he said he "could not make out
the words and had never
heard this song."

In our own towns
We’re foreigners now,
Our names are spat and cursed

they’ve Even got
The Gall to say
our Livers! are
the Wurst

they’re Mean to us
they Hate our guts
& yet it's We! who
MUST be Nice!

they’ll Replace You Too
we heard ‘em Say
not once or twice
we've heard ‘em
say it Thrice.

“but [somehow KOMO] thought he did
a bad job when he failed to contextualize
the Proud Boys as a Terrorist hate group.”

unwitty Victims they are
of the Kulture of Kan-
Celling Leftiva

“But please know, it was never intended to amplify or legitimize any ideology or worldview."

of Course not
& all in a Day’s


Let it go Rich.


Keep it up, Rich!


dewey's right:
why Worry about
a few Lousy FASCISTS
Overthrowing our Way of LIFE?

think of Germany
Glorious Germany!
and the Motherland
who turned out pretty
Good post-WWII. why not



Isn’t The Stranger going out of business?



Nope, they're hiring!

That's gotta sting, huh?


@2 Jesus H Christ, does anyone ever listen to a thing you say? No. Then go away to somewhere you are welcome. Your disapproval is a sign to Rich he is doing things correctly. If you had a brain you would say the opposite of what you want and then people may actually do what you want.


@Rich, Great job and thanks for exposing Choe to be the chud hypocrite he is. With a resume like his, he's a shoo-in for extremist news organizations like OANN or "Russia Today with Tucker Carlson."


@7: I didn't say Rick is doing things incorrectly, I'm just saying this story fully milked.

Speaking of Jesus, I suggest you ask for His comfort. I sense you are troubled and filled with anxiety. God bless.


So, a reporter from KOMO was caught coddling extremists, relaying their propaganda as news, making stuff up, and refusing to take responsibility. KOMO fired him.

Writers at the Stranger routinely coddle extremists, present extremist propaganda as truth, make stuff up, and refuse to take responsibility. Nothing is ever done.

Why the Stranger keeps on reminding readers that KOMO's journalistic ethics are superior to the Stranger's journalistic ethics, I do not know. But thanks, the Stranger, for your admission.


10, yet, dirtbags like you and dungdrop are still reading and reacting.


Richard Smiths racist trolling of Asian reporters shows it’s ugly head…


@12 like all conservative imbeciles, you accuse your opponent of the exact thing you're guilty of (racist trolling).


@11: It seems you're more offended by descriptions of the Stranger's irresponsible acts than you are by the Stranger's irresponsible acts.

(Also, be careful there, Professor -- your Hiztory is showing.)


Context is always important:


It never ceases to amaze me how Trump brand conservatives always end up making themselves look like defective tools in full public view. They just can't help themselves.

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