I would say that press secretaries are not politicians unless they run for office.


that Orcas boom was probably
just a Geoduck eating
a Killer Whale
and passing
it out the

they're BIG Animals

re eat the rich:

MacKenzie Scott gives away
half a Billion for Housing

we don’t gotta eat
‘em All do we?

couldn’t we just Tax ‘em
not to Infinity but to
where they’re Still
Richer than fuck

but the Rest of US are-
n’t Poorer than fuck?


What a juxtaposition between the AM/PM slog. In the AM we have Charles posting a clip making fun of Kim K for espousing hard work and discounting her advocacy as rugged individualism insinuating other people are unable to follow suit. Now in the PM we learn Nick Cage took work that was probably beneath his talent (he has won an Oscar after all) in order to pay off debts and not only that put in 100% effort even though the films were VOD. Mindset is such an important part of success.


The Orcas Island Boom reminds me of something that happened last Tuesday.

My downstairs neighbor started pounding hard on my door, shouting, and ringing my bell at 3:00 in the morning.

3:00 AM


Fortunately I was still up playing my drums.


Mystery Boom? That is obviously Godzilla. Probably on his way to battle Ogopogo.


Love it!!!


I'm sure somehow Amazon caused the boom and it made a whole bunch of people on Orcas lose their apartments.


So, what exactly will you be gaining after giving part of your earnings to Organized Crime compared to what you already have?


@5 could have been the Tardis.

@6 I'll be here all week, try the veal, and tip your waitresses!


@3. Not the bees!! Aaaahhhhhhh!!!


I guess when people who work at coffee shops have college degrees you should expect some higher levels of organization.

When I was much younger and worked at job that was unionized, I don't remember it being that great. Schedules still stunk, the work stunk. With all these starbucks employees, I wonder if it will be a 'grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence' thing. More power to them though.


Oooohhh… “eat the rich”… so edgy! You guys should put that on a tshirt… or better yet, spray paint that on the side of a Niketown! That’ll show those Richie Riches who’s boss!


related to VOD, an article from last year to read:

"The King of the Geezer Teasers - Inside Randall Emmett’s direct-to-video empire, where many Hollywood stars have found lucrative early retirement":


When our dumb constitution enshrines an utter farce as a half a co-equal branch of gubmint, and it gets filled with rich sociopaths and elderly clowns, don't be surprised at the level of discourse.



Maybe if Cage hadn't gone through several containerships full of COCAINE & MALT LIQUOR in the early 2000's he wouldn't have gotten himself so into so much debt that he needed to take roles in shitty direct-to-video projects in the first place...


The TARDIS doesn't go "boom", it goes "vworp, vworp, vworp"...


“... and Charlotte get to white-woman around New York City“

Most Black TV shows show Black women shopping, eating, drinking, shopping more, eating and drinking some more too.

So what is so different Jaz? Shallow consumerism is still shallow consumerism; even red, brown, yellow and grey people do it. Too many call this ‘aspirational’.

You’re showing contempt for color (readers you have never met, yet dislike on sight. Hmmmm, what is that called again?) and you need to grow out of that shit very soon.

If somebody wanted to take you to lunch at a posh place, you’d jump on it. Is this now not allowed, except for you?

If you dislike racism so much, why are you putting it out there? It just makes you look immature and foolish. Total dichotomy.

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