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The council doesn’t have universal criteria for ending or extending COVID-era laws, and it shows.



Anyone expecting long-term policy making from this city council is setting themselves up for a huge fall.

For years Seattle voters have elected one-issue candidates who neither care about the big picture or have any competency in addressing big picture issues. Heck for the last 20 years most of our city council has been incompetent at even accomplishing the one thing they care about.
What are the issues our council members care about.

Mosqueda: Expanding unions and SEIU.
Strauss: Trees I guess. His only previous experience was working for one issue candidate O'Brian who only cared about boycotting big oil. Oh and the Burke-Gilman Trail.
Herbold: Pot and hating cops.
Morales: Expanding Unions and SEIU
Sawant: The Movement of Kshama Sawant

Lewis, Peterson, and Nelson are harder to define. They all at least seem aware that there is a bigger picture they should be focusing on. (Personally I like Nelson and am very glad I voted for her, but it's still too early to judge her effectiveness.)

Juarez: Previously I would have put her firmly in with Morales and Mosqueda as only caring about SEIU, but the last couple of years seems to have fostered some growth. She seems moving towards the big picture and understanding that she needs to represent everyone in her district, not just her supporters. I still disagree with her on many things but I'm willing to acknowledge the growth and withhold judgement.

So with six council members only giving a shit about five issues no one should expect long-term thinking or solutions from this group.

Any young person, invested in politics and activism, should be very careful to avoid emotionally hitching their aspirations to any of the six one-issue council members, for they would run the risk of becoming old, jaded caricatures of themselves. Or worse old, jaded, ultra-conservative caricatures of themselves.


Worth noting that Hannah continues to drop some serious knee slappers, yuck yucks, and zingers around here. That headline slaps.


And Public Property is allowed to be appropriated Specifically for Restaurant's use. Isn't there a law about that?


I like streateries, what with the neighborhood vibrancy, deemphasis on cars, and general innovation for finding new space in our city. Am I supposed to feel bad about that?


@4, you should feel bad about using the word "vibrancy." You and everyone else who uses it.


"The council doesn’t have universal criteria for ending or extending COVID-era laws..."

Nor should it. Each law addresses a different aspect of how COVID affected civic life, and times continue to change. Therefore, each law should be amended, repealed, or replaced on the merits of each action. Of course, all of this should be in context of other laws concerning COVID, but there's been no need shown for developing or applying "universal criteria" for all laws. For example: in the cases where we should have made the law anyway, but COVID pushed us to do it, then those laws should not be repealed.

(And, as @1 nicely noted, expecting this crowd to address any big picture with any degree of competence is a complete waste anyhow.)

@3: If the city, via the Council, decides outdoor seating for restaurants represents a better use of limited public space than does storage of private vehicles, the city can decide that. Each decision uses public property to subsidize private businesses. There's no great principle at steak (ha, ha) here.


Hannah.... News Flash: "the world isn't fair" and when you walk out the door their is "risk".

Billions upon billions of dollars, borrowed money, has been spent on covid relief. There comes a time when the public free living food trough runs out... much like socialism, it works until you run out of other people's money.

Sorry to break it to you... but the party is over. Time to get back to work.


what's that they Say?

The wealthy hire
the very most persuas-
ive people to convince the
middle class to blame the poor.

oh yeah

and without
Joseph Goebbels
there's no Nazi Party


Using public property for private business to put some tables on it is not best use. It’s elitist and a “taking”. 99% of these shacks are eyesores too. They’re only used for a few hours a day, hogging public property away from the public.

Then the public, ie the city, doesn’t collect any income from parking. Do restaurants pay anything to make that up? No.

I can’t afford these restaurants, neither can many of the rent-burdened in their immediate area, so there’s no public benefit, just for that specific business. The shoe store next door pays for it with less traffic. Why just restaurants get to expand rent free?

Also, those public parking spots are the ONLY accommodation for disabled parking for the whole business district. Lots and garages have zero disability accommodations.
Now those customers are shut out entirely unless they can struggle for many blocks, which are jammed because of... removal of parking!

Selfish able people never give a thought to those in their community who cannot bike, walk for many blocks or ride a bus filled with fentanyl smoke. THEY NEED THEIR TRANSPORTATION! Their time is worth every bit as much as yours. It’s as if ableists want to punish, exclude, shame and get rid of anyone who NEEDS personal transportation and can’t afford an electric vehicle.
It’s flat out bigotry!

Until there are equitable, affordable, practical, SAFE, universal replacements available for those who must depend on a modest car, the dreamy idealists need to get some perspective and STFU until then. Karma may give them a shattered leg and they will change their tune. This is a self-service economy. What I need done, I must do for myself now.


@8 ... Let's see, now wasn't it Hitler, NAZI (national socialist party) who blamed the Jews (identifying them as wealthy, intellectuals) as the reason for all of Germany's ills. Remind us all again that turned out.

Wasn't it Vladimir Lenin ....who accused the aristocrats and wealthy... another socialist .... perhaps just coincidence.

Wasn't it Castro... who accused the business class of many ills... another socialist if I recall...

All of them dirt poor.... all of them accusing in the same manner you do.

It would appear, that without you...... there would be no ignorant reactionaries on this slog.


There has to be someone... anyone .. that can write this column that has some drive and
doesn't want to be living in a tent. Hannah clearly does with her views... imagine being her landlord. You can't lecture people into getting their shit together. You can't tell anyone anything. Have to learn it on their own. If you can't afford Seattle....move. I don't want to live in a tent... can I have Hanna's job? Oh I'm sorry... that's the requirement.


@10 -- irregardless
of your ad hominem
my Accusation stands
(have you No rebuttal?):

The wealthy hire
the very most persuas-
ive people to convince the
middle class to blame the poor.

even Rodger "Dodger"
Goebbels/Ailes knew this

good to see you're on
Rupert Murdoch's side


@2 -- and bon mots!
I second your Notion.


"It would appear,
that without you......
there would be
no ignorant re-
actionaries on
this slog."

@--Manolitos on March 30, 2022 at 8:19 AM

what's that they say:
Every Accusation a Confession
oy, that's right. manlytoes you're
Projecting -- yet Again. we're Used to it

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