«Higher-than-usual death toll in Easter shootings this year.»

Easter is borrowed from the pagan festival Beltane, which called for human sacrifices to the Earth Gods. So humans are right on track this year.


@1, user ID checks out.


Sort of a different subject but is "SLOG" an acronym and if so, what does it mean?


I took the NYC subway yesterday for about 15 stops. Not a single cop at any station.


I like the Wallingford idea.


I thought Jewish bagels were the best.


I have baked bagels professionally and privately, and I have no idea how to make a gay bagel.


Stranger [B]


well, since i've said that pike place is fine the way it is, i'll admit i didn't see a vehicular homicide on easter sunday coming.

i'd like to learn the particulars of how it happened.


oh, she wasn't killed. thank the risen christ.


«It's a funny thing, but when I was mayor the Seattle Times was sure that crime was the mayor's fault.
Violent crime is up 61% since 2013. Now the Seattle Times blames the city council, not the mayors they endorsed. ~ Mike McGinn»

Seattle Times is the PNW installment of FOX news.
Recall also they also publicly campaigned right-wing candidates for free (McKenna, who lost), which trashed any journalistic reputation they had.
Just a mouth-breather rag for the East Side elite.


@3: Stranger Blog.


@10- Last I checked Harrell as not been Mayor since 2013. Is he responsible for a trend which started before he took office?


"Affordable housing, managed by a public entity, where nobody pays more than 30% of their income in rent?"

This initiative would create a new public entity to build market-rate housing for persons making $97,000 annually. There is no funding mechanism.


@3 @11 Which is short for Stranger Web Log, which is short for Stranger World Wide Web Internet Thingie Log.

@10 The ST isn't quite Fox News. They're liberal on things that don't cost them any money, like LGBTQ and abortion rights. Otherwise the analogy is pretty close to the mark.


@13: They probably have in mind a property tax levy, just afraid to say it.


The cars at Pike Place are ridiculous, yeah I know, people with limited mobility may need to be dropped off, but it’s mostly goober tourists. Nobody in their right mind would drive down that street….

I’d say the ST is slightly conservative for here, not even a little bit like Fox News though. Just a wee bit of an exaggeration.


The idea that any elected official is responsible for crime is one of the most nonsensical beliefs in american politics that gets repeated as a sacred truth, right behind the president & gas prices. It makes no more sense to blame the city council than the current mayor for a trend that transcends multiple administrations & council elections. Also violent crime has been on the rise nationally & the national trendline is nearly identical to seattle’s so this isn’t unique to your city.


Who do y'all think had the bigger erection over the combo of vehicular violence and pike place , Matt or Charles?


@16 That ST comments section, though! Definitely the local equivalent of the Carlson/Hannity/Ingraham white supremacist greek chorus, if not worse. (I'll allow that it has gotten marginally less incendiary since they restricted comments to subscribers but it's still pretty awful.)

I remember the first time I visited Pike Place Market, knowing nothing of its history, I was gobsmacked that people were allowed to drive through it. That road is narrower than Barbara Bailey Way, and no one to my knowledge is advocating that the Capitol Hill Farmer's Market should be open to automobile traffic (though in this car-crazy city it wouldn't surprise me).


always love it when “the eastside elite” gets thrown around. you guys ever heard of this dude Dan Savage? how much do you think his home is worth? a shit ton more than mine, for sure. but at least I’m “elite”.


If the SPD writeup of the car-car-pedestrian-hammer incident is to be believed, it was a fight between two people on foot, who then took it to their cars, bumping each other back and forth, then escalated further to hammer throwing vs. both cars. Sure, I know SPD has their own credibility issues, but since they didn't shoot anyone or beat them up in this incident, they're maybe a little more believable.

I'd love a pedestrian-only road in front of Pike Place outside of delivery truck hours in the morning and evening, but I don't think this incident is the poster child.


On the plus side, titanium does not set off airport detectors.


@22: thanks boatgeek.

I was looking for more info and I found this incident that i half-remembered from 2015, which is also not market-specific:

The driver, described as an elderly man, told officers his foot got stuck between the gas and the brake of the rental car. He struck the pedestrian along with three cars, and one of those hit another car.
Witnesses tended to corroborate the driver's statement that he was trying to stop the car.
"Its brake lights were on, but it wasn't stopping," said witness Rob Young. "It looked like he was trying to stop."
The driver was released from the scene, said Officer Lauren Lovanhill of the Seattle police. She said it's unclear whether he was cited. She said the driver was not impaired.,horror%2C%20police%20and%20witnesses%20said.


I'm sure anything an employer does that isn't rolling out a red carpet to organizers would qualify as union busting in these pages however that video is a really poor example. Look you can organize but you also have to follow the rules of the workplace. You can't just put up posters all over the place. That could have been a lost kitten poster and I'm pretty certain they still would have pulled it off the front door. This seems like it was a PR stunt. They put those flyers on the door knowing they would be taken down and then claim union busting. This is the kind of moronic shit that makes these activists just seem like clowns rather than people are serious about organizing.



Well, when you write a few New York Times best-selling books and win a PEN Award, maybe you too can own a house as nice as Dan's. But, you'll never get there by sitting on your lazy ass scribbling crabby "poor, poor Eastside me" comments here...


Matt, since there’s no obvious tie-in with capitalism. Now if one of the cars had been a rental or Uber driver, then I’d go with Charles.


Why is Mike McSchwinn making comments? Doesn't he have the Sierra Club to suck up to?


If you are killed on Easter weekend, are you back in action by Monday?


The Seattle Times endorsed John Kerry for President in 2004, Barak Obama for President in 2008 and again in 2012. It endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2016, and Joe Biden in 2020.

So yea the Seattle times is exactly like Fox News.

Would you listen to yourselves?

The Newsroom at the Times is pretty much in ideological sync with most of The Stranger. The Project Homeless reporters go out of their way to paint every single homeless person in the best possible light, downplaying vagrancy, drug abuse, and crime. The Education Lab section is highly favorable towards the NEA and SEA, putting their members and demands in a favorable context. Their Law & Justice section is pretty well balanced, perhaps slightly tilted against prosecutors and law enforcement. Most of their national news comes from either the NYTimes or Washington Post, neither of which are close to being Right Wing mouthpieces.

The Editorial Page is certainly more conservative than the newsroom, but not drastically so. As pointed out above their national endorsements going back two decades are solidly in the Democratic camp.

So any claims that the Seattle Times is a conservative mouth piece are absurd.


@29, No you have to be killed on the Friday before Easter, to come back as a Zombie on Sunday.


After reading further in other news outlets I think the writer here either needs to update his little version of the Pike Place incident or just completely remove it - lots left out.



Are you implying that a writer for the Stranger jumped to conclusions and molded a story to fit their agenda, regardless of the facts?

I am shocked, shocked I say!


Matt... if you're so worried about gun violence, why haven't you or any of your "reporters" at The Stranger reported the news that every other new outlet in Seattle has reported: gun violence at homeless encampments?

Oh, so you only give a shit about gun violence if it doesn't give your precious homeless camps a bad name, right?


And as others have noted, Matt, you basically lied about the Pike Place incident. "Mis-reported" is a kind term. You lied.


@35: although, if there were no motor vehicles allowed, there wouldn't have been a road rage incident.

maybe just ban men from the market instead?


Matt - you know I like your writing, but the contradictions today were too much for me.

It's great that the guy cuts hair for homeless people, but give me his Venmo, not his Amazon Wishlist which you just lambasted for union busting. Also - again, I love Kids in the Hall, but it's on Amazon Prime. Until we actually stop buying shit from Amazon, we are supporting their union busting tactics.


@31 - such a stickler for the rules!


Maybetoday: you are absolutely right!
I boycott Ama-con and it’s not that hard.
Bozos is so special: the living embodiment of a ‘dick head’!
He’s only gotten it up 15 times (300 metric tons of carbon for 180 seconds each...) and it takes months before he can get it up again.
“And you paid for it (to employees and customers)!”
Ama-con’s profits were up 53% in the first year of the pandemic: that is proof of price gouging and negligence to workers, who have DOUBLE the workplace injury rate any where else! Vile thieves.

Every dollar we spend is a vote. And probably as much or more powerful than ballots. The thing about a boycott is that one must make sure the target knows that you didn’t buy from them for this reason. It’s powerful.
Otherwise there would still be pesticides sprayed directly onto farm workers. Look up Cesar Chavez and the CA grape boycott.


"Ama-con’s (sic) profits were up 53% in the first year of the pandemic: that is proof of price gouging and negligence to workers,"

Don't you think that maybe Amazon's 2020 profits were less a result of gouging and has more to do with the fact that somewhere between 50% and 70% of the workforce instantly switched to work from home. This means companies large and small suddenly needed more web capacity, increasing business to Amazon Web Services (the real profit center of the company). Also all of those workers working from home suddenly needed, new computers, monitors, webcams, desks, scanners, and printers. Not to mention all the people who decided they needed bread machines, or Pelotons, or sweat pants to keep from going crazy.

Think about the last 24 months, as bad as it was can you imagine how much worse it would have been without Amazon, without Zoom, without Google. How many more people would have died without the ability to stay home? How many more people would have lost their jobs without the ability to work from home?

Without Amazon how would Kshama Sawant have purchased office supplies for her campaign to fight the recall?

Hell it wouldn't surprise me at all if the bytes we're all generating by posting to the SLOG were hosted on Amazon servers.

I honestly don't understand the hate for Amazon. And no I don't work for them but I see no reason to stop my prime subscription.If you are going to hate on billionaires why not save it for the ones doing real damage? Folks like the Koch's, Adani, Kee, Velasco, Simmons, and of course the Saud family do far more actual damage, and provide far less "good" than Bezos, Musk, and Gates combined.


Gosh, the RIGHT WING Seattle Times reporter David Kroman did a better job on this than Matt.

Kroman managed to both relay the actual facts of the very bizarre three-person kerfuffle at the market, but also still was able frame it as "further stoking the embers of a century-old debate around car access through Seattle’s hub of food and commerce."

Kudos to David for being a writer capable of inserting his own agenda while hiding it behind the facts of the story.

Shame to Matt for basically being, well a Stranger writer.


I can't imagine driving---much less walking---through Seattle anymore.
I remember when it was safe to walk through Pike Place Market when we
lived in Ballard. Norm Rice was 49th Mayor of Seattle then (1990-1997).
I remember when it was safe to walk through the vicinity of 3rd and Pine, and the Greyhound bus terminal on 8th and Stewart, like the King Street Amtrak station, was a decent hub of public transportation. I know violent crime is up everywhere, not just in Seattle, but WTF!

@39 PrincessAngeline#2 for the WIN!!! I KNEW Bezos' overblown space dildo was as impotent as he is.


I drove through Pike Place Market several years ago, and immediately after turning off First Avenue thought "That was fucking stoopid!". Aside from delivery hours cars should be banned from the market. This does not even seem like a hard question.

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