Thanks to Democrats unwavering support for the Long Term Care tax, I am going to vote for Republicans for the state legislature. I don't want to vote for Republicans, but the Democrats in the legislature just won't listen. Delaying the tax is not enough, it must be repealed entirely.

Most people I know think this tax is stupid. Democrats just won't listen, and the only way to repeal the law is to vote the Democrats out.


Once (if) people start going back into the offices downtown on a more regular basis, I wonder if that will in anyway impact where the criminals/drug addicts shoot and wound/kill each other.


That'll show 'em, Swiftress!!! Instead of the delayed Long Term Care tax, maybe we can get the McGuffy Reader back!


Ted out there playing for every team but his own.


@ 1,

“The Democrats tried to address the long term care crisis—let’s blow our brains out with the death cult Republinazis’ statewide murder-suicide!!!”


@1 pretty short sighted to be a single issue voter, especially about the LTC tax. I don't like it either and it was poorly planned. But the response to that shouldn't be to put a fascist death cult in power so they can set us all back 100 years.

You want a bunch of Loren culps and Matt sheas running the show becsuse you might get have a few cents on the dollar taken out of your check in a couple years? Democrats already agreed to postpone and revised the ltc legislation before it was even implemented so they'll likely end up dropping it altogether because I'm pretty sure they know how unpopular it is.


Neat little proof of concept film from a few years ago showing what the Amazon drone project will look like:


@3, @6, @7 I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way. The Democratic-led state legislature has completely lost touch with reality. Their next step is a state income tax unless they are thrown out now and I'm going to do what I can to make sure they leave power until they learn to listen.


@10 We'll see.


Ah, now we know why LIHI are the only tiny shelter game in town. Sharon and team are knocking back potential competitors.

Better watch out, Sharon, I've drawn-up a non-profit model of my own: "420BlazeIt's Center for Homeless Who Want to Learn How to Live Good and Who Want to Learn How to Do Other Stuff Good Too".

I'll put up my salary against Sharon's that I can get a better move-out rate.


A state income tax? Oh the horror of it all!!!

Have you been drinking, Swiftress dear?


@14 If you'll look in your crystal ball, you'll see that states without an income tax are the fastest growing economies in America and the ones with heavy taxes and unfunded state employee retirement liabilities are the ones losing business and population. Prost!


@15 I’m afraid the income tax train has already left the station with the Capitol gains tax. That will end up in front of the supremes at some point and they either shut it down entirely (the leg doesn’t have enough votes for a constitutional amendment) or they’ll overturn the 1930s decision and then it we’ll all be paying. The point being no matter the outcome this fall the wheels are in motion.

I do hope they’ll wipe out the WA cares tax. It’s bad policy but I’m not as optimistic as @7


Clarence Thomas will be dead by Easter. Fingers crossed.


Bruce Harrell is a genius...first make more smaller homeless camps all over as opposed to larger ones, and now the bus stop move. Moving the crime down a block is the kind of special problem solving I see we can expect from the sharpest marble in the bag.


Put a small cop shop for the bike cops in one of the vacant buildings on 3rd between Pike and Stewart and watch the criminals scurry.

You're welcome


Pack the fucking court and neuter these partisan fucks


"Harrell temporarily closes the northbound bus stop on 3rd Ave"

A modicum of intelligent reportage, please. "THE northbound bus stop?!" As if there's only one? Please.


@1, @9, @12, and @15: What the hell have you been drinking lately, Swifty?
Sleep it off, for fuck's sake!

@3 & @14 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Swifty's been off kilter ever since he lost his bet on the outcome of Kshama Sawant's recall election. He hasn't been the same since his precious Bellevue tree fort blew up when the fireworks display went off a bit prematurely. Dumb luck that.

@3 & @14 Catalina Vel DuRay, @6 Original Andrew, @7 Brent Gumbo, @10 crabapples, @11 Mr. X, and @17 DOUG for the group WIN!! Thank heavens a good number of sane commenters finally showed up.

@17 DOUG: Now if only Ginny Thomas, Brent Kavanaugh, Amy Comey Barrett, Samuel Alito, Jr., Neil Gorsuch, Mitch McConnell, and his sock puppets Joe Manchin and Krysten SInema could all join Clarence Thomas in dropping dead.


I'd like to use the disgusting above photos of Clarence & Ginny Thomas and Mitch McConnell, and Ted Cruz for target practice.


Wishing death or sexual mutilation on our fellow citizens called to public service in our Congress and in our Supreme Court is not a good look for progressives. Nor is accusing fellow Sloggers of being drunk just for expressing their political opinions.

We deserve and expect better decorum here.


I don't know what it is that makes everyone - or at least people who are from here -so nutso against an income tax. Do they like being taken advantage of by the parasitical rich?


@17 it would sure be convenient if Thomas croaks because he certainly won't recuse himself by normal ethical criteria from cases involving his wife's criminality. It's unfortunate that he gets the care that keeps senescent nonagenarians in office instead of what our family members get when they get abx resistant hospital strains.


time for
we the peeps
to recuse uncle* thomas

*who pulled Up the ladder
soon as He was done
climbin' it.


@25: If property taxes were eliminated or substantially decreased by being replaced with a state income tax, I'd be for it.


@25 exactly what @28 said. I'm not against income tax as a matter of policy however every time its brought up here the argument always used is the regressive nature of our tax code yet there has not been one proposal that eliminates or reduces either sales/property tax. The state currently is swimming in record revenue and the state budget has increased a whopping 50% in the last 5 years alone and yet the income tax discussion is centered around new revenue. I don't trust out legislature with the keys to that money. Even if it starts out as applicable to the "rich" does anyone honestly believe we all won't be paying it in a few years?


@1: You were always a Republican; who the hell do you think you're kidding?

What's with this "blawg" shit? Where did that come from anyway?


3rd Ave sucked when I lived in Belltown years ago, 3rd Ave sucks now, and 3rd Ave will suck forever, amen.


Yes. When you have the super rich sucking up our taxes and exploiting labor we have problems of survival for the majority.

18 and 19 No genius but sheer cruelty and stupidity. Moving desperate people around that have NOTHING is something out of the pre French revolution. Persecuting the poor is a serious bad move and will most likely backfire.

Humane solutions are a far better solution for our homeless. You let the super rich off the hook for their blatant robbery of our people.

And arming cops that are white supremacist friendly is deadly. Funny that a mayor that considers himself Black would turn on oppressed people and arm white nationalist police that kill and main the sisters and brothers would do this. Disgusting.


The current police raids and behaviors and poverty does encourage violence.


24 They sure act drunk.


Closing this bus stop will work as well as it did the other 13 times (yes, read back issues of the Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer if you don't believe that) when it ... FAILED.

Another example of Police Performance Theatre.

Didn't work then.

Won't work now.

Hasn't worked since at least the 1970s (sorry, before that I lived in Texas and other points east so I have no idea what happened then).


@35: Failed to do what? Stop the crime and shooting? That's not going to happen. Stop dropping unsuspecting bus riders off in the middle of a gun fight? Sounds like an interim good move to me until we solve the larger societal problems.


All they need to do to fix that corner is to close the McDonald's and put the Scientology office in that space on the ground floor. That will scare off anybody.


@24: "We deserve and expect better decorum here."

OH, the hypocrisy!
Here's a novel idea, Elmer: YOU can always leave the SLOG comment thread,
ya ultra maroon.

@27 kristofarian: +1 Amen.

@37 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I like your thinking! :)


@25 Catalina Vel-DuRay: I'm not against a Washington State income tax. It's long overdue, and would go a long way towards rectifying the exponentially batshit crazy level of income inequality.


@31 pat L: I can't remember a time when 3rd Avenue hasn't sucked, either. It wasn't nearly as bad back when I lived in Ballard as it is now. Decades since the downtown's glory days of The Bon Marche, Frederick & Nelson, and Nordstrom's, Seattle for me is virtually unrecognizable anymore. The current surge in violent crime, vagrancy, and drug abuse along 3rd Avenue is beyond heartbreaking.

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