2019 he testified before Congress as a whistleblower. Throughout his career, he has served as a volunteer and chair of safety committees.

“There were widespread issues going on in the factory… the backlog of unfinished airplanes, really horrific supply chain issues, we had a shortage of skilled staff, workers were being asked to work ridiculously long hours, all of our health metrics in the factory were at record low points and trending in the wrong direction.

And there was just a lot of evidence of warning flags. All the information was there to say that this factory was dangerously unstable.”
--Ed Pierson

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