"The SHRC secured a pro bono lawyer to help with the application process, but hiring future lawyers to provide information to the judge will cost money, perhaps a million dollars a year, according to preliminary estimates."

Holy shit. A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR to provide occasional amicus briefing?!


"There’s no representation for people who have experienced police brutality, who have lost a family member, or for the protesters who the cops tear-gassed,”

There was no police brutality. Sorry for the family members who lost a loved one to gang violence. For those gassed, no harm done and just get over it.


exactly dripdrop

getting Gassed
whilst Constitutionally-
PROTECTED Free Speech-
ifying -- Protesting -- is only Al
lowed when you're out there in
Support of the Status Quo. you
Know you're Right when ol dewey
here says you're Wrong. so just GTFOIA


@ 3 Correction. ... getting gassed while demonstrating illegally in the streets, inciting mob violence, destroying private and public property, setting fires, illegally occupying city property and disobeying a lawful order to disperse.

We can also consider obstructing medical assistance to those "shot by participants" resulting in needless deaths.... in your self described "constitutionally protected free speech".

You really need to understand the law, facts and constraints before displaying what can best be described as absolute ignorance of the law, standard or conduct and the limitations on free speech.


ah our well-paid* troll
or his Master? shows up

everyone knows
Agents Provocateur
were the Only ones Rioting

well them
& the Po-po.

well almost everyone
but re-Writing History
IS the Fascist's Creed


*are y'alls


but the Point
is the Po-po's

it's Eons past
Time for some

yet another Good One
Hannah. rock On.


Yikes.... Kristofarian is out of his cage again.... still struggling to reconcile facts with reality.


so Boss Man
handed you
Back the


wait'll His BOSS
gets whind of this

if it ever gets back to Putin
you'll be writing commentary
for Dogcatchers Review -- If

you're Lucky.

now Mind them
Agents Provacateur


but The Point
Is the Po-po's

it's Eons past
Time for some

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