That list of forbidden words is pretty weird - maybe people should stop supporting Amazon and get off their asses and buy their stuff somewhere else, god forbid maybe have to leave the house but then folks could bitch about Amazon with a clear conscience at least.

People are such hypocrites about this stuff.


Or, MSNBC had planned to break away from the speech anyway and some pundit extrapolates it as being anti-union. That's the 'hmm'.


Starbucks Claims to Be “Assaulted” by Unions

when you're King of the dung heap
Any kinda pushback feels like
Assault or Insurrection or
fuckin' Back-Talk which
Coffee Barons do NOT
"need" -- they've got
more than Enough
on their plates al-

who tf Cares if
the Peons &
their Prog-
eny don't?

who tf do they
Think they


rather brilliant
'pic o the week'?
of the new Millenia:

east meets west
north meets south
and Corporate America
was never the Same
again. we can Wish

and fade away

or Fight
& Live


@2 I wished I lived in your world.

Re: Amazon
This proves money doesn't buy intelligence. Or that you have to be smart to become the world's richest man. Banning words is one of the stupidest, most inside-the-box thinking; only tried by clueless and sequestered individuals with no imagination.

@1 Agreed. Want to start supporting workers? Stop buying stuff from employers who exploit them. But that would require more than being outraged from the safety of your SUV as you order one more vente latte at yet another drive-thru Starbucks.


You don’t need an ambulance
We don’t look at your rhymes askance!


@5 wouldnt everyone at amazon find a way to fool the App censors by changing the banned words slightly ...i.e “slave labor,” “prison,” “plantation,” “restrooms” become slve labr, prizon, plnttion, and WC very quickly?

this almost seems like a fake story.


Amazon looking more like East Germany every day.


Ethical retail choices can be difficult outside of the urban centers. For example, in Eastern Washington, our little town has a locally-owned hardware store, a furniture/appliance store, several restaurants and hotels, and a grocery. I have no idea what the various merchant's politics are because they don't bring them into the store, and they are always very polite and helpful. If they don't have it, they'll get it and we are happy to pay a premium.

But the general merchandise store (clothes, housewares. toys, craft supplies, camping and sporting goods supplies, etc) is owned by hateful bible-addled nitwits who sell "Let's Go Brandon" gear (for $17.76!), have a huge scriptural quote by their front door, and who flaunted all the mask requirements. They also won't support the local Chamber of Commerce, School District, or Weekly paper and they'll tell you how they left Issaquah because it was "ungodly" (when in reality they cashed in on their house and are living off a cushy Boeing pension and Social Security).

In situations like that, Amazon is a godsend. And if not Amazon, I'll drive fifty miles down the coulee to buy at Wal-Mart.


@9 - Imagine being so unnerved by a scripture from the bible that you drive 50 miles out the your way (and more money on gas) just to get some hairspray, fishnet hose, and a new toaster.


Unless it's Leviticus 18:22 of course


Raindrop dear, I am far from unnerved by scripture, for I regard it as stone-age nonsense.

I am, however, unnerved by fascist tendencies. Apparently that leaves you unmoved.


Are you saying "Let's go Brandon" is fascist? I don't concur with the sentiment but it's as fascist as a bobby pin.


No, Raindrop dear. I'm saying that you are what they used to call a "Good German"

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