They shifted the 3rd & Pine bus stop a block south. That's all.


'Uncle's' wife Ginni's
soundtrack Gotta be
'go tell it on the mountain':

The shepherds feared and trembled
When lo above the Earth
Rang out the angel's chorus
That hailed our Savior's* birth

the J is for
Genius dummy!

The One
who Can


What's truly incredible about the koo-coup is that everyone in a position to do anything about it, (Congress, DHS, DOJ, FBI, ATF, et al) is too weak, helpless, cowardly, corrupt, and incompetent to hold the ring leaders responsible.

Ex-Prezinazi AntiChrist could shoot Biden in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue and they'd all be rushing to kiss his gigantic, treasonous orange ass.

Just in case anyone is wondering why the US is going to collapse in 2024/2025, well duuuhhh....


It’s not all bad news Charles. According to the Times, “Alexander Jay, who is also known as Jay Alexander,” was charged for Felony Assault today.
Perhaps this is a sign that Dan Satterberg is considering doing his job before he retires.

Of course a Seattle Judge scheduled a competency hearing for April so there is a chance Alexander Jay will not face any consequences for his actions.

But the simple fact that he was actually charged and is being held in jail is a vast improvement in King County’s Criminal Justice system.


"Zero. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. You get it."
And you know if everyone did that what would would happen when all of Charles's weekly booze runs out?
Zero. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. You get it.


@2: Go tell it on the mountain. Just for you Kristo:




You're not so pure Charles. Your "carbon footprint" is as stinky as anyone else's. It's a gimmick you leftist elitists and miss Greta fall for to appease your misbegotten guilt. You consume petroleum based products every day regardless whether drive an automobile.

@8: awww


Chuck… you seemed concerned about violence but you and your fellow Sloggers went the whole week without reporting the murder in a U-District encampment. Why don’t you care about those murders?

Oh, and your carbon footprint ain’t zero, homeslice. But keep telling yourself that to make yourself feel better.


You probably make up for the low carbon footprint by going to continually going to restaurants and bars, in other words, make someone else use the fuel. Dry goods, liquor, wine, meat, vegetables, foragers, dairy, coffee all come from different suppliers and often make bi-weekly deliveries. There is no real getting around the zero footprint unless you live on a sustainable ranch and grow your own food, use solar and wind energy, have a water well. You remind me of those horrible church goers who sin every week and think they get absolved every Sunday, a very distorted sense of self.


"In the next movement of capitalism, government expenditures explicitly support both capitalist supply and demand."

Dude this has already been the case for decades if not a whole freaking century. Norm Dicks' whole job in congress was to force government agencies (both military and fish & wildlife-related) to buy lobbyists' crap with the government's money. Donald Trump's dad would have left his kids nothing if not for development subsidies.


Charles, your carbon footprint is so low because you have the privilege of living in an urban center wherein all the services you need are nearby.
You have the luxury of sitting on your ass opining about how wealth and privilege are ruining Seattle as opposed to needing a vehicle to get from this job to that.
Fuck off with your bragadociois "my carbon footprint is teh lowest!! 1!!!".
You are so out of touch, you haven't learned from way back two years ago when everyone started losing their jobs and incomes to the pandemic, this motherfucker posts complaining about how he can't go spend $2k a month eating out at restaurants.
Rich, privileged-ass motherfucker...Charles.
Can I borrow $20?




‘My carbon footprint,
as a result, is, in this
society, very low.’

@9 -- "your misbegotten guilt"

dewey: Projecting (as per Usual)
but you've Earned Yours

@10 – “Oh, and your carbon
footprint ain’t zero, homeslice.”

true! ‘very low’
ain’t Zero!

@11 – “There is no real getting
around the zero footprint… “

see: above

@13 – “Fuck off with your
bragadociois ‘my carbon
footprint is teh lowest!!

“Rich, privileged-ass motherfucker”

you’re Barking up
teh Wrong Tree.

a Masterstroke it was
for Big Fossil to Shift
the Blame onto Con-
Sumers. well Played
BIG Oil Kochs too
and even ol’ Joe
Manchin (DINO)

@Chas -- beginning to suspect
you have big Pharma Stocks
Happy wknd!


that bus stop could be even busier, but I know multiple coworkers who refuse to load or disembark from it. same for the one outside the morrison apartments.

shifting the stop south of pike just moves the open-air drug market south of pike. it's already there, outside the former steak & shake. there isn't a functioning retail space left north of the wild ginger and bartells, it is a dead block.

here's an idea: let cars back on 3rd. CPTED, people. CPTED.


@15 -- 'Exxon Mobil’s Messaging
Shifted Blame for Warm-
ing to Consumers'

An analysis of the fossil fuel
company’s documents also found it tried
to downplay the dangers of climate change.

The paper, published yesterday in the journal One Earth, could bolster efforts to hold the oil giant accountable in court for its alleged deception about global warming.

"This is the first computational assessment of how Exxon Mobil has used language in subtle yet systematic ways to shape the way the public talks about and thinks about climate change," Geoffrey Supran, a research fellow at Harvard and co-author of the paper, said in an interview with E&E News.

by Maxine Joselow, E&E News on May 15, 2021

'Scientific American'?

THAT Kkkommie Rag?!

say have you considered
screaming @ Them?

good luck.


@17: "...efforts to hold
the oil giant accountable
in court for its alleged de-
ception about global warming."

Betchya I Already
know whose Side
y'all're On*

big fuckin'

am I right?


@15: babble babble


oh dewey so
That's why you'll
Never get it: it's teh
Cognitive Dissonances

coupled w/The Dunning–Kruger Effect:

there's NO Hope for America
good luck Planet Earth


you're in 'good' Company:
Exxon Mobil's got The
Cognitive Disson-
ances too:

"For example, Exxon Mobil's internal documents frequently described climate change as a problem caused by 'fossil fuel combustion.' But in public-facing documents, the company referred to global warming as a problem caused by the 'energy demand' of 'consumers.'"

That $hite


perhaps there IS some Hope:

The researchers drew a direct comparison between Exxon Mobil and major tobacco companies, which they said used similar tactics to shape public discourse about smoking cigarettes.

"These patterns mimic the tobacco industry's documented strategy of shifting responsibility away from corporations — which knowingly sold a deadly product while denying its harms — and onto consumers," they wrote.

In the 1990s, attorneys general from all 50 states sued the largest U.S. tobacco companies over their alleged deception about the harmful health effects of smoking cigarettes and the addictive nature of nicotine. The suits culminated in a $206 billion master settlement agreement (Climatewire, March 10).


@21: A distinction without a difference.


meaning What exactly?

from @22:

"For context, we [authors of the Study] note that over the past four years, ExxonMobil have attacked us and our work," they added. "It has become a familiar pattern. We publish science, ExxonMobil offers spin and character assassination. ExxonMobil is now misleading the public about its history of misleading the public."

and That's
how they
Do it.


@24: But nobody was going to start getting around on the backs of horses again, so until "clean energy" takes its place the internal combustion engine is here to stay.

ExxonMobile is investing in "clean energy", let that placate you.



Ironically the horseless carriage was initially praised for its public health and environmental properties as it allowed people to travel without leaving horse manure (or the occasional dead horse carcass) on city streets.


I'll leave
all the Pla-
cating to all your
Billionaire buddies' Dicks.

such a
mutual Com-
fort it Must be!


@9, you are saying if everyone was like me car-less and heavily dependent on public transportation, this would not make a difference at all? We would still be in the same environmental mess?


Maybe I missed it, but has the staff at the stranger mentioned the money grab/bait and switch good ol’ frank Chopp did recently? Handed pro grifter Sharon Lee even more money for her useless LIHI?


@28: Honored by your response Charles, and let me preface by saying I respect your work and artistry and am a fan of your films.

The premise of your question is unrealistic. If everyone across the planet were able to thrive in a Buckminster Fuller kind of blissful city life then the less impact on the Earth it would be. Dream on my friend.

Pubic transpiration must always be complimented with private transpiration because of its limited availability and the logistical needs of our society.

But all this is so tediously obvious. So the more you dig into a totalitarian view against cars, the more frustrated you will be. That's unhealthy, is it not?


Don't you have a child/children Charles? Creating human beings leaves a pretty fucking huge carbon footprint.


@26 I believe horse manure also managed to get into the water supply, or at least people would accidentally drink water contaminated with manure - to explosive effect. This is worth a read:


@28 Charles like you I am also carless. But I am under no illusion that my carbon footprint is zero. A few years ago I took some online "what's your Carbon Footprint" tests. Answering honestly I came in quite low for the US but on the high side for most of Europe.

There are trade offs. Your question/analogy "if everyone was like me car-less and heavily dependent on public transportation," isn't a valid comparison.

I'm carless and heavily dependent on public transportation, but like you I am employed in a profession that allows that freedom. My "tools" are my computer, which I can throw in my backpack to go between my primary office at home, and my secondary office at my place of work. Last month I needed a plumber. His tools were many and could not have been transported via public transport.

Through half of last year the lot across the street from me was rebuilt into multiple townhomes. That's a good thing right? More housing is better than less right?

I had a view of the construction site from my home office. We started work at about the same time so I could see them from my office window (I start at 7 because I work with people on Eastern and Standard Time, they start at 7 because that's when the law allows them to start making noise).

The workers all arrived in their own vehicles, and all would pull-up and unload their tools for the day. The tools they had were far too numerous and heavy to cary on a bus, and far too expensive to be left unattended at a job site all night. It didn't matter what stage of construction they were in (foundation, framing, concrete, electrical, plumbing, dry wall, finishing, etc.) the different workers all arrived with their tools and none of them could have relied on public transport.

What are they to do Charles? How can they be less dependent on their vehicles.

I don't know whether you are a vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, omnivore, or carnivore, but it's almost guaranteed that the producers of your dinner live in areas poorly served by public transport, and their work requires vehicles be they tractors, trucks, or cars.

Granted, if we as a civilization had made different decisions 100 years ago we might not be so carbon dependent. Hell if we had not moved away from nuclear energy 40 years ago we wouldn't be so carbon dependent.

But we made those decisions, and can't change that fact. What we have to do is make decisions based on where we are not on where we could have been. Your over-simplification of the problem (and Matt's lashing out irrationally at the mere existence of cars) doesn't help. and it probably does more harm as it demotivates the people who understand the seriousness of the issue, while doing nothing to convert the doubters.


I wouldn't say I have a zero carbon footprint---I don't---but I'm doing what I can to help lessen the catastrophic impact of human-made climate change from the world's fossil fuel overuse. I have a beloved older car that I drive leisurely during the good weather months when not garaged. For obvious reasons we avoid driving on any part of I-5. Otherwise, I walk and / or take public transportation.
I have no children. Throughout my adult life since my adolescence I couldn't find a good enough reason to have kids. Fortunately I had my parents' full support of my decision. Insane pressure for me to bare children in my 20s and 30s from a lot of other people only amped up my steely determination to remain childless. I have made the right choice and have no regrets. I cannot imagine being a parent in this current day and age.

@7, @9, @19, @23, @25, and @30: Down, Elmer, down, before you choke on your toxic MAGA fumes, weenies, and cheap beer. From your usual septic tidal wave of gibberish you're overdue for another nap anyway before StuporFriends on Channel 4.
Who's got top bunk tonight--you, District13, or Swifty?

@31 Brent Gumbo: Thank you for reaffirming my decision to be a wise one.
Who would have ever thought the world would come to globally threatening extremes such as this?

Impeach Clarence Thomas and lock his howling Ginny bitch up!


@3 Original Andrew: I won't make it past 60 if Orange Turd illegally takes over the White House AGAIN!
The Err of Orange Turd should never have happened. Just imagine the utopia we could be living in if Al Gore and Hillary Clinton hadn't had their election results stolen from them by greedy, conspiring RepubliKKKans and their lobbyists, fixers, enablers, and loyalists.


@33 STII: "Hell, if we had not moved away from nuclear energy 40 years ago we wouldn't be so carbon dependent."
Be careful of what you wish for Mr. Pro-Nukes! Vladimir Putin's all to eager to press the shiny, candy-red doomsday button.


If you live in a cartoon, you don't leave footprints.


@33 STII: Will you and the rest of the misinformed pro-Nukes still be clicking heels when Vladimir Putin makes the Chernobyl disaster of April 26, 1986 look like a friendly game of Candyland during his current neofascist war on the Ukraine?
Have you already forgotten the Daiichi Fukushima accident on March 4, 2011 when a tsunami caused a 9.0 earthquake throughout Japan, and that continues to send radioactive debris across the Pacific to the West Coast? Did you shrug off the Three Mile Island disaster in Pennsylvania on March 28, 1979? Well, I haven't. Does the film, The China Syndrome (1979) ring any bells?
Back in March 1968 John Nelson of Seattle City Light purchased the Kiket Island Peninsula (now part of Deception pass State Park) and Samish Island in Skagit County for nuclear cooling tower facilities. Luckily this very poor idea got scrapped in 1972 [Contact Samish Island Community Center (SICC), 11292 Blue Heron Rd, Bow, WA 98232 or email for more details, findings, and cited sources], upon overwhelming public outcry and thorough environmental impact studies.
If John Nelson had gotten his wish, these cited marine ecosystems would have become the next Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, or Daiichi Fukushima---only 60 miles north of Seattle.


@37: I don't live in a cartoon, but you sure do, Elmer, ya ultra maroon.


@38 Just don't move to France Auntie.

The world pumps out approximately 120 million tons of carbon every day.


@28 You actually engaged with this fucking useless troll who brings nothing to the conversation but regurgitated resistance, and weak at that? Good grief, he already comes here like 50,000 times a day to get Kris to play with him and now the poor bastard will probably forget to eat so he can check to see if you honored his idiocy with anything but open derision. I cant believe you made this fucking losers life by letting him know you think his opinion is anything other than something to be mocked and disregarded in no particular order.

Happy Birthday raindrop, its all downhill from here. Go develop an actual theory of living.


I support nuclear power, provided they.....

1) Create a technology that does not allow for meltdowns or other radiation-releasing events.
2) Create a technology that does not require vast amounts of cold water to be used as a coolant.
3) Create a technology that does not create radioactive waste.

If they could tackle those three hurdles, nuclear would be the best way to provide baseload to augment renewables. No more coal or gas generating stations. We could probably even remove the hydro-electric facilities, which are aging and are an impediment to fish migration. (although many do provide irrigation, flood control, and recreational opportunities). If we got rid of Grand Coulee and drained Bank's Lake, eastern Washington would revert back to desert. If we got rid of Bonneville and John Day, Portland would go back to catastrophic floods every ten years or so. Get rid of Diablo and Gorge, and Mt. Vernon gets washed out (even with those dams, Mt. Vernon still experiences bad floods from time to time.

But the current nuclear generating technology is just a dangerous 1950's way to boil water.


@41: What a histronic meltdown into a whimpering pile of jealousy and rage. Here's a tissue dear.


@42 Check out Thorium reactors also the EPR reactors currently being built by France.


@41 Professor Shrubber, is that you?


maybe a Russian Troll?
hmmm, I figured
Dewey was

to Steal
the Happiness
of Others they (the former)
Lost moments after hitting Puberty.

def somethin'



@33 -- take a Tip from
good ole #42 -- Clinton hisself!

Lock Boxes!

a box too damn Big
to Pack out. make
'em Steal a f'n

too Bad we couldn't
Tap In to their


Raindrop misses the mark every now and then but makes more sense than most of you.


giving Billionaires Full Acccess
to OUR Lawmakers* makes
NO Sense to me nor does
any Monopoly but maybe
those things are just
plain Good for the


*whilst we the Peeps
look on Enviously
& Living on our
Streets End-

yeah there's alotta Jealousy
but how can it BE that just
THREE Families own
as Much as One Half
of the Rest of the

on what Planet does
that Make Sense?

justice Now


speaking of which:

Billionaires and hedge funds are bidding up the price of housing. Even bought above market value, it’s a deal.

What other investment pays rental income, provides a depreciation and maintenance write off even as its value is inflated by further bidding wars, and makes profit that is taxed at a lower rate than actual labor or innovation?

In California, you can now rent a modest tract home for $50,000 per year. And you can be sure that if you ever want to try and buy one, you will be outbid by some hedge fund or billionaire. I guess that goes for mobile homes now, too.

Soon we’ll all be renters, sheltered at the whim of some faceless real estate investment fund.

--A Californian; California

so much for Housing
in a jury-rigged tailor-made
by-and-For-the-Investor Class USA

have you Truly
thought this thru?
mind the Homeless
in your Calculations


speaking of Homelessness
another good one. nyt:

I have lived in and worked in an RV park in Florida for the last 15 years. In the last 6 years, our park is on it's 3rd owner. We were told 3 days ago that the new owners will accept lot rent only twice per year. We will be grandfathered in at the current lot rent if you were here for a while as I have been. Nov. 1 of this year we will begin our 6 month payments. That amount is $6840. for us long term residents and 2 employees. In the same breath, I was told No refunds is the policy in no circumstances whatsoever. I am trying to figure out why they would dump long term residents and employees for seasonal although regular snowbirds. And I think I have the answer: They are also upgrading infrastructure and asthetics in the park. I think they're going to sell individual lots. Down the road, the class A lots in the motorcoach resort go for about $160,000. FOR A DRIVEWAY. There will be a lot of homeless people resulting from this change here in our little park. I am so sad. About 20 of us have no where to go and cannot afford 6 months at a time. Hell, we have some snowbirds that couldn't come up with that! I am thinking about e mailing my Congressman.
--scott; Jupiter, Fl -- 38m ago

Down the road, the class A lots
in the motorcoach resort go
for about $160,000.


there will be a LOT of Homeless
people Resulting from this
change here in ‘our’
little park.

for how Long can
You hang On?

relax . it’s just

is this Truly how
it MUST Be?

sure it makes the dewdrop
Happy as a clam but
Whattabout for the
Rest of Us?


While most of us were watching the Oscars and enjoying their Sundays, kristo gushed out his bloviating babble, one after another, lamenting billionaires and capitalism.


your Pacifier
dump you?

best get
to it.


bad news for your
buddies dewey?

Rep. Ro Khanna Says Biden’s
Proposed Billionaire Tax Is
a “First Step” in Addres-
sing U.S. Inequality

The White House is unveiling a new tax plan that would establish a minimum 20% tax rate on all U.S. households worth more than $100 million.

“It’s high time that people who have made billions of dollars pay the same taxes … as people who are in service jobs, and this is the first step towards that,” says California Congressmember Ro Khanna.

The Democratic lawmaker also talks about the Big Oil Windfall Profits Tax, his bill aimed at curbing profiteering by oil companies.

go ahead:
more Whining +
ZERO Comprehension:

YOU are the
American Electorate*

a third


@54: As a practical matter, you'll have to address the issue of taxing unliquidated assets and unrealized gain.


oh we're
all over it


The bus stop at 3rd and Pine was closed yesterday, April 2. Like an April Fool hangover.

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