Everyone is talking about weaning ourselves off oil and natural gas. What Biden is doing, leasing lands for oil production goes against that in every way. F^@k that.


when the WMD makers
gotchyur Planet by the Balls
'Peace' is a Hippie's Pipedream

and the Global War
on our Biosphere
Rages Onward


"Free speech absolutism" -- you mean like, even people who might say bad or wrong things are allowed to speak? In other words, free speech?


Free speech, my ass. We don't want no fuckin' socialists trying trying to change OUR country. Shut that shit down.


Frankly, it would be good to have Trump back on Twitter again. Sunlight is the best disinfectant and Donald is no exception.


@5 why are you so wrong on everything? We already know everything we need to know about the guy. He is a traitor to our country and tried to overthrow the government. A person like that should not be given a public voice.


Yeah, like what progressive Democrat is running and will beat Trump?




in 'our' two-party system
we don't Get no Progressives
they wanna Keep the New Deal
and the Corporatists do NOT. so no.

which is what the Fuck
happens when one's USSC
re-writes History and Corps are
Citizens and 'Free Speech' is pretty
much Unobtainable to all but the Few

and 'our' Law Makers are all
about Dialing for Dollar$
as in Corporate. Blame
Clinton's Triangulation
and a now-Defunct
"Supreme Court."


Mulinational Billionaire coffee barron:

“We are going to fix the
near-term problems… “

well wouldja lookit That!
Headway, already!

“… like maintenance people
not showing up on time …”

fire their Asses
Schultzy! Don’t
Put Up with it!

“… and we’re going to fix
the bigger issues of training… ‘

well what the Fuck you
been Waitin’ for?

“… [we’re gonna fix] wages… “

and what kinda wage ratio do You think’d be Best Howie? 100-1 CEO-compenastion when compared to your fellow-Stakeholders/frontline/Danger Zone workers – for every greenback your CEO rakes in the employees make one penny? Or do you think that ratio is too Low? perhaps a half-penny might do?

“… and the other issues
facing the company… “

good. see To it.

oh and put some of ‘em
they're Stake-
Holders Too!

in Other news: freelance at large Journalist/future trumpf White Hose Chief of Staff “[Casey what’s’is-name]’s been doing a good job covering the city's effort to solve homelessness by tossing tents into the garbage.”

Only a Genius couldda
Solved Homelessness
so dang Easypeasily.

Oh and wot’s This:

[schweeping the homeless]…
“… despite there not being
enough housing or shelter
space available in Seattle.”

this guy a Commie or what?
Comrade ! Welcome !
this guy is Good –
please can we
keep ’im?


Why are there dozens of mentions of the new H-Mart on slog?

I get the convenience factor -- you no longer have to leave capitol hill. But you act like these items have never been available anywhere in Seattle before. Has Matt been in the other H-Mart's in Seattle?


stranger loves them some grocery capitalism.
hey, is h-mart union?


If capitalism is so bad, why are all these stranger content providers so excited about a for profit business opening on capitol hill? You can't eat your cake and have it to.


Free speech absolutism is the bizarre belief that internet platforms must allow all manner of bigotry & abuse to go unchecked. Twitter would devolve into a 4chan-like cesspool within seconds if they revoked their terms or service & users would abandon it en masse for a platform that moderates its content.


@11 H Mart only offers health insurance to full time employees, making it extra confusing TS is so excited about this store opening. Won't anyone think of the poor, PT H-Mart workers?


Free speech absolutism is really about the government having the power to forbid "all manner of bigotry & abuse." Giving governments that kind of power hasn't gone so well for us in the past. Of course, Twitter is a private company and its owners can restrict any kind of speech that they choose. Including yours or mine.


No, that is the textbook definition of censorship. Elon musk has a very specific & bizarre “absolutist” belief about free speech that views private corporations like twitter as “the de facto public town square”, giving them the mandate to allow everyone to say whatever they want without consequence.


@ 11, 12,

I'm gonna venture out on a limb here and opine that Stranger writers are happy about a for-profit grocery that sells delicious food opening in the neighborhood because they're humans living in a capitalist society who need to eat food to survive and it's a bonus when that food also tastes good. I've no doubt they'd also champion a unionized and non-profit/co-op version of such a store, probably even mores than they're doing this one.

You idiots demanding ideological purity of anyone voicing an opinion on something are so freaking tiresome.


@3 what is it you want to say that you feel you cannot? Go on. Spit it out.


12 the stranger’s staff have to eat to live, whereas you keep clicking on a website you hate when you could fuck off forever and get along just fine


if they Hate it
they will come
and cum again


@16 Yes, I read a bit about Musk after he made his offer. If he buys Twitter, I guess that he can run it any way that he wants. And you'd be free to patronize a different site if you choose. (I'm not on Twitter.) Sounds like the board at Twitter will fight the sale so we will see how that goes.


giving billionaires and oilgarchs
and Putins UN-Limited power
corrupts the Fuck outta Plan-
et Earth and its Inhabitants
will suffer till WE change
our minds on doing so.

Outnumbering them by
nearly a Billion-to-one
seems like it Might
give the rest of Us
some Leverage?


Optimal solution for the celebration of diversity of thought and its discourse:

Musk takes over Twitter.
Section 230 is revoked so all platforms can be sued for libel.


@12 further issues with the new H-Mart lite. Not only is it (gasp) non union apparently the Twitter warriors are already sending out alarms they have a heavy security presence. Not very service oriented for our unhoused neighbors.


Attention legitimately ELECTED President Joe Biden---N-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O on drilling on public lands!! Has Moscow Mitch McConnell been breathing on you lately? Does the gluttonous fossil fuel industry have a gun pointed at your head? WTF?

@5: Riiiiiighht, YOU have a better plan on how to govern the Deeply Divided States than Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party combined.
Oh, listen---crickets!

@6 Brent Gumbo and @8 & @9 kristofarian: BINGO.

@22 kristofarian: We, the People can only hope.


@17, @19 The fact that you rationalize their hypocrisy makes you an ignorant douche bag. There, I went and said what everyone was already thinking. Sorry.


@5: I can just picture your system override, Elmer:

@6 Brent Gumbo: Elmer can't help himself. He's so MAGA-blindsided from running in slow motion for so long he's frozen in place.

@7: Who's got top bunk, tonight, jackoff, you or Elmer?

My comment @25 was meant for @7, not @5. They're too much alike.



You know, I actually went ahead and did a search for the phrase "making the case for ideological purity tests," just to see if anyone, anywhere, ever did so. And they don't. Noone outside of dumbass slog trolls do so. In fact, one of the first returned hits was arguing adamantly against such tests from the damn libertarian Cato Institute.

You're a fucking idiot. This was of course made plainly evident when you suggested that pro-life women shouldn't advocate other people get covid vaccines, because you apparently don't understand there's a difference between a woman choosing to have an elective procedure for her own personal benefit and the ramifications of a deadly vaccine that had crippled our nations healthcare system and infected/killed millions of innocent people worldwide.

You're a fucking idiot.


@26 you saf
don't speak
for me


Gah, @28 should've read to note that tempur has suggested that pro-CHOICE, rather than pro-life women, shouldn't push for other people to get covid vaccinations.


Biden just announced more drilling for oil. And, his ware in Ukraine to boost his ratings is horrific. Plus, he doesn't even want to sniff Sawant's hair--but she's an old rag, so I don't blame him.


@28: It's not ideological purity, but having a bit of comic relief from the incessant capitalism bashing so popular these days among pouty lefties. The idiom "because you know, capitalism" is ubiquitous. So it's incongruous when progressives who live and participate in the economic system they profess to hate, yet enjoy gorging themselves in food, booze, entertainment and celebrating their purchases, but always at the same time hating the system they must use. They get so flustered when you point that out. It's like they disapprove of breathing, but can't help themselves.

@30: You've been ruminating over that play on words all this time?

@19: We all have to eat to live and none of us hate Slog as we enjoy correcting staffer errors and enlightening our fellow readers.

Happy Easter. May our Savior's grace make us better listeners in our daily discourse.


hey dewdrop

Hating Unfucking-Bridled
Capitalism is NOT any-
thing like "Hating

have Billionaires with UN- or
Barely-limited Power and
"our" Lawmakers totally
up forSale is a Fuck-
ing (BAD) Choice

which's Bound to hand to us
ONE Trillionaire and all the
Rest of Us begging for
table scraps. see all
those peeps on our
Streets? they're
one of the First

now get it

oh and Happy


Oh goodie. Define "unbridled", if you dare. And please write it in readable prose, otherwise your tapestry of babble will be disregarded, again.


Nice out though krissy, tossing in a little nuance. Charles doesn't even modify "capitalism" - he's not two-faced.


speaking of Easter, why does our stupid current form of UN-bridled Capitalism Refuse to Recognize the Existence of Mother Nature; treating Her as though she were a bottomeless Pit of Profiteering cum Toxic Waste Dump is gonna be the Death of us All.

that what You want?

also gonna Pass on
your Demand for definitions cuz
with you it's in one eye and right out the other

see: "please write it in readable prose,
otherwise your tapestry of babble
will be disregarded, again."

I don't Write for You
I write for me.


26 there is no hypocrisy in existing in society on the terms we are given bc we don’t have any other choice. Besides, things like a living minimum wage or nationalized health care are not incompatible with having cool grocery stores in your neighborhood. In fact most of the western world has all of these things.


@36: Indeed, you write to communicate with yourself.


living in thee Richest Country in
the History of the Known Universe
one might Expect that we, too might
have Nice Things. thanks to the dew-
drops* of this Planet we. are. Exceptional.

& it SUX.

*no not Solely
but Souly


in one eye
and Right Out the other


32 I wasn’t talking to you but the person i was addressing was neither correcting errors nor enlightening readers, they just made up a guy to get mad at


@41: I knew that - I was having fun with the 'whereas'. I don't get the disparaging of tempur_tempur, he's just a peanut in the gallery like all of us.

I'm sorry @39, you don't have nice things? Don't despair, you can find things at thrift stores and estate sales to take them home make them nice. In addition, you obviously have a nice computer or nice phone.


"[dewey's] sorry [Planet,] you
don't have nice things?"

I'm sorry
WE don't have
nice things. you ap-
pear to have no Imagination
but the Status Quo don't gotta Be so.

[how on Earth are you
able to peruse my drivel in
Spite of all the whatever? spite?]

{fun stuff!}

for the break!



The nut gallery's accusations of "hypocrisy" for writers having the gall to avail themselves of goods & services within a system that they're also critical of is just so tired and indicative of lacking any capacity for critical thought or examination. And that goofball's been at this for years now sadly.

And it's not light-hearted comic relief as you suggest, as we see these same ignorant arguments levied by powerful politicians and pundits on a regular basis. It's sad and stupid, and those making such accusations are sad and stupid people. And this was just a glaring example of that sad stupidity for me.

Or perhaps it truly is self-aware comic relief that I should try my amateur hand at?

Hey, Stranger staffers are critical of our political system, but also advocate voting in that same system!

My bad and you're correct, I'm the second coming of damn Gilbert Gottfried!

Alright, I'm taking the dog out for a mountain bike ride. Enjoy your sunny Sunday afternoon everyone and Happy Zombie Savior Day!


43, edited:
"[dewey's] sorry [Planet], you
don't have nice things?"

I'm sorry
WE don't have
nice things . you ap-
pear to have no Imagination
but the Status Quo don't gotta Be so.


@45: Your edit is the omission of text that wasn't copied? Sorry, your cyber-rot lives in perpetuity.


@32, @34, @35, @38, @42 and @46: Still dumping, Elmer? WOW---you are really full of shit today. MAGA-induced idiotology really has you in a tailspin. Try not to fall in when you flush.


"Hey, Stranger staffers
are critical of our political system,
but also advocate voting in that same system!"

they got
aLotta gall
tS's staffers

as Everyone KNOWS
if you Criticize it
you can NOT
Utilize it!

or LEAVE it!

it's in the damn

now That's
TOO funny


@44: Calling out the Stranger's writers for their bald hypocrisy is actually one of the redeeming features of these comment threads. We all know the Stranger's writers would bitterly and hatefully excoriate anyone else who dared praise any entity which did not pass the Stranger's myriad tests for ideological purity, but hey, it's a-ok for them to revert to their hipster selves when they find a bright, shiny object they happen to like.

"Hey, Stranger staffers are critical of our political system, but also advocate voting in that same system!"

Actually, it is quite easy to find recent examples of writers at the Stranger criticizing the very idea of voting in elections. Here, I'll even get you started:

"What we DO know is that we're all very tired of elections." (


Am I the only one that completely skips krapifarians prosey shit and MaGa cApitaliZaTIONs?


I didn't know there were so many advocates of yelling fire in a crowded theater or bomb on an airplane among us.

Eliminating terms of service to allow the justice system to take over is asinine. Civil lawsuits generally take several years of litigation and trial, at great expense to those who file them, and several loopholes like strategic bankruptcy allow large companies to simply stay cases or deflect justice by hiring suits to take the fall and bean counters to move assets around, mitigating and preventing any meaningful consequence to those who can pay to win.

You want to award the worst propagandists and international espionage troll farms with their wildest dreams come true. Anyone advocating for this is advocating for the end of the Fourth Estate and propping up unvetted trash to the level of rigidly peer-reviewed journalism, where the only truth is that which can be paid for to advantage those who write it. If you want to weaponize the mass media, this is the way to do it. You aren't making speech free, you're just giving the most speech to the fewest by disenfranchising the rest of us.


@Garbby -- see: American Commissars

Social media platforms are aggressively censoring all who challenge the dominant narrative on Ukraine, the ruling Democratic Party, the wars in the Middle East and the corporate state.

@50 -- you have Agency!

well done.


49 you read a whole ass article about the results of a single recall that was deliberately scheduled outside of the standard election cycle to handicap the incumbent, in a paper that exhaustively covers every election, interviews every candidate, and issues endorsements, and you have concluded that sentence is telling people not to vote? I will be generous and assume you are pretending to be an idiot bc you think you’re being clever.


@49 You know it's perfectly acceptable to say you were having a bad day and maybe got something wrong than to further humiliate yourself with... with... what ever that was.


@53: Your faithful repetition of the official party line is as pointless as it is obedient, because the Stranger had made it very clear they regarded the recall election as per se illegitimate, no matter when it was held: "In brief, after Sawant won her third term in 2019, her attempts to join in solidarity with the movement for Black lives in the summer of 2020 gave her longtime political enemies yet another opportunity to kick her out of office." (

Advocating that an election should go one way or the other is the essence of discourse in a democracy. Advocating that an election is itself illegitimate strikes at the very heart of democracy. Do try to understand the difference, 'k?

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