As a wide Tumblr post once observed, a fungus cannot be killed in any way that matters because it represents decay as a form of life. What better subject would you want for a lovely needlepoint sampler? Learn to embroider fungi in a two-hour online workshop hosted by Melissa Galbraith of MCreativeJ. You can follow along live, or watch the recording afterwards; materials, should you need them, are included in the ticket price and will be mailed out. (If you order tickets now you will probably not receive the kit in time for the class, but you can also pick up the kit in person, or use your own materials, or just follow along with the video later.) Just the thing to keep your anxious hands occupied and productive, and just imagine your coworkers’ amazement when you show them the finished product and explain that it’s what you’ve been working on during all those interminable video meetings. Present your embroidery to a friend or family member as a gift, and perhaps it will still be around long after mushrooms have colonized what is left of your body.

Mushroom Embroidery will be taught live via Zoom on Monday, March 21, from 6:30pm to 8:30. Read more events suggested by The Stranger right here.