Hey, whered everybody go?
Hey, where'd everybody go? Matt Baume

Alaska Airlines canceled twenty thousand vacations this weekend. With pilots on strike, the airline canceled 161 flights on Saturday and Sunday, representing around 22,000 ticketed passengers. It’s been nearly a decade since pilots were able to negotiate a full contract with Alaska Airlines — they’re seeking more schedule flexibility and job security.

There's never been a better time to work for Amazon! Great job, company leaders! By running a multi-million-dollar effort to undermine your own workforce, including a leaked memo where you called a top organizer “not smart, or articulate,” you really motivated workers to vote in favor of unionizing. Can’t help but notice you’re currently hiring for a “PR Manager, Executive Comms.” Sounds like a fun career opportunity for a young go-getter. Hopefully you'll find someone as smart and articulate as the grassroots union leaders.

By any chance did she get any texts from Mayor Jenny? A Richland School Board member has been going to town on the delete button, wiping out text messages in possible violation of state law. She says she has to delete texts to free up space on her phone. What is it, a rotary-dial? You’re not going to believe this, but she’s also an anti-masker.

More signs of atrocities in Ukraine. There’s evidence that Russian soldiers have engaged in mass murder of civilians, with aerial photos showing what may be mass graves. People on the ground say they’ve found a mass grave dug behind a church. Bodies were only partially buried, hands and legs tied behind their backs.

SDOT’s buffered bike lanes are going about as well as you might expect. Looking good!

Seattle’s hottest new music group is the Bothell High School Jazz Band. The latest in The Stranger’s slow conversion to a hyperlocal blog for Bothell residents: You are hereby encouraged to find your way to the hinterlands on Thursday April 7th for an outdoor concert by the BHS Jazz Band. The band is raising money for a trip to New York, where they will compete in the Essentially Ellington Jazz Competition. The performance will take place on Bothell’s recently pedestrianized Main Street, which is what Pike Place would look like if Seattle could get its act together. Light rail will get close to Bothell in 2024, with rapid bus transit scheduled to open in 2026.

Oh, you think what happens in Bothell doesn’t affect us? Mark Lamb, a former Bothell mayor, is helping a bunch of real estate industry insiders attempt to block a program for people experiencing homelessness on the east side. A group called “Keep Kids Safe” was formed last month to oppose a supportive housing project (not a shelter, as KKS’s lawsuit claims); the group is led by the VP of a Bellevue real estate firm, among others.

I’m sorry, Bothell has a Polynesian-themed pool? What are we even doing, Seattle. How have we fallen so far. Are we even a real city at this point.

Let’s build up some backyards. There’s a YIMBY conference coming up in Portland next week, with topics like building abundant transportation, providing sufficient housing, and fighting freeways. Good stuff! When does Seattle get a conference like this?

On the topic of backyards … California recently passed a bill allowing more backyard cottages (a similar bill failed in Washington, thanks to lobbying by the Association of Washington Cities) and you can see an interesting impact with a new company called Homestead, which allows prospective homebuyers to divide their lot, making it less outrageously expensive to buy the land. It's California-only ... for now.

Faster transit in the U District, not a moment too soon. And kind of a moment too late, what with all the car traffic generated by people driving in to see the cherry blossoms. Northeast 45th Street now has a pretty new bus lane — alas, it’s only eastbound. The Urbanist has been calling for a more organized effort to get people to the blossoms via transit next year.

Ah, the lament of the Pike Place pedestrian. Don’t forget to thank the cars for shepherding you up onto the sidewalk. We are still allowing randos to snarl the market with weekend-long traffic jams, for some reason. Wasn’t someone going to do something about this?

Florida’s don’t-say-gay law is going to kill kids. Here’s a harrowing account of the sort of bullying that the new legislation will embolden. The effect of HB 1557 will be to cut queer kids off from support, and to facilitate abuse from bigots. It’s stunning how quickly we’ve slid back to where things were twenty years ago.

There was a normal mass shooting in Sacramento this weekend. Six dead, twelve injured — slightly above average for these things, but not too far out of line. Other mass shootings this weekend: Four injured in Buffalo; one dead and three injured in North Carolina; one dead and four injured in Louisiana, one dead and 11 injured in Texas; five injured in Colorado Springs; one dead and three injured in Shreveport. Super functional country we’ve got here.

Mark your calendars for more Starbucks rallies. Union organizers will march through Cal Anderson Park on Saturday April 23. Their demands: $20/hour wage, free health care, no more union busting, and more.

What an athlete! Lots of spring in this pup’s step, but also CUDDLES