One and counting....
One and counting.... Hannah Riley

Wahoo! Seattle officially has its first unionized Starbucks. The baristas over at the Broadway and E Denny location voted unanimously to form a union, the National Labor Relations Board announced today. Heidi Groover over at the Seattle Times writes that this "is an especially symbolic win in the coffee giant’s hometown as Howard Schultz returns as interim chief executive officer and workers at more than 100 stores say they want to unionize." Take that, you person of beans! Next, the long slog that is contract negotiation.

The state of political discourse in this country: A sitting senator just asked a highly-educated, respected, and intelligent Supreme Court nominee with a straight face if she believed babies are racist. The pause before Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson answered Shitface Senator Ted Cruz's ridiculous question tells you everything you need to know about her judiciousness. Give her the damn job.

Another day, another politician tests positive for COVID-19: White House press secretary Jen Psaki got COVID for the second time in five months, reports the New York Times. Psaki said she had "two socially distanced meetings" with the president, but wasn't considered in close contact with him.

And about that BA.2 omicron sub-variant: A third of all COVID cases in the United States are caused by that pesky and highly-contagious sub-variant, reports Reuters. This week in Washington, the sub-variant is responsible for around one-fourth of coronavirus cases sequenced in the state, up from 3.7% the first week of February, reports the Seattle Times. However, overall cases across the country are still on the decline from the stunning heights they climbed to in January.

Washington state could see a huge wave of Ukrainian refugees: According to data analyzed by the Seattle Times, more Ukrainian refugees have arrived here than any other state over the last 10 years and are the largest refugee group in Washington. Still, before that happens, Congress would need to give Ukrainians humanitarian parole status that will allow them to resettle in the United States in the first place.

Everyone's favorite/least favorite fictional enby comedian gets another season: Sorry, isn't cringy Che Diaz the only reason people were tuning into And Just Like That every week? Anyways, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte get to white-woman around New York City for another nine-ish episodes. Bring back Samantha!

Disney employees walked out on the job today: To protest the company forking over millions to homophobic Florida state legislators who back the draconian "Don't Say Gay" bill, reports NBC News. The employees were critical of Disney CEO Bob Chapek who basically shrugged over the issue, saying they would "pause" donations to elected officials and commit to being more "inclusive" in the content they create. Yawn. Queer employees and allies are done with the BS:

Meanwhile in the Emerald City: Seattle Pride has dropped Amazon as a presenting sponsor of the Seattle Pride March/Parade, reports KOMO. Good on Seattle Pride, but Amazon had no place as a Pride sponsor in the first place. There were several reasons for this split, which include the fact that Amazon donated $450,000 in 2020 to lawkmakers who voted against the Equality Act as well as their $11,000 in donations to WA legislators who sponsored anti-LGBT and critical race theory bills in Olympia.

$436 million does not spark joy for MacKenzie Scott: She's donating it to Habitat for Humanity International and 84 of its U.S. affiliates, with $15 million of going to affiliates in Washington state, reports KING 5. Eat the rich all the same.

Spooky: On March 7 at around 4 a.m., a "mysterious boom" woke up a retired seismologist on Orcas Island, reports the Tacoma News Tribune. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network was able to trace the boom to somewhere near Crescent Beach Preserve on Orcas, but its cause wasn't a "shaking source in the ground" nor a meteor. Uhhhhhhhhh. They also ruled out man-made causes like a mining blast or military exercise. Take your guess on what it could be in the comments why don't you.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the Liberal Party: Just struck a deal with the opposition party, the New Democrats, in a power-sharing deal that would keep him as PM until at least 2025, reports The Guardian. In return, Trudeau will deliver on "pushing pharmacare and dental care for low-income Canadians."

Headline of the evening: "Nicolas Cage Paid Off Debts With VOD Films, but He Stands by Every Role: 'I Never Phoned It In,'" from Variety. Debt is scary! Hats off to you, Cage.

Weather update: We hit the 60s today! I'm going to enjoy this false spring day by going on a walk after work. Tomorrow, rain.

If there's one thing that you should do today: It's read this interview with The Prince of Puke himself, John Waters, in T Magazine. David Marchese tries to goad the legendary director to comment on these "woke" culture wars (for the record, Waters says he would cancel J.K. Rowling), but Waters is too smart for it. I loved this answer in particular:

What’s a value of yours that you’ve questioned recently?
Well, growing up, gay, trans, lesbian, we were all on the same team. It was one big happy world. Fighting with one another is weakening our pervert brand. I feel sorry for some of the old-school lesbians I know. They don’t want a beard, but they’re made to feel square if they don’t have one. That kind of debate — that’s why I loved Andrea Dworkin. I didn’t agree with her a lot, but I remember when she said — people deny she said it, but she kind of did — that all heterosexual sex is rape.9 I had to laugh because I knew how that was going to make people crazy. I like crackpots. I don’t have to agree with them. Eldridge Cleaver bragged about raping people10 and was a left-wing hero! I’m not saying I’m for any of that, but I’m amazed at people’s seriousness now. There’s so much fighting with one another. I’m against that. I never was a separatist.

For your listening pleasure: Erika de Casier's "Do My Thing." She's playing a sold-out Barboza on Friday—maybe see you there?