That film "Cow" sounds similar to a film about pigs from a year or two ago. No human narration, just the sounds of the animals living their lives. In both cases, the filmmakers chose to spotlight small-scale farms, not the sorts of factory farms that produce most of the dairy and meat that Americans consume.

Some months ago, I gave up dairy because I just couldn't justify it ethically to myself, even if it was coming from a small-scale operator. I'm sure I still consume a little dairy here and there. There's maybe one ingredients lists I'd rather not take a look at. Hey, I'm workin' on it.

And not to judge anyone else. Everyone has to make their own choices.

Regardless of whether we eat them or drink their milk or we don't, bovines are remarkable creatures.


Re: Cyclists in Utah
So, the helmets they were wearing did... fuck all? Who could have predicted that.


I'm sure K mart is pretty horrible nowadays but back in the late '70s the one near me had a better-than-decent LP selection (I remember buying a Firesign Theatre album there) and tons of remaindered books for like 89 cents, well worth a rainy afternoon's browse. RIP.


Can sentient thumb Loren Culp even dress himself or does he need help? Anyone who believes this man should be given any sort of decision-making power should not be allowed to vote, or reproduce, or really participate in society in any way.


@1 No cheese? That's abominable!


I totally agree with Jas on this one, the best post work beer ever is aboard a Washington State Ferry.


Cow! I'm completely knocked over. I spent 2 blissful years as a raw milk dairy farmer on small farms in Indiana and California. I've never been so happy in my labor. Thanks for sharing!


More encampment violence. Sweep it under the rug, Slog.


@4: truth


Loren Culp is proof positive that the Republican party is completely lacking morals, ethics, and basic intelligence. If he's the best they can do, the party needs to be euthanized.


@6 -- yep.

Except: the Cost

the Size:

for Drivers:
the Likelyhood
of exceeding your
blood/alcohol Limit

sure ya Don't
gotta Finish it
but at Those prices
who can Afford Not to?

for wealthy walk-aways
& bus riders:
so What?


@10 --- the Partay's
doing their Damndest
to self-annhilatee all Members
via highly-transmittable Viruses,
uninoculated, maskless and Super-
Spreader Nurembergher-type Rallies

were it not for all
the Collateral Damage,
spurning them on seems like
thee most Humane thing* to Do.

*in the Long run


and Spurring

(only Two!)


@2 yes it turns out styrofoam helmets don’t help much when a 6000 pound sled traveling with much momentum slams into the meat envelopes the helmets were on. Helmets are useful for protecting bike riders when they crash their own bikes though so sit down and shut up.

I would also posit that the drunk who murdered those cyclists is not the one in the story having the bad day but rather the murdered cyclists and anyone who depended on them for love and shelter, but I’m kind of old fashioned.


lol, why is the stranger just now noticing the green lake path wheels issue? People have been arguing about it online for awhile now.

also, in that King TV report they display the survey results of a question entitled "How do you typically get around Green Lake Park and the surrounding neighborhoods? (Select
all that apply)." But they say "A survey completed by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) said 74% of people who responded get around Green Lake Park on foot, 51% on a bike and 7% on another type of wheel." Great example of how media incorrectly reports on data.


Don't feel bad Loren. It could have been worse like falling for a phishing email that enabled the Russian to hack the DNC in 2016 and cause havoc on Hillary's campaign.


@2: Well my cousin in law was hit by a car while on his bike, and very badly injured, but his helmet saved his life when his head hit the pavement at speed, so maybe go make yourself a nice warm cup of shut the fuck up.


That patient in Texass needs to SUE SUE SUE the hospital for grossly violating her HIPPA privacy rights! This case is a classic example of why they were put in place! Some religious nutjob blabbing to a non-medical agency, bc why??? Felt it was their opportunity to punish a woman for disagreeing about a philosophical query, the beginning of life? (FWIW, the very conservative cult that raised me quoted a bible verse about the “breath of life”. In other words, it’s not alive until it breathes, so abortion is not an issue)

I would caution everyone to take a good look at their own medical records. They’re not as private as you think! Employers, housekeepers, auto insurers all try to get in there!
Not only are they available to tons of people in the medical system who have no real need to know what meds you take for what, but there were someone else’s medical problems mixed in with mine!


@2: STFU already, you mindless troll.

@4 Brent Gumbo, @10 Catalina Vel-DuRay, and @18 PrincessAngeline#2 for the WIN!!

@16: Ah--once again for shits and giggles, it's time for Elmer's Morning Dump! Be careful when flushing, Elmer. Try not to fall in.

@17 Lissa: I am very sorry to hear about your cousin-in-law's accident. Getting hit by a moving vehicle is a traumatic experience. At least he was wearing his helmet. Yikes!
It never ceases to amaze me how many cyclists brave biking on Chuckanut Drive (SR11). While it is indeed, scenic, there are lots of curved stretches, and along the sea cliffs the road narrows. There is no bike lane or shoulder. I wait to pas safely, watching to make sure they have plenty of room on the road.

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