Bellevue rare coins has many locations. The location that was robbed was in West Seattle. The fact that the link you pointed to was from west seattle blog should have been the biggest hint.


@1 - no kidding!

Interesting that they bring up Andrew Lewis but fail to mention the Times article in which he finally wraps his head around the fact that homeless camps are crime vectors. Who’d have thought?


Why is Matt so desperate to find data to negate that freeway shootings are on the rise? It couldn't be because he thinks they're getting what they deserve given his anti-car rhetoric. I'll try to hold onto the benefit of the doubt, as he couldn't possibly be that un-empathetic.


gosh if only
the Wealth Gap
drew Attention from
'our' Mass Media. those
horrific Symptoms might not
appear to be the Cause of all Squalor.

who Owns
OUR Mass Media

[hint: it Ain't the Des-
perate nor the Homeless]


While the coin shop is in West Seattle, the Seattle Humane site is in Eastgate, near I-90.
Adopt a cat today - better yet, adopt 2 that get along with each other!


Glad to know billionaire CEOs react with the same line as diehard patriots when they want to come across as visibly unsettled by calls for change. At least I hope that's what he's going for.


Howard Schultz left Starbucks with a stellar reputation and will now be known as just another greedy, stupid white, privileged asshole.

Starbucks is raising their prices and blaming supply chains and "people who hate Starbucks" (aka their employees who want to unionize), all the while paying the asshole who just left as CEO before Schultz came back SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS IN FAILURE TO LEAD THE COMPANY MONEY.

All of this corporate greed and hatred directed at all of the people who perform all of the labor that earns these assholes their obscene profits needs to be taken down. Permanently.

More money than anyone needs in ten lifetimes and all these assholes have to say (just like all of the assholes who like the status quo of this fucked up beyond all belief country) is "if you don't like it why don't you leave!?"

If only they would all get in their spaceships and shoot themselves into space and leave the rest of us in peace.


Get that parking lot redeveloped and it changes, but the Occidental block south of Yesler is fine the way it is. The sidewalks are broad and accommodate outdoor eating. It's a very quiet block.

Pike Place is fine the way it is 9+ months of the year. Just close it to traffic (except commercial vehicles) on the weekend. Try walking down the street on a weekday in the winter. It's fine.


Why is Rare Coin robber holding his junk?


in honor of our unpaid trolls and
to paraphrase ol' Schultzy
(in one of his rare Mo-
ments of Lucidity):

“If you hate tS so much, why
don’t you go somewhere else?”

take it from a Billionaire
(I know you already do)
(and seem to En-
joy it Royally).


I liked Starbuck's reply.... If you don't like our work environment or the offer, which is laden with massive amounts of government regulations, oversite, $15 Now, Sick Leave, Paternity Leave, Health Insurance....etc. Then by all mean, do find something better. Its a free country...get a wiggle on.

Ah, yes, those sinks which just fall off the wall.... its a mine field out there my fellow baristas.... Watch out for those deadly hand sinks which can turn on you at any moment and crush you to death.... or could it actually be the barista ripped it off the wall. (Nah...a pissed off, far left, passive aggressive barista... would never do that.)

Maybe Howard Schultz came in late at night and sawed thru the bolts holding the sink to the wall.... he's very crafty you know.


“freeway shootings are on the rise — 20 so far this year, compared to 12 last year, cops claim”

translation: matt wants all drivers to get murdered in traffic, maybe


@blip -- an EZ extrapolation
when the dew's in your eyes

if they Hate it
they will Come.


Cars, the straights, now robins (and, one assumes, his job). The list of things Matt informs us he hates grows daily.


There's no mystery as to why Musk did a U-turn on serving on the Twit board: (1) he's a flake; (2) someone explained the concept of "fiduciary duty" in terms he could finally grasp.


@9: male privilege


Written like a true city rube. That bear video is obviously not from this weekend. Whatever trail is in the video is buried under feet of snow right now. And anybody who is dumb enough to pay 300 dollars to a private company to take them on a hike in a National Park should probably get eaten by a bear.


@9: came to ‘put a ring on it‘?


@7: Schultz might have had a reputation for occasionally making money, but you can’t call a guy who is that hated ‘stellar’. He sold the Seattle Sonics out of state and many diehard fans will never forgive him.
If you ever managed to plod through his loathsome egotistic book, you’ve got a strong stomach! He is just as delusional about his popularity as his own brilliance. So of course he thought he was Presidential material too. He was roundly belittled in the press and campaign rooms for that silly hubris.
I wonder who got strong armed to ‘invite’ him back? Or did he just barge in again. Feel sorry for the staff now. So rude. Money can’t buy class.


You’re absolutely right Middleman. I don’t recognize the actual spot, but it’s been dumping snow up there again.
Until Sunrise road opens up in July or so, I get my mountain fix here. ⬇️ (This time of year the snow starts slowly sliding down the hill, pushing over the flexible trees. Then it melts and they spring back to vertical! Now that’s Entertainment!)


Why does a pampered old billionaire feel threatened by a 25 year-old who makes poverty wages?
Reminds moi of when Schultz was stumping his POTUS run and quite actually begged his audiences to applaud for him.


seems like ol' Schultzy
could Afford his own
Applausers. only
a trumpf could-
da thought of
that though



Hey, Matt! If you’re trying to dig up crime stats, perhaps you should check out the shootings and crime at your beloved homeless encampments. Ooops… that’s right, that doesn’t fit your narrative.


@14 Yea, reading Matt's SLOGs it increasingly seems like he is absolutely miserable, just all around miserable. it goes well beyond the snark fest of misinformation that Rich writes or the apologias and homages Hannah writes about our local criminals.

There seems no joy in Matt's life at all.

A change of scene could be absolutely life changing.


‘Let ’em rocket off
in their spaceships
to Infinity and beyond?’

commendable notion indeed xina

and Heaven Help the next Planet these assholes happen to land on. their reptilican cortices* make ‘Choice’ a Lib’s
UN-fucking affordable fucking Pipe Dream of things Long Past (which were obviously Never meant to last) and a Fantasy in all cases; however in Your lifetime you are allowed Two: get food or Be food – and either way, they won’t Feel a thing.


oh and Happy

*filled to Overflowing
with Overly-engorg-
ed basal ganglia
& chutzpahs


well I'll Culturally Appropriate
till the Cows come home MC
and you can do you can do
the same if you Choose

by what Right do we have
to eat other sentient Beings
or Responsive plants for that
matter? tonite we're having Steak!

and the talking Green Beans.

Nice flic
that 'Cow'
worth a Look


@28, Yeah, I thought "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." So what does that make Cultural Appropriation?

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