"The police will never stop them. They can honk all they want."

I know most folks recognize Charles is not reliable, but just in case: Canadian law enforcement will absolutely arrest persons involved in these trucker convoys:


I finally feel like Charles gets how the rest of us felt while the dipshits in black bloc were tearing Seattle apart back in 2020 on a nightly basis. You could take his piece and insert antifa as the subject and it would read about the same. Here’s the real point. Extremists on either side of the spectrum are assholes and should not be celebrated.


You took a cab from the Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront to an appointment on Commercial Drive?

That’s less than two miles away, in an urban core!

What about transit?

What about a rideshare scooter or bike?

What about walking?

Fucking hypocrite.



Funny, from my perspective those months in 2020 were mostly memories of cops firing endless rounds of incendiary devices, so-called "non-lethal" (read: it might not kill you dead, but it'll fuck you up for a loooong time) munitions, and chemical weapons that left clouds of toxic fumes floating over Capital Hill like something out of a Stephen King novel, choking the citizenry for blocks in every direction, and then skulking off into the night, abandoning their "Fort Apache, Seattle" while furiously pointing the blame everywhere but at themselves. Oh, and let's not forget their escorting the Proud Boys around and then calling in fake reports of Proud Boys, just for shits and giggles.

And all because people were rightfully incensed that the poor po-po just could not stop killing innocent-until-proven-guilty-by-a-court-of-law - or just innocent, period - unarmed young Black men and women...


Eh, i haven’t found it particularly useful to pay much mind to randos who think differently than me; it just creates needless anxiety. Vote, boycott, etc, but everything else is gossip and chatter and a waste of my precious time.


I, for one, welcome our satanic robotic overlords!



Bingo! I had the same feeling watching the PNW Anarchists in 2020 as I did watching the Redneck Anarchists take over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in 2016.

A bunch of goddamn assholes throwing a temper tantrum.



News Flash: George Floyd was murdered 1,600 miles away from Seattle by a member of the Minneapolis Police Department. His murder had absolutely nothing to do with the Seattle Police Department. There was absolutely no reason to protest the SPD.



News Flash: shit that happens thousands of miles away from Seattle can affect Seattle regardless, because - and this may come as a shock to you - we all live on the same fucking planet, in case you hadn't noticed, and political, social and cultural movements tend to have this weird ripple effect that spreads out from event centers, especially when they occur in multiples such as is the case when numerous innocent People Of Color are egregiously murdered/executed/accidentally killed/what-have-you at the hands of law enforcement in a relatively short span of time, which seems to be a fairly common occurrence in this country, and certainly not unheard of locally.

But then, there have been people like you at just about any volatile point in history making the same stupid argument: "Why should I care about Mi Lai? Those Vietnamese are half way around the world." "The Nazis are waaay over in Europe killing Jews, no reason for us here in Seattle to get upset." "Why is everyone getting all riled up over this Fort Sumter thing? It's not going to have any affect on us here in the Washington Territory." Or for a more contemporary example: "What's all the fuss about Putin bombing the shit out of Ukraine? It's got nothing to do with us."


News Flash: The Iraq War was conducted 6,781 miles away from Seattle by a members of the US Army. This war had absolutely nothing to do with Seattle. There was absolutely no reason to protest the Iraq War.


@4 both things can be true but of course you know that. You just can’t accept your little LARPing buddies are assholes. Protesting is fine. In fact it’s demanded to keep our republic on the right course. Terrorizing people using those protestors as cover is a chicken shit move by a bunch of extremist assholes. If you want to defend their actions or excuse them because the police overreacted than you do you.


News Flash: Emmett Till was murdered 2,444 miles away from Seattle by white racists. This murder had absolutely nothing to do with Seattle. There was absolutely no reason to march for civil rights in Seattle.


"Terrorizing people using those protestors as cover is a chicken shit move by a bunch of extremist assholes."

You're right. The police really were totally out of hand.


Took a cab, huh? Great carbon footprint, Chuckles.

A full of shit hypocrite.


@9 Except there have not been "numerous innocent People Of Color egregiously murdered" by Seattle police, not since 2010 and the shooting of John T. Williams. SPD had been making great strides before 2020.

There was no reason for the Seattle Anarchists to start the riots of 2020, just like there was no reason for the riots in Portland.

As District13 succinctly puts it, your LARPing buddies Cosplaying the WTO Riots are simply assholes, no different from Ammon Bundy and his ilk.


@1 Yes, right-wing truckers who really want to get arrested can do so, if they make enough noise and block enough traffic and belch enough exhaust that enough people complain. But Charles's point rings true in that generally speaking, protesters who make no demands that seriously threaten the racial and/or economic status quo are not treated as presumed adversaries by the cops or courts.


@12 Do you understand the difference between a march and a riot? Seattle Anarchists don't March their default is Riot.


Poor put upon Charles


Some rich Idiots (SRI?) are discovering some loose cash in their waistcoats enough to hire a couple of online moron wranglers (OMW?) to get as many large gas guzzling vehicles on the interstates blasting their horns. There are no particular policy 'planks', they each think they're doing it for random reasons, but in short it's to "own the libs" and/or make it appear that a Democrat in the white-house is not doing something enough. "Our policy is chaos!" --Siegfreid (and that's spelled: KAOS!)


@6 -- and why
wouldn't you?

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