A woman and her husband are getting into group sex. The catch? She’s newly pregnant. Should she disclose this to participants?

4 years ago, soon after a woman got together with her boyfriend, in a fit of paranoia, he checked to see if she was indeed doing what she said she would be doing with some friends. When she found out about this, she confronted him and he apologized. He’s never done anything like this since and their relationship is good. Still. Should she dump him for this past transgression?

On the Magnum, we welcome back our favorite ghost(ing) writer, Justine Ang Fonte, to discuss the delicate art of saying “No.”

A woman sent her friend-with-benefits a sex tape of herself. He said he loved it and has watched it “many times.” But she was able to see that he watched it only twice. Is this grounds for freaking out?

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