"What the fuck? The city will sweep a long-standing encampment in Ballard on Friday."

Is there a reason this SLOG post failed to note the recent fires at this encampment?


I sure hope they check the residents of that encampment for warrants. Those are without a doubt some of the sketchiest 'campers.", almost as bad as the giant chop chop and drug emporium that was constructed in the skate bowl of the Ballard Commons.

Too bad they gave them any notice, chances are the most wanted of the bunch will decamp before they get IDed.


"Like I can't even tell you what happened. Did the cop shoot this suicidial (sic) person or not? Please stop doing this shit."

Yes I wish crazy people would just stop acting crazy, but they usually refuse. Sounds like a crazy person was waving a gun around. My guess is officers arrived, asked the crazy person to put the gun down and stop acting crazy. Crazy person points gun at officers. Officers shoot.

Yes we all wish crazy people will just stop doing this shit but....


So the state board of health caved to the MAGATs. Fucking pussies.


The only thing to be pissed about for the Ballard sweep is that it took so long.

Slog also doesn’t post about the violence at the camps cause… well, The Stranger is the FoxNews of the far left.

Sweep away.


Model Citizens, everyone of them! Total outrage! Soon Free Range People will become extinct!


NYPD identifies a suspect based on items left at the scene, issues a city-wide "have you seen this man?" notice within hours, and offers a $50,000 reward. Syrian immigrant Zack Tahhan sees him, turns him in. Slog writer under strict orders to find the "copz suk" angle in literally any story involving cops says "See? We don't need cops, just Zacks!" And another pebble is added the mountain of dumb takes.

Anyway kudos to sharp-eyed good citizen Zack Tahhan and I hope he collects his reward $.


Sweep, Sweep, Sweep!! Keep on Sweepin!


They really need to sweep the “campers” from the Safeway/14th and 85th area in Ballard. Multiple fires there, they are set up right across from regular ol’ peoples homes.

These hysterical posts from bobble head are ridiculous. Nobody benefits from these drug/thief camps. Nobody.


Well said.


No COVID shots for kids in public schools is the right call. Forcing people do do something is the approach of last resort; the benefits of vaxxed kiddos do not outweigh the drawbacks. Do we really need more families divesting from our public school system? No, we do not.


I think you meant sweeps, sweeps, sweep-sweep-sweep-sweeps
It goes with the beat of the blurb.


@1: because that info would undermine the ideological narrative.


Thurston County sheriff deputies handcuffed a guy on a medical call and the guy died

It's being examined by an 'independent' agency, the Lewis County sheriff, who is the twin brother of the Thurston County sheriff.


Interesting that you leave out the fact that the cuffs were removed when he started having a medical condition and that EMS was on scene at the time and began treatment immediately.


Did I hide the link? The whole thing is complicated, you can focus on what you think is important about the heroic first responders who wouldn't treat the guy until the heroic second responders cuffed him and then they decided maybe the cuffs not needed and all this discussion and then the guy is dead but the boss's twin brother can investigate.



Were they, like, actual conflagrations, or were they in fact bullshit "illegal recreational fire" citations SPD has been handing out recently like so much Halloween candy (most of which are given to unhoused people trying to, you know, cook food in order to survive) to artificially bulk up that particular statistic and poke the adrenal glands of all the quivering NIMBY's who think every homeless camp is a raging inferno?


Oh cheesy Comte - they were explosions. But perhaps you couldn't hear them with the radical homeless dogma reverberating in your head.


re @17's retort to @16's retort to @15:
(and to borrow from @14's retort):
but that info would undermine
the ideological narrative.

@ least we're Promised
a Full and Fair Investigation

just like Kavanaughtius Maximus's
Senate Confirmation Hearings'
FBI "Investigation."

the far ''right'' don't Need
no stinkin' 'investigations'



I shop the two grocery stores in that area. The formerly few RVs on the adjacent streets have recently mushroomed into dozens with large piles of flammable garbage. There was an arson across the street from me a week ago. I spotted a guy using a crowbar to try to get into the building next door and 911 just belittled me for calling. WTF!!!
Sweep - my azz. It’s just a SHIFT. Same violent crazy fuckers from Ballard are here now.

Now when I go in the store I’m getting very aggressively panhandled, screamed at, and physically intimidated. This is practically overnight. I am now putting aerosols in my pocket.

I used to just grab a pack and walk there, but some days it’s obvious that I cannot run. No way now: I am going to drive. It’s ridiculous. Think about that you car-hating twerps. It’s a safe place.

It’s entirely past due time to put locked mental health facilities back in play and involuntarily commit these tragic and dangerous insane people for their own damn safety, as well as the community.
We had these institutions until Reagan closed them because repubicans couldn’t find a way to profit. People had a secure home, meals, safety and a purposeful job on site.

Check out The Cramps playing a show at one in ‘78!


it's Whack-a-Moley®
only with Real Live human
man beings. O! the humanity

& whilst it’s totally Fucked Up
having to go thru all that shit
the Symptoms are NOT
The Problem.

severely constipated*
Wealth IS.

or Concentrated
look how much Wealth
so FEW people have com-
pared to How so Many are Destitute


@4 dvs99 and @22 Princess Angeline #2 :+2. For the WIN! Well said and summarized. I'm just as outraged as you both are.

We need to abort all MAGA trash, starting with Vladimir Putin and its sock puppet, Orange Turd.


(only the 1st part
of my wee rant
was directed
to you PA2

& a very Minor
pedantic is-
sue to be


The FBI did investigate!
Brett likes beer!
The investigation ended!



Doesn't sound any worse than the yahoos in my neighborhood who blow off fireworks or immolate their Weber grills by pouring an entire quart of lighter fluid on them every July 4th or when the Huskies win the Apple Cup or the Seahawks win a divisional championship or because it's a Saturday in August or whatever.

Oh, right. I forgot. It's perfectly okay to blow shit up if you have a back yard or a driveway...


Brett confessed
FBI went soft
and "Kegger"
ius Maximus
promised Ret-
Ribution for Dems
for having the Temerity
to ask HIM a fucking QUESTION?!!

your Court's Stupid now
brett, amy, dread pirate
Roberts and 'specially
YOU 'Uncle' Thomas
& your Insurrection-
sit-promoting Wife

Recuse thyself sir
you no Longer
have Standing

& Before you and yours
abolish* the 13th Amd.
and they come For
You with chains



@27 COMTE: I know we don't live in the same community, but your neighborhood certainly sounds similar to mine. I really feel for local cats & dogs every July 4th and New Year's Eve. Despite illegal fireworks laws there are still people hellbent on being defiant. Then these same irresponsible idiots bitch, moan, and cry when their carelessness lands them in the ER, like it's the mayor's fault they got first degree burns from lighting M-80s with particularly short fuses, all liquored up. "But Doctor--we's just celebrating our Free Dumbs!"
And WTF is the latest attraction of engines of low axle, junked up (missing hubcaps, off color driver's and / or passenger doors, fenders, etc.), fast moving cars that loudly growl and pop? They should be a racetrack, not through town, barreling down residential streets, or on main highways.

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