Soooo, if not now, WHEN do we stop masking? We have vaccines, anti-virals, very effective N95s for those who want to wear them, widespread testing and a lot of immunity in the population. We also have a very tired, antisocial, post-pandemic populace. I’ll keep wearing my mask but I don’t think we keep telling everybody what to do, in perpetuity. We need an off ramp.


I think the TSA announcement was just in keeping in line with the judges ruling.

As stupid and idiotic as the ruling may be (or as stupid and idiotic as the ability of one Millennial-age Judge in the middle of fucking Florida to impose their ruling on the entire nation) it's still the law, and the Biden Administration (the TSA) needs to abide by it.

Since the mandate had only been pushed back by two weeks I don't see an appeal. It would never be heard by May 3rd anyway.


So, Jas, you don’t like the fact that the TSA is going to abide by the ruling? How is that any different than the idiot Trump and his supporters that didn’t want to abide by any number of legal rulings that went against them?

Do you on the far left don’t see the fucking hypocrisy?

Good lord, is this fucking performance art at this point?


@1 Fair points, I'm not certain that off ramp should yet include small poorly ventilated tubes that shove strangers into close proximity. On a subway? On a bus? there's really no ventilation. And sure the airlines claim they turn the air over every six seconds or something, but that won't help the people immediately in front of, or behind or next to a sick person.

I can totally understand airlines dropping it. I'm sure enforcing that rule was pure hell for the unfortunate employees who had to do it, and it would be even worse now.


Here's to taking medical advice from the same state that's worried math books might give their kids the vague impression that slavery was, in fact, real and bad. Cheers.


Joy to the World?

Marshawn mowing down
/stiff-arming would-be Tacklers
doing summersaults into the End-
zone and now Zamboni Driver. thank you God.


@1 -- "Soooo, if not now,
WHEN do we stop masking?"

@COVID: are you
even Listening?

stupid. fucking. Virus.
Plague be thy Name.


@3 I'm going to cut Jas some slack on this one.

They aren't a news reporter, their wheelhouse is entertainment, culture, and the arts.

You're right of course, as I mentioned, the TSA is simply obeying the law. Yay for following the law!

I'll still wear a mask on airlines. I'm actually surprised at how little it bothers me to not have a beverage on a flight (even cross country) and I stopped eating on airlines when they stopped serving actual food.


“We out here shining’ 7 days a week 365 a year” then grabbing the 2nd string running back to be sure he gets his name out there in support of his buddy is some of the coolest shit ever. Then that video of him cursing around on the athletic cart are hopefully being recreated by the Kraken marketing. Marsha an living his life unapologetically pulling up those around him makes him a crazy under-appreciated role model for men raised in a culture of toxic masculinity in terms at least of how to relate to other men and colleagues.

Him spinning donuts on a Zamboni brings me pure joy.

Oh and raindrop go fuck yourself.


@4, well certainly the zero notice that was given was problematic. 24 hours would be nice, even 12 hours - but mid-flight is not cool. People need to know if a changed policy requires them to make other plans.


Not graffiti, tagging.


I think what triggered the FL racists was all those equal signs.


@5 - don't worry. You'll love your Florida-approved medical care. Leeches are really cute and bloodletting cures everything.


Per Google or espn, there are 2 to 3 dozen Black players in the NHL. (I didn’t think there were even that many.)
Marshawn riding on a Zamboni is a brilliant way to open up hockey to more minority players and fans!


"King County Metro announced it will keep its mask mandate in place".

Probably a good idea. The busses and Sound Transit trains are petri dishes of mass transmission. Want to catch a virus or be exposed to unheard of Germs from all over the world? Take mass transit.
Don't get mad at me. It's just true.
Then never mind the drug use.


@9 Tell it to the judge. Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle's ruling was effective immediately.

Can you imagine the outrage from the right wing media had the TSA given 24, or 12, or even 1 hour notice?


Just for anyone interested. Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle is all of 34 years-old. Solidly a millennial.

So Matt, Rich, Chase, what ya doing with your life?


3 a federal mandate being lifted is not a legal ruling against anyone, you fucking idiot. The airlines could extend their own mask mandate if they wanted to, as could your local transit agency. The only thing that’s changed is that their mask requirements are no longer required by law.


Free speech only is only free until it makes you think critically, then it is banned to uphold free speech that is harassment and trolling.


Mizelle does not stand out in the crowd of Trump judges in being considered not qualified for the job by the ABA. In that respect the Stranger staff also not qualified for the job pretty much only have their lack of connections to blame for why they don't have the same job.


when "republicans" ban Critical Thinking
they will have Won their Culture War
on We, the American Citizenry.

they've done a rather
Fine Job of it so far
as evidenced
right Here

we do well to Remember
their Motto: One Trillion-
Aire to Rule them ALL
& in the Darkness
Bind them.


Marshawn and Macklemore could have housed at least...three people, with all that hockey team money. SHAME ON THEM.

Also good to know the stranger writers are too cool for school to practice some civic-minded activities that don't involve standing around waving anrgy signs. A mayor helping a business clean the side of their building is some hilarious new meme? Riiiiiiight. Y'all are fucked in the head.


The paint on that Cage head is pretty specifically applied.

Was "doused" really the right verb to use?


then WHY
are you

to unfuck
some heads?

so how's that working



Yea she’s probably not qualified to sit on the bench, but she did manage to get a Law Degree and pass the bar.

Kind of counter to the SLOG narrative that all millennials have been priced out of the 21st Century.


guessing the average millennial tech worker at amazon rakes in more than a federal judge in florida, or at least makes enough money to slay the straw slog narrative that there are zero millennials who make enough money to get by


@25 Exactly


you’re saying exactly to your own argument being a straw man? Ok


Tagging is appropriating space that belongs to the public. Its appropriating space that is not yours. Its arrogant, selfish and shows you have zero regard for anyone but yourself.


@24 Most 30-something lawyers do fit the slog's view of millennials laboring under 6 figures of student loan debt. Unless they start sucking at the federalist society teat and get all their loans magically forgiven before receiving the GOP senate's advice and consent.



There’s a big difference between someone with a six-figure loan and a six-figure income and someone with a six-figure loan who will never make more than 50K

And someone with a law degree doesn’t need to be a conservative mouthpiece to rake in the cash. I’m sure M. Lorena Gonzalez has been able to turn her JD into a six figure income.


There is no cure for the selfish stupidity of people like Mizelle. Being book smart has nothing to do with common sense, and she is the evidence.


why is there an advertisement for a movie in a public park?

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