Far into the future Charles we could eliminate high-speed chases once all vehicles are all equipped with GPS and police department have the money (courtesy of their city councils) and the personnel (courtesy of their city councils) to implement it.

Bars are intended for talking to strangers (assuming you weren't being sarcastic).

I trust you realize that disparaging NATO adds you to the chorus of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. It really has nothing to do with capitalism, and our survival is no longer about the preferred economic system but rather autocracy vs. democracy.


I've got to agree with Charles on this one. A high speed chase for a property crime is just not worth it. An armed felon, actively being armed and felonious? Yea I can see that. Car theft? Nope not worth it.

I know Denver is one of many jurisdictions that eliminated them long ago. I'm actually kind of surprised Seattle still allows them.

Perhaps it's a sign of how understaffed SPD is that they can't get the manpower (and air cover) to surveil the vehicle so you can apprehend later.


it's Always Unfucking-
Attainable to you dewey
merely Aspirational as it were

well it’s Curious as Fuck Chas:

did the Po-po usta catch alotta car thieves? by fucking Chasing them? whose Brilliant idea was that? & what was the final Body Count? was it deemed ‘Acceptable’?

oh and how much $
did the ma$$ive $ETTLE-
MENT$ eventually* come to?

Or: they Could put fucking locators* on ‘em drive the Dang speed limit -- just bust in with the damn tank, break out the WMDs -- not till When They Get There – and not one Happy Motorist gets Hurt.

After that – well, prolly
bidness as Usual -- they
are there after all to Pro-
tect & Serve the Citizenry
as y'all well know too well

it even Says So right
on the damn Prowler!

*how could Ins. Corps NOT afford to do this? When reported stolen, someone turns on the Beacon from afar – perhaps there’s a decoy or two in there to throw off the typical tS reader &/or their compatriots but Yesterday's fucking Tech bro couldda told ya all this.


Oh and Charles, NATO was not dismantled in 1991 because then the European countries would have needed to cut some of their social spending and divert it to defense instead of sitting under the American Nuclear Umbrella.

NATO expanded because it made sense to allow countries like Poland and the Czech Republic to spend what little resources they had rebuilding themselves rather than boosting their military. They had just spent a half century with a crumbling Communist economy and needed to use what little they had just to feed people and rebuild an economy.


"The impact of war is self-evident, since economically it is exactly the same as if the nation were to drop a part of its capital into the ocean." --@Chas

truly. Dumptrucks FULL of Ca$h*
Daily Spent to appease the War
Mongers & keep the Planet
'Safe' for Capitalism or is
it 'democracy' or is it just
simply War Profiteering?

and the Impact of WMDs manu-
facturers is even Greater.

*it's YOUR Money you
don't Mind do you?


pulls Out of
all Prez Debates'?

the party of NO!
just says 'no.' surprised?

oh and

Glo don’t Glow may-
be some Evening
pix may be
in order


damn -- Hard to get a word
in edgewise here but I'll
give it another go:

speaking of
being Probed:

“New York Attorney General Letitia James* launched a probe Thursday into whether oil companies are engaging in price gouging,”

well of COURSE
they Are. Cuz they
CAN. Windfall Profiteerings
Tax: PASS IT & reinvest it All in Daycare
so Parents can fucking AFFORD to go to Work

*you don’t Fuck
with Letigia


As if anyone actually wants to talk to Chuck at a bar.

Hey, Charles, if you’re that worried about Covid, why are you going to a fucking bar where you have to be unmasked to have a drink? Dumbass.


I have to agree with Our Dear Scottie. Bars are social places. If you are concerned for your health - which is legitimate - don't go to bars. If you choose to go to a bar, don't be a douche.

And it's not an "American" thing to want to interact with other people. It's a human thing.


Drinking alone, in dead silence, FTW


So Charles wants to replace high-speed car chases by giving the Cops a ‘kill switch’ to every car. I wonder if he’s discussed this with the ACLU?


People stealing cars are often armed, joy-riding at high rates of speeds, and generally give zero fucks.
I think you are more worried about the protection of their lives than they are, Charles.
Anyway...if you don't want your car missing, stripped, ditched, and burned, or your bike missing for that matter, put a GPS tracker on it.
Sure, it may be stolen but at least you can track it down and also the piece of shit who stole it. Do you call the cops, or dish-out some street justice? Up to you, but the stranger says cops are worthless so the stranger says dish ya out some street justice with a tire iron.


No cars = No car theft!
Problem solved!


Typical stupid rant from Charles. "Russian warship with big guns and all"? Really? Trivializing the destruction of Ukraine and the loss of thousands of lives. Nice Charles.


if they Hate it
they will Come

and cum again


@9 No wonder Seattle is full of socially awkward, lonely people! I'd be that way too if I encountered people like Charles - signaling one thing by being present in a social place (please notice and talk to me) but rebuffing all comers (don't talk to me).


some peeps just
don't wanna be


NATO wasn't dismantled because Russia still had/has nuclear weapons, and they're a paranoid nationalist Petro-Kakistocracy.

I'm glad NATO wasn't dismantled. I bet all the Eastern Bloc nations are too. They all ran to it as soon as they could. It has allowed them to escape Russia's sphere of influence.


"Shut your trap, and drink your drink." Mudede the Dictator, so tough... fomenting an increase in the already sharply escalating mental derangement of our nation.

How do strangers not become strangers? By talking to each other.

But no, just shut up. Bottle it up. Be american. Go buy a gun instead and visit public transportation??

Oh right, but covid.


@1 you remain a total fucking moron. Bars are places for people to go drink, especially to drink drinks harder to come by at home (draft beer, fancy cocktails) and catch a vibe to their liking.

Some people may have a need to talk to strangers in bars but some people may not.

Your always off target ytsplaining is painful to watch.

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