Not going to happen. Ukraine is causing worldwide starvation, including Ethiopia, and the US isn't going to send armed troops again. Been there, done that, got the Army peacekeeper t-shirt and memories I never want to think about again.


Ethiopia's GDP is $100B, Russia's is $1.5T, so if the US is spending $2B against Russia (in Ukraine), $130M is proportionate against Ethiopia


@2 also, Ukraine is probably more likely to be able to pay that money back or at least the interest payments on the debt they're racking up by accepting all this "aid".

Finally, I had to snort at the person refusing to give money to Nancy Pelosi because she won't provide more funds to Tigray. How about don't give money to Nancy Pelosi because she's already rich and powerful, certainly doesn't need it, and is brazenly out of touch with any sense of normalcy or common sense. The idea that the millionaire's in congress beg for campaign contributions from the poor is so bizarre and infuriating, but when poor people actually donate to them, that's hilarious.


Why would someone in Seattle give money to a member of Congress from California? They don’t represent you. Might want to direct your ire at Pramila.

Here’s a helpful primer:

Representatives represent people in their congressional district.

Senators represent people in their state.

The President represents people in the country.


@4 Here's a helpful primer for you:

Representatives represent the American aristocracy.

Senators represent the American aristocracy.

The President is the figurehead poor powerless people get to yell at and complain about to distract them from how much they're getting fucked by the American aristocracy.

Fixed it for you. You're welcome.


Maybe because the government as crude as they are being, are on the right side of the issues, a unified country not based on ethnic states, the tigre political party ruled the country for 27 years poorly they shouldn't get to set up their own government just because they lost an election


We have a “Housing Crisis” in Seattle for a long time now.
I do not understand the religious charities that think this area is an appropriate place to dump thousands and thousands of refugees into the mix.

We cannot even house our own elders and disabled, much less large groups without marketable skills or assets to care for themselves.

There is a huge group of local citizens who are ‘refugees’ now too, who have contributed to society, who are being economically displaced themselves, often into homelessness. Why in the world are they abandoned so that a new arrival gets the scarce housing first? That’s insane. This isn’t racism. It’s economics. There’s a 3-5 year waiting list at all senior housing facilities. Yet it only takes 6 months to buy and demolish an old apartment building. Where the hell do they go???

There ARE a few places that have land space and housing that could be repaired to accommodate these huge refugee groups. Like Detroit. Get to work on all those boarded up houses. Empower the Detroit citizens to rebuild their city. Create an economy. Shoving refugees into an already overcrowded city makes no sense. And the wars just come along with too. And the demands. Always with the demands.

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