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The spectrum runs from Modest Shrinkage to Red Wave Armageddon.



Every day we stand up to our eyeballs in evidence that our Constitution cannot function in a political context inhabited by political parties with sharply cohesive (and mutually incompatible) ideologies. Those social conditions are tough to navigate for any nation, but our system is uniquely ill-suited to the task.

Something has got to give.


"Rule's robust record of voting against progressive bills, however, might help her win over some moderates."

No it won't! That's wishful thinking on Rule's part that in reality is just self-sabotage. She and Shewmake are behaving as expected in a purple county, but our purpleness is not due to moderates. There are no moderates in Whatcom county. Rule/Shewmake are not gaining favor with county Republicans for those votes, but they certainly have put a bad taste in this Democrat's mouth. Whether their votes against reducing greenhouse gases were an effective prepayment to BP and Phillips for staying out of future campaign$ remains to be seen. I for one am skeptical.


Can someone with Facebook explain what's happening with Mona Das?
Losing her in the Senate seems like a huge loss.


@2 it wasn’t Rule who said that.

Rich’s writing is hard to decipher sometimes. That was either on editorial comment by Rich or a paraphrase of Jaime Pederson.


“ Rule's robust record of voting against progressive bills, however, might help her win over some moderates.”

I hope this is a sign that Rich and the Stranger are becoming aware that Progressive Policies aren’t as popular as they would like to believe.


I don't like voting for Republicans, but I'm voting for them for state legislature because the Democrats just won't listen about the Long Term Care act. It must be repealed entirely, not just delayed. They won't listen and the only way to get rid of this is to vote them out.


@7 completely agree

I think what should also be brought up regardless of whether Dems maintain control or not is the legislature is going to move back from the progressive cliff. Reps like Jesse Johnson and Kirsten Harris-Talley who rode the defund police wave into office are now not even going to run to defend their seat. While they are both in very safe Dem districts I seriously doubt whoever replaces them will be as far left.


sorry previous comment meant @6


The Democrats made a major error in not reducing some tax, preferable the regressive sales tax, just a little. Sometimes you gotta pander. Instead they fed the Republican talking point that they only spend and raise taxes. That works with low information voters, of which thee are many.


Rich and everyone--be careful what you wish for and who you vote for! While Whatcom County is indeed, a deeply divided purple, turning Washington State and this deeply divided country red is not the answer. I'm not buying any of this so-called "fresh new Republican faces" bullshit. The GOP is the rabid out-of-control Party of Trump, and Reason #1 why I will ALWAYS vote for the Democrats, no matter what. There is no alternative.
Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Kim Wyman has since the 2020 election fled for Washington, D.C., and 3rd District WA Rep, Jaime Herrera Beutler seems to be pretty quiet, lately. Looney zombie ex-cop and thankfully failed gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp is running for Congress, of all ludicrous things.
I don't trust RepubliKKKans an inch and neither should anyone else.

@6: Oh, yeah, right, Swifty. When all doesn't go as you'd like blame the Democrats, NOT the obstructionist RepubliKKKans responsible for committing willful climate disaster, obstruction of justice, packing the court for neofascism, exponential income inequality, and starting WWIIII. So which one of you MAGA tools has top bunk tonight, you, District 13, or Elmer?

@7 & @8: Oh look--it's Swifty's sock puppet!




@10 You need a doctor.


I’m tired of the crime, gun violence, Aurora’s human trafficking, and people being allowed to live in filth of the side of the freeway. I’ve always voted Democrat, but this year I’m holding my nose and voting for a change. I’m over for every Republican I can


Well... it would appear this is a wide spread vote of "no confidence" in the democrat's liberal agenda.

If the democrats would embrace a "moderate democratic" platform, they might find themselves a little bit more popular.... things like fiscal responsibility, law and order... normal things the average citizen might care about.

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