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The mystery of a progressive challenger drawn out of Mark Mullet’s district.



Pedrersen's hostility to unions has long been an open secret, and I'd bet dollars to donuts he helped engineer this whole move to protect his anti-union buddy Mullet, despite his claims of deniability. Pedersen is known for his attention to detail, and his claim that (1) he didn't know where Anderson lived or (2) that she had been drawn out of her district beggar bellief, and ring as false as a fire bell. Walkinshaw is his cat's paw and will never rat him out.

Pedersen has coasted in the 43rd for years. It's time the district elected a more labor-friendly Senator, because he isn't it.


The only hope we have to stave off disaster in the 2022 elections is for Democrats to put as much distance between us and the Progressives as possible.

Progressives are loud, aggressive, and great at organizing riots but outside of their own echo chamber their positions just aren’t that popular on either a local or a national level.

So intentionally or not by keeping Progressive Anderson off the ballot the Democrats chance of maintaining control of the State Senate increases.

One fewer Progressive making the left look like anarchists is a good thing.


@3: Um, excuse you----REPUBLIKKKANS are loud, aggressive, and great at organizing riots, as well as rigging elections by redistricting and gerrymandering. Ever hear of the Proud Boys? Patriot Players? QAnon? How about the dangerously batshit crazy insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, disrupting what should have been a smooth transition of executive power in the White House after the fair and impartial election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Ring any bells, Sir Doofus?
What on Earth have you been drinking lately? I hope you're not driving or operating heavy machinery. Sleep it off, FFS!


@4 Puhlease, both sides gerrymander districts to stay in power. Take a look at what the Dems are doing in NY. Way worse than poor Ingrid.

Look, if she couldn't win back in 2020 when all the progressives where being swept into office on the back of more taxes and defunding the police there is no way she is going to win this year. As has been noted here a lot of progressives aren't even running for re-election. The SEIU bankrolled her to get the income tax passed. That happened anyway so its doubtful they would push as much money into her race regardless. Rich should let this go. No one in Issaquah gives a shit what The Stranger thinks.


@5: Who's got top bunk tonight, you or Elmer?


@5: I know it's hard for you, but please try to keep up, will you? Senate terms are four years, not two, so Mullet's seat isn't on the ballot until 2024. And SEIU is hardly the only union that helped bankroll Anderson's campaign.


There’s a difference between an insurrection and a riot.
Insurrections are more dangerous since they have an actual goal.

Near as I can tell all the PNW Anarchists want to accomplish is burning everything to the ground then grooving on the rubble.

Are the insurrectionists dangerous and unAmerican? Yes but that doesn’t excuse the Anarchists for the damage they caused during the summer of 2020.


@7 my bad. I assumed since Rich was talking about this it was the 22 election. Given it’s not I’m not sure why this even matters. Ingrid can run in her new district and I’m sure there is another union patsy out there the SEIU can drum up to challenge Mullet. As for the notion this is some gerrymandering conspiracy the evidence seems pretty weak.


So much angst, so little time. Of such things are Stranger columnists made.


So, here's the story thus far:

First, a failed Democratic candidate for office, sufficiently narcissistic and insufficiently knowledgeable about how politics really works, actually believed that a once-in-a-decade statewide redistricting battle royale was actually All About Her.

Second, Republicans, looking for someone else to blame for their own failures in said battle, seized on the Democrat's belief, and publicly repeated it, along with some "facts" they simply made up to support her claim (and their excuse).

Third, Rich Smith, being a modern political writer at the Stranger, is an absolute sucker for a narcissistic female candidate who doesn't really know how politics actually works, and thus always believes It's All About Her (cf. Sawant, Oliver). So he carries the Republicans' water for them, even though they're savvy enough to walk back their accusations the moment he questions them. He then badgers the Democrats who worked on the redistricting, but since they don't want to give credence to self-serving stories told by their political opponents, they don't answer. He takes this as an indication They Are Hiding Something, and runs off in pursuit of it.

When he finds nothing, absolutely nothing -- zero, zip, zilch, nada -- to support the failed Democrat's narcissistic claim (which, again, the Republicans are now using to excuse their own failures) he calls it a "mystery," and leaves open the possibility of Very Bad Things having happened here.

"Commissioner Sims could pick up the phone and call out Graves for lying or bullshitting, and Commissioner Walkinshaw could perhaps do the same, but neither has done so."

That's called "not taking the bait," and they're not going to justify the Republicans' utterly self-serving (and, as we now know, groundless) accusation by commenting on it. This is actually a sign they know what they are doing poltically, which is more than we can say for Anderson or the Stranger.

It would be great if the Stranger's political writers actually knew enough about politics to avoid carrying water for the Republicans, but there you have it.


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