counterpoint: please, regularly throw your mask away and use a fresh mask.

also, stop buying the N95s that make you look like a duck.


Win the prize of giving the Space Needle free manual labor!


What gives you the clout to insult NYPD cops Jas?


what gives the Po-po
the 'right' to Murder
its Citizenry


Your reminder that Chihuly is the "Thomas Kinkade of stained glass", so don't bother with his exhibit. (Who's go a link to that article?)

Here is one example of Chihuly's civic-mindedness: In exchange for exclusive exhibit/retail at Seattle Center real estate, PROMISED (then reneged) he would provide a 3000 square foot studio for other glass blowers.


I will be wearing an n95 when I travel for the rest of my life because even absent covid the last thing i want when im on vacation is to be sick. If there is one upside to this pandemic it’s the realization that I can actually make it through cold & flu season without getting sick if I take a few simple precautions. It’s wild to think we were out here just needlessly infecting each other for no reason.


I never liked Bitch Media, or any other commercial product that put “bitch” in its name.


@1 There is no reason to be judgmental about the duck mask! It's easier to breathe in that one. I'm not always with Bernie but I'm with him this time.


@7 you're missing out on some good local biscuits and gravy.

The headlines weren't quite next to each other, but the fact that the baseball stadium is getting ~25% more funding for upgrading their diamond club than all the indigenous tribes are getting to deal with all of climate change says something about America that I don't quite have the poetic skill to express. But it's definitely there.


Once Frank James is located how do you propose taking him into custody without the NYPD.

Or do you think this angry and disturbed individual who just shot up a subway car will just willingly and peacefully check himself into jail?

Or maybe you don’t think he should be arrested at all?


Without the NYPD we wouldn’t have Law and Order reruns! Then what would we do?


It's pathetic that someone can shoot up an underground bunker with maybe a half-dozen exits to ground level and a police dept with an annual budget in excess of $10 billion still couldn't catch the guy, despite having cops at every station to curb the egregious crime of fare evasion. They were only able to track down the shooter after the fact because he dropped his credit card on the scene. If he hadn't been so sloppy he probably would have gotten away with it, yet this incident will be cited as an excuse to justify even more useless police officers trawling the streets of new york with seemingly no ability whatsoever to maintain public safety.


@12: Ok, you've established that you have found some end results of municipal workers performing their public safety tasks required by their job quite pathetic, given the expenditures and allocations made by publicly elected officials (in a very blue state, but that's beside the point), but is there anything else you want to add to that?


sure, thanks for acknowledging that a police dept with a budget that exceeds the military budget of most countries on earth cannot competently perform the most basic functions of their job, in the whiniest way possible


Also not sure how you think "blue state" helps you achieve whatever point you're trying to make here. It's like you can't conceive of politics outside the narrow scope of democratic vs republican when that is largely meaningless when it comes to municipal governance, particularly in a famously authoritarian city like new york, which is only "blue" in the nominal sense that they tolerate immigrants and gay people. The city that unleashed giuliani and bloomburg on the country is not the bastion of anti-authority progressivism you seem to think it is.


Yesterday NYPD said that the station had been patrolled twice earlier that morning but that no officers where present at the station when the shooting occurred.



Maybe it is just my having grown up in the 9/11 era and not Stonewall, but I don't think I could disrespect NYPD like that - yikes - a few bad apples everywhere; many if not most are heroes



Have you ever been to a subway station in Brooklyn? Hell have you ever been to a BART station in San Francisco?

Go to the Montgomery station at Rush hour. See if you can time yourself from the turnstile to the platform at a full run. Then do it again with a panicked mob running towards you and the platform filled with smoke.

Something tells me if we had a cop at each platform at all times you would complain about becoming a police state.


Ever been in a NYC subway station? Know how many of them there are? To assert that because a crime happened in the subway system proves the ineffectiveness of the NYPD is to demonstrate your ignorance?


@17 "spoil the barrel". Sorry, you didn't finish the quote and I had to help out!


@18 - exactly, blip need to keep an eye on duplicitous creep.


I’m just 1 guy with no special training but if i were part of a team with guns & radios who are presumably trained for this shit i would be hard pressed to be making excuses for myself if I botched this. Even the fucking cameras failed.

The entire premise of having a surveillance state with cameras everywhere and cops on every corner and in every subway station is that they are there to keep people safe, yet they can’t even catch a guy in an underground enclosure. If you were as concerned about public safety as you claim to be you wouldn’t be making excuses for the cops when they fail to protect it. It’s ok to admit it when they are bad at their job.


@22: Nobody's making excuses for the NYPD cops. There's nothing to be excused for in the first place. What went wrong, did go wrong. I can't think of another profession where Murphy's Law raises so much havoc, especially as evil rages.

We learn and go on.


“Pestering my car-havin' friends to let me inhale meatballs in their passenger seats as we speak.“

I like her art writing, but I will never ever let any of these car bashing trendy sheep into my car. Nope.
Especially if they want to eat/drop dead animals, stink up the place and create reeking take-out litter that they will just leave for me. So sick of the whining and the constant digs.

I did some freelance gardening for a pro who rode on his bike everywhere, constantly belittling the van I drove. Until the day he demanded I pick up and convey several large bags of mulch.
There’s always a personal exception when THEY need wheels to entertain, profit or not inconvenience themselves, yet they have the hubris to demand others do without all the time.

Buy me a livable electric van or STFU. It’s beginning to look like I may have to live in it later on, thanks to all the assholes that move here. If you are not from here, YOU ARE PART OF THE HOUSING CRISIS!! Colonizers come in all ages, origins and colors.
Can’t wait for Amazon to leave town. Fuckers shoved 70,000 people into a city without the infrastructure to house them. Bellevue is screwed.


Cops don't prevent or solve crime. They commit crime, enable crime, promote crime, and cover up crime, but they don't do anything to prevent or solve it. They collect paychecks and pensions and when they behave badly the taxpayers pay out the penalties.


24 sorry no, when you balk at even the mildest criticism of the police when no one requested your opinion you are indeed making excuses for the cops

25 & i get the impression that you are a doddering boomer with way too much time on your hands who would have been eaten alive if you hadn't been born in the most coddled generation to ever walk the earth, not that this matters for anything


Let me put it this way: in a densely populated city like new york, it is important for the public to feel they are safe to ride the subway or walk the streets. In fact the entire premise of ensuring that people always have a police officer within eyesight is that they feel free to move about safely. Which message do you think gives the public more confidence in the cops’ ability to carry out their mandate?

“We have a duty to protect public safety and in this instance we failed to meet that standard. We are doing everything we can to make sure this does not happen again.”


“Hey, we’re out here doing our best but you know how chaotic our subway stations can get”

I get that the second message makes you feel better about your priorities but it doesn’t exactly instill confidence in them. Your faith in the police state is much better served by admitting the error than insisting they couldn’t do better even if they tried.


@28: So by not joining in the insulting of the cops, one is excusing the cops? Ultimately, there is no such thing as excusing something for which I have no power over.

And, just like you and everyone else, I provide my opinion whether requested or not.


@27 ooohhh… you’re so edgy! You should put that on a tshirt!

Yeah, if there were no cops, crime wouldn’t go up at all, right? No criminal has ever been arrested by the cops. No crime ever solved. Yep, the Unabomber is still free. Ditto the Green River killer. Ted Bundy. Charles Manson. The DC freeway shooter. All just walking around free today. Sure thing, Cochise.

The far left is such a fucking joke. The far left and far right need to all move to an island where they can have their own little war.


T-Mobile Park. It still sounds so strange. They gotta stop selling naming rights to these places. I ain't ever going to get used to the Arena. It'll always be the Staples Center to me which itself was a purchased right, but at least it started off as the Staples Center from its opening. LA's Forum, in search of a revival, is now the Kia Forum, Sigh.

Guaranteed Rate Field, anyone? And there have been some real embarrassing re-namings in the past by fly-by-night dot coms that I won't list here. Oh..and Enron Field.

The people of San Francisco halted that shit by ballot proposition when the 49ers sold naming rights to Monster Cable, but the ban on naming rights was overturned right before Candlestick was demolished. And so it goes.

But isn't permanence sometimes a wonderful thing? Think Yankee Stadium.


I seem to recall that "Galaxy Gold" was closer to "International Orange," probably to keep aircraft from hitting it.


@28, " are a doddering boomer with way too much time on your hands who would have been eaten alive if you hadn't been born in the most coddled generation to ever walk the earth....."

I do write a lot. 12 step programs say writing is good therapy for recovering whatevers.

As to being eaten alive & coddled, I drove a tractor trailer delivering odd lot freight in the Chicago metro area for 20 years. Any time you want to swap stories about the street, let me know. (not to mention I get a good laugh out of the generation that has lived all their lives with the instant gratification of cell phones, computers, 2 car families & no military draft telling me I'm coddled. I was REQUIRED to take 2 yrs of Latin in High School.)

Finally, no one is saying that there should be no criticism of the police. But the police is an organization made up of people who are fallible. And they are an organization in a democratic nation trying to do a job in the cross hairs of justice vs freedom. And last, they are fallible humans trying to enforce laws which, by the nature of humanity, they themselves find hard to observe. Some police tend to become a bit psychotic from that internal, personal conflict.

But as we have seen by the mixed verdicts of the past several years, the justice system can readily sort out truly evil police officers, in spite of extortionists (IMHO) like the not so reverend Al Sharpton and the BLMers like MN Attorney General Keith Ellison, Police Chiefs Medaria Arradondo, Jeffrey B. Norman, Arthur L Jones, C. J. Davis, and 100 other black law enforcement officers who are in charge of law enforcement in their communities which BLMers & SLOG writers all tell us are systemically racist....even though they're managed by black people.

Who's zoomin' who?


"Bitch Media is no more."

Odd how Jas gets to use racist & sexist words in a hateful, name calling manner, but when I use them to point out what she does, my account & posts get deleted. What a thin skin she has. And how whipped SLOG management is.

It's such a good thing that people of color can't be racist or sexist.



Well they arrested Frank James.

Seems he got onto a train and set off the smoke grenade in the car, then started shooting, he then dropped the gun (and a bunch of other stuff) and ran across the platform to another train (ran along with hundreds of other people fleeing the scene). He then jumped on that train, which left the station.

How the heck anyone could have apprehended him at the scene unless the happened to be standing right next to him the whole time?

But thanks to police work (which you disdain) they were able to ID him, both through the belongings he left and surveillance footage. They arrested him without incident on a street corner.



Huh? When/where did Jas use racist & sexist words? Bitch is the legal name of the company that's ceasing operations. This is standard, run of the mill reporting that you're all worked up about.


Oh look, they caught the guy and they were well aware of who he was (but that didn't allow them to stop him from committing this crime or evading arrest now did it)?

James is known by local law enforcement, having had nine prior arrests in New York City and three in New Jersey, said NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig. He was able to purchase a handgun in 2011 in Ohio because he did not have any felony convictions, said Essig.

The only surprising thing about this story is that they brought him in alive.



Yea we have a problem with repeat offenders in Seattle too.

And like NYC we have judges who release them without bail. And we still have a County Prosecutor who undercharges or refuses to charge these prolific offenders.

What’s to be done?


@40: "but that didn't allow them to stop him from committing this crime or evading arrest now did it?"

There goes that darn probable cause and due process again, so annoying.

"The only surprising thing about this story is that they brought him in alive."

I know, and he's black to boot! So annoying when narratives get broken.


@42 it goes to the point that cops don't prevent crime. NYPD has a 5.5 BILLION dollar budget with nearly half a billion more paid out in overtime. The only thing they've done lately is remove all homeless people from the subway.



"The only thing they've done lately is remove all homeless people from the subway."

That sounds fantastic! Good job NYPD!


The story just gets better. The cops didn't find the guy. He called them and told them where he was.


Amazing. Seldom do terrorists turn themselves in.


"The cops didn't find the guy.
He called them and told
them where he was."

good thing
he called from
the doughnut shop




@39, except that when I use those words in the exact same quoting/legal/ or referential way, my account gets deleted. So if any use of those words, even abbreviations or truncations are racist on my part, how else can I view them (and even more so as she seems to, in a racist manner, reserve the use of those words for herself) on her part.

Seems to me that if black people get to determine what words white people get to use/not use, whites should at least get to say which end of the bus they (blacks) can sit in. (That last is sarcasm. A proper use of the bus reference. But I don't expect SLOG will leave the comment up for long.)


and yet, MC
your quote

"Bitch Media is no more."

is Still up.

try it again &
let's see how
long it takes 'em.

are they usually
pretty Quick to Cancel?

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