reduce 12th north of 65th to 1 lane? another ridiculous suggestion. it's a major bus route.

here's a rational thing "roosevelt station" could ask for: eliminate the 1-way arterial pairing of Roosevelt and 12th and turn them both in to 2-way streets.

or just leave it alone, because it's fine the way it is.


That self-centered barista didn't have the courtesy, much less interest in security, to stick around to help close up shop abandoning her co-worker? She deserved to be fired.

Yeah, unfortunately you gotta have unions when dealing with self-centered twits with crappy attitudes.


@4, did you miss the part about that one time she worked through a burst appendix? I’m not surprised; you miss a lot of things.


Before / After - SDOT defintely has it's issues, but if an intersection (4-Way Stop) has a functioning traffic blinker (which this one clearly does), fixing the antiquated stop sign is not going to be a high priority item (aka backlog).

Of all the sloggers, Matt is absolutely the most infuriating. I swear, you make me feel like a MAGA after reading your myopic take on the world.


@5.1 - Point well taken. I didn't miss it though.


Lol, Dumbledore has always been straight.


“A cop in Grand Rapids executed a Black man during a traffic stop. Details are still a little sketchy — in part because the cop's body camera was mysterious[ly] deactivated…”

those damn sentient cop-corders
Konveniently Kontrolled by the
Po-po Unions are they?

how ya gonna
Slave patrol
if they’re

@7 -- how is it Possible
to be even More clueless
than you Actually appear?


@6: I get the distinct impression that progressive commenters on this blog share your sentiment on Matt's myopic take on the world. Still catnip to the fringe, like ^.


I think Matt's great. I like all of the Stranger writers. The real mystery is why the comment threads of The Stranger are crawling with boogie tote-bagger Babbits bent on irritating themselvse. Doesn't the Seattle Times have some kind of news blog where everyone can sympathize with Starbucks executives, heap scorn on the homeless and congratulate each other on their probity?


speaking of catty
and little nips

. . . [multi Multi BILLIONAIRE* Musk’s] cave rescue pods, his hyperloop, his fully self-driving cars, his dancing robots, his brain implants, his space billboards, his frozen yogurt stands, and his natural hairline.” ... and not to Mention rocketing Convertibles into Outer Space

well when ya Got it…

ladies, gents
Everyone actually:
Introducing Thee Richest Man
On Earth. how’d he get so Rich
you’re prolly wondering, dreamily

Golden bootstraps!*

apparently one
size Don't
fit all

*just like trumpf


@14 Agreed, but now I really want to see the medals they award for gay valor!


Cars bad! Cars no am good.


It's been pointed out elsewhere that Musk could have saved himself $200 million by offering a flat $54/share for Twitter, but he just had to get a cannabis joke into a SEC filing.


@13 -- pay wall.
they're too cheap to
join their fabulously-well
-to-do rich Brethren & the blethens

& as Important as shedding
bile and vitriol are it's
prolly a Good Thing
they don't take it
out elsewhere
like on The


clams can definitely work on pizza with enough garlic and arugula - not so sure about oysters..


what the fuck is up with
this kristo dude
always the



I'd rather go with smoked salmon...


@4 she probably should have just been written up assuming she had no other disciplinary issues. Termination does seem harsh however it's a good lesson for her to learn early in life. There are risks associated with fighting for change and you should be prepared and have a back up plan especially in an at will state like Michigan where an employer doesn't need a reason to fire you.

@14 "by a woman who went on to become one of the most toxic anti-lgbt bigots of her time".... Little melodramatic don't you think?


@22 -- I Like
your Style!

now get to Work
on Content & I'll
maybe have a
little Compet-


Starbucks is really going all in on making sure they become more hated than Amazon. You can't fire someone from leaving at the end of their shift. That's not a fireable offense. Would she have been paid overtime if she stayed or would she have had to stay just to make sure her fellow employee wasn't alone? Is that a rule that's in their employee handbook or is it a rule they made up (sounds like they made it up). Hopefully there are some lawyers willing to take on these assholes and make sure that they have to pay.

As it is more stores than ever are unionizing and the ball keeps rolling (much faster than Amazon warehouses). Even if Starbucks ultimately wins against unionization, it will have forever ensured people who pay attention to these things never drink their coffee again. I've lived in places where Starbucks was the only viable option for a cup of coffee. I'll never be in that position again, thankfully, but I won't buy anything Starbucks ever again (and gift cards to others who liked Starbucks was something I did do).


"....if there were a Seattle-style pizza, what would it be?"
Wet, cold, noodle crust, sashimi toppings, available 'both ways', covered by a homeless tent or decrepit motor home, and tastier than anywhere else in the world.

Running from/fighting with police = death wish.

"failed to stop the shooter because they were busy bothering turnstile-jumpers"
Thanks, Matt!! Hey everyone, Matt says he has so much spare change in his couch he's going to reimburse NYC for every dime they've lost due to turnstile-jumpers. Also, anyone who doesn't pay their income taxes. Also, any taxes lost when Trump says his buildings are worth $0.05.

"....but they took an hour to arrive so he wandered away;...."
Sorry, it wasn't up to your standards, Matt. Did you ever think they wanted him to wander away so he wouldn't shoot up the MickeyD's when they came for him?

@5, He also missed the fact that hourly workers have no duty to worry about security or closing up after the end of their shift. Esp if management obviously doesn't care.


@15 kristofarian: Orange Turd's size is 666XL Goodyear Blimp. With that much toxic waste, raw sewage, and filthy, putrid hot air, the Orange Turd and its Bog (Russian idea of God), Vladimir Putin should be fired one way into outer space with Jeff Bezos and its grossly overpriced dildo. And good riddance.

@25 blip: That's really disappointing news about J.K. Rowling, especially after all her billions in $$$$$$$$ from Harry Potter. Good thing I don't go to movie theaters much anymore, either.

@27 xina: Reminder to myself to also stop buying Starbuck's gift cards. I have actually given up coffee (it has become too acidic for my system) for unsweetened black tea. What really sickens me to permanently boycotting Starbuck's altogether is that the barista worked through a BURST APPENDIX to fill her shift and was still expected to stay late?!?
And don't get me started on boycotting Amazon. I need what money I still have more than Jeff Bezos ever will.

@30 PrincessAngeline #2: Agreed. People shouldn't be moving to Bellingham any time soon, either. The lot's full in Whatcom County, too. The opportunistic house flippers from King County and elsewhere, as well as street campers aren't doing anyone any favors.


@22: Spider alert!!


@4: Hey Elmer, get help! Lessee.....currently your MAGA-fixated brain's been reduced to senseless gray mush, your keyboard jammed, you're stuck inside your motorized wheelchair that is about to collapse under your bulk, and you can't get up!
By the way, KVI Radio, Sinclair Broadcasting, and FOX TeeVee are known to cause cancer.

@5 schmacky (re @4): Elmer's famous for missing a lot of important details when trolling and is stupidly proud of it.


@13 The only people with time to rant all day are the chronically unemployed, disaffected and emotionally disturbed.

I highly encourage long time Stranger readers such as yourself to write The Stranger and urge them to simply either delete comments entirely or delete all present user accounts and force them to start over. As it is it is a garbage fire of ignorance.


I haven't heard anything about JK Rowling going beyond bathroom policing transphobia; I had given her the benefit of the doubt that she could move past that but she's made it clear she won't.


Seattle is unaffordable because too many highly compensated people live here.


@37 so IOW the modern mighty market economy is a cruel trap that no matter how hard wage slaves work rentiers and investment banks simply capture more and more of your income.

However, the phenomena that rising income drives gentrification is only partially true. And it doesn't happen in vacuum of market purity. Because this same thing is happening in markets where incomes have stagnated or even fallen in some cases.

Seattle is in the unfortunate sweet-spot of constrained geography, desirable climate, abysmal urban planning, NIMBYism all combined the same twisted out of control global investment schemes/lack of regulation plaguing real estate in every major city on earth.


@35: I agree! Getting rid of that horrible "Professor Internet Smart-Guy" (or whatever) character was a good start, but really the only way to bring the quality of opinions in this blog up to an acceptable standard is to prevent anybody from expressing opinions of any kind.


@34: You overlooked @7, but you wanted to have some fun. You two-dimensional, childish, rattled loveless old grizzled dingbat!



up Early
doin' your
Daily Projections
cum Morning Dump?


@40: Elmer down in the dumps? When flushing, try not to fall in.

@41 kristofarian: I don't find Elmer's early a.m. rant surprising. Everything he spews is mind-numbing crap.


Elon Musk could blow $100 billion on Twitter and I still won't subscribe--ever.


Twitter is free auntie, such a cheapskate.


@44: Um...if Twitter is free than how am I a cheapskate, Elmer? I just have no interest in Twitter, that's all. The Orange Turd wasted infinitely more time trolling on Twitter than ever actually serving as a U.S. President--when it wasn't golfing or flying Air Force One to Walter Reed for its COVID vaccine. Didja notice how Orange Turd got booed after getting his boosters?


@45: Meanwhile, the Orange Turd has the blood of over 1 million people on its hands.


But you do click Twitter links embedded in Slog articles I assume.


@47: Nope. You guessed wrong as usual, Elmer.
0 for 3,982 in senseless trolling rants are you (but hey, who's counting)? Maybe you ought to give it up. Did the EMTs remain straight-faced while working to pry your butt-trapped widdle thumb from its cavernous hellhole? Did the scene in the ER go viral for the $10,000.00 prize on America's Funniest Home Videos? MAN, you are a sucker for punishment! You DO realize that Vladimir Putin and its sock puppet, Orange Turd ad nauseum are all dangerously batshit crazy, and hysterically laughing at you, don't you?
I swear, Elmer, you're more pathetic than Jim Carrey's disastrously incompetent Fire Marshall Bill. I can just see you now, after the nuclear holocaust that a mentally deranged Vladimir Putin will hail as a global victory for Russia when the Earth is a dead, char-blackened, hollowed out shell, and you're soot-covered and stumbling through the toxic waste and debris:

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