Stop using playgrounds as off-leash dog parks! Please! I'm specifically talking to all the people at TT Minor Playfield.

This small grassy area is the only outdoor space available for the teenage refugee and immigrant students who attend school there. Just like dogs, human youth enjoy playing, walking, and basking in the sun. Unfortunately, the students cannot do any relaxing activities in the playfield because of your dogs' prolific shit, piss, and holes (the ones they dig). They are reduced to passing a soccer ball between the cars in the parking lot. I do not need to describe how annoying it is to retrieve a soccer ball from under a parked car.

Moreover, did you know that some Muslim communities consider dogs very taboo? Students who study at this school did not all grow up around dogs, and some are very afraid of interacting with them. Imagine what it's like when they have to pass by a field of unleashed dogs on the way to their school bus. Spring is nearly here. These students have seen and suffered a lot in their short lives. They deserve to sit in the sun and take a mental break at lunchtime without concerns about tracking feces back into their classrooms.

So, if you love your Muslim neighbor like the sign in your yard says you do, let these kids have one tiny space where life is not literally or figuratively shitty, and take your dog to an actual off-leash dog park.

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