News Apr 15, 2022 at 11:18 am

With Stephan Thomas dropping out, the remaining candidates express varying levels of comfort when it comes to cozying up with the cops.



If the progressive lane in this race is so wide open, why is the only progressive in the race dropping out?


Maybe TS favorite NKT can join the race so they can f this one up as well and ensure Ferrell gets elected and we have a city and county prosecutor who will actually do their jobs.

Seriously though, there is no path to victory for any type of anti-police, no bail, light on crime DA in the county race this year. The only way you win at county is by getting 60% or more in Seattle and breaking even in the rest of the county. Given the results just last Nov there is no way a progressive DA candidate is pulling 60% of the Seattle vote and they are going to get killed in the rest of the county who want no part of the bullshit Seattle has been dealing with lately. The best bet here is you keep your milquetoast prosecutor from Satterberg's office that will say the right things and try to walk a fine line. Even then I think is a pretty close race and I can easily see Farrell pulling it out.


What @3 said. Given that Seattle, yes Seattle, elected Davidson should be all you need to know about a true progressive’s chance in King County for this race.


Leesa Manion is my choice no matter who else runs. She understands that prison destroys people and should not be the first resort but has the centrist bona fides to be electable, and in a political climate where even Seattle(!) elected a Trump-adjacent city attorney I'm afraid anyone who runs to Manion's left probably isn't. I implore the Stranger not to screw this up by endorsing some obscenity-spewing firebrand who'll end up facing Ferrell and losing.

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