For those of you procrastinating on getting Aminé tickets for this weekend, you're in luck—a few tix for the Friday show are still up for grabs. Late last year, my favorite Portland rapper dropped his second mixtape/album/EP/LP/whatever, TWOPOINTFIVE, which finds him rapping about problems I wish I had: jet lag, too much drip, too many girls. Over the sugary and bright album's 26-minute runtime, Aminé plays with poppier beats produced by Lido and Pasqué specifically engineered to make you want to have a good time.

TWOPOINTFIVE's lead single "Charmander" is buoyant and a little mossy as Aminé ponders being too in his head:

The album's frenetic drums and smooth keys coupled with the rapper's R&B-inflected singing recalls a smoky, mirrored dance club. Throughout, influencer and social media star Rickey Thompson pops up to give the listener funny pep talks. "Fuck all the bullshit you going through right now," Thompson preaches on the intro track "YiPiYaY. "It's time to get up, go have some fun, shake some ass." Take that to heart. At Aminé's shows this Friday and Saturday, British rapper AJ Tracey and Florida rapper and producer 454 will open.

Aminé plays Showbox Sodo on Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26. More details on tickets, which you should grab while they last, here. Find more suggested events from The Stranger right here.