Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson gets confirmed today. For tedious procedural reasons, it’ll require two votes this morning, and then the whole shebang should be complete by the afternoon. Follow along here. UPDATE: CONFIRMED.

Not to be all “told you so,” but. COVID cases are up over the last two weeks in King County — an increase of 91%. We’re still in much better shape than in January, when we had to redraw charts to accommodate the explosion in cases — and it’s too early to say whether this is another surge or just a normal fluctuation in the amount of death and long-term disability that we’ve decided to simply accept. You know the drill — get your vaccine and booster, wear masks (I know, I know, I hate them too), and read up on how you can improve ventilation to reduce transmission. I personally like these goofy-looking filter-cubes.

An unusual crane sighting. Your view of Lake Washington will include a surprise guest for the next few months: A barge with a giant construction crane is taking in a nice soak, just to the side of the I-90 bridge. It’s there to tug on the underwater bridge cables and make sure they’re tight, a project that will run through the fall.

Thar she blows.
Thar she blows. WSDOT

Sign me up! LinkedIn recently identified Amazon as the best company in the United States to work for. You didn’t need your muscles or bones, did you?

Bird just added accessible scooters to its micromobility fleet. Seattle's got a bike-share, a scooter-share, and now we've got a powerchair-share. For $10 a day, people with disabilities can reserve an accessible vehicle (a WHILL Model Ci2) that will be dropped off by the company and can be used anywhere in Seattle and around the region from Tacoma to Everett. The company didn't answer questions about how many vehicles they have; they envision the service being used by residents as well as tourists. You know I love complaining about stuff, but this just seems like a pure, unadulterated good thing. (Sidenote: Might be good to have one of these vehicles on standby at Sea-Tac, since airlines STILL have a problem with losing and breaking passengers' wheelchairs.)

Lots of outdoorsy volunteer opportunities coming up. If you’re looking for a chance to get a little dirt under your fingernails and you’re not doing anything this afternoon, consider volunteering with Duwamish Alive! … who are looking for folks who can help get some vegetation in the ground in advance of Earth Day. Or! Volunteer this weekend with Black Star Farmers, who need a few hands to help with mulching and weeding and so on at the MLK FAME Community Center and Cal Anderson Park.

Climate change comes in two flavors: Modern and classic. Sound Transit is seeking public comment on their plans to build a new parking garage in Kent, just down the street from the train & bus station. Building car infrastructure at this point in the planet’s collapse is nothing short of ghoulish, but it’s happening anyway so we might as well have a conversation about the architectural style of the buildings that will help destroy the Earth’s ecosystem.

Do you recognize this blob? If you were up in the middle of the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, you might’ve received an Amber Alert about a car stolen in Bothell with a kid inside. As Hannah reported, the kid’s been found unharmed (though not particularly happy about the experience) and now cops are looking for the guy who stole the car. This isn’t much to go on, but here’s the surveillance footage:

Don’t you DARE come for my Bothell beat, Seattle Times. Seattle’s newspaper for adults has a glowing review of the new car-free street in Bothell, a little town that managed to do what Seattle’s been meaning to get around to for years. Main Street has been transformed from a traffic sewer (here’s the before pics) to a pedestrian paradise, and now businesses on neighboring streets are asking for more.

Who’s driving those trains? Sound Transit will hold a public meeting (via Zoom) tomorrow to get an update on the CEO search. Alas, we won’t get an update on the specific candidates — this will just be a rundown of the process, and then the Board of Directors will meet in ~secret~ to talk about the people who’ve applied for the job.

Get a load of this clown. I am fascinated by the saga of George Galloway, a British politician who is having a Twitter meltdown over the fact that Twitter put a “Russia state-affiliated media” tag on his account. Why would they do that? Maybe because he hosted a Sputnik-themed talk show via the old Russia Today (until it was shut down by the British government a few days ago over misinformation complaints). Galloway coyly claims Twitter’s label is incorrect because he recently lost his job working for Russian media so tehhhhhnically he’s not affiliated with them anymore. Whatever, his old episodes are still widely available on RT’s site. I don’t know much about Galloway’s politics, but I don’t like his hat and ten seconds of listening to him suggests that he’s the kind of person I’d leave a party to avoid being cornered by.

Only chumps drive to the airport if they don't have to. The parking garage is full right now, so, you know, take the train. Obviously.

Start the For Your Consideration campaign now. Here’s just a really sweet interview with everyone’s favorite ballerina-turned-movie-star, Michelle Yeoh, about how meaningful her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once is. It really is a crime that she hasn’t had more prominent lead roles — imagine if she’d been the Bond and Pierce Brosnan had been the sidekick in Tomorrow Never Dies. In case you missed it, my review of EEAAO is here. Also take a look at the gorgeous fight from my second-favorite Michelle Yeoh movie, Yes, Madam, which features the also-incredibly-stunning Cynthia Rothrock.

Scientists have discovered this one weird trick to solve homelessness. Turns out you can end housing insecurity … by giving people a place to live. Here’s yet another article that spells out how American cities could spend a small amount of money to house people, or a huge amount of money to sweep them from one place to another forever, and for some reason we keep going with option 2.

Lynnwood to its disabled residents: Drop dead. Let’s pause our round-the-clock coverage of Bothell to turn our attention to Lynnwood, wherever that is. Despite the town having a tremendous number of inaccessible sidewalks very close to the soon-to-open train station, Lynnwood’s “city” council prioritized paving a few blocks of streets that are mostly on the other side of town.

Woof woof woof. Meet Rosie, a nervous little gal who needs a patient human friend and maybe a dog buddy or two to help her keep calm.