Hopefully you'll hear from back from an intern on Maria Cantwell's staff in the coming months.


Let's be honest, "baristas" are lucky to have work in the first place. Absent the american addiction to high priced caffeinated drinks, where would these kids be earning a living? Good on them for trying to unionize though.


The above is a particularly dumb hot take. Because absent Americans ‘addiction’ to … (insert almost any product on earth people will pay for) what would anyone do?


and these 'children' that
you spit on are quite aware
of what they're going Through:


good thing for Big Oil we're
Hooked on that shit too. eh?

Windfall Profit-
eering$ Tax:


Teamsters getting a new president is absolutely a good thing. Junior was a joke. Pure nepotism at work right there. Did even less good for the Teamsters than his dad did! If O'Brien gets a good contract for UPS drivers and FedEx collapses (like it's been threatening to for years), the Teamsters could find themselves in the strongest bargaining position they've been in for at least my entire lifetime.

Here's to hoping they wrap up Amazon at some point!

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