The great Malcolm Nance joining the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine:

The American veterans who are voluntarily joining the fight in Ukraine are reminiscent of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade that fought against Franco's fascists in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. Back then, those Americans rightly saw Spain as the front line in the fight for freedom. Ukraine is that front line today.


Biden has no choice but to run again. Just hope he can keep it together in his '80s like my Dad has.


Biden, with an approval rating approaching that of lemon flavoured cereal, thinks he's going to run again in 2024. Heaven help us. If him and Kamala are really the best the Dems can offer then the Big Orange Blob is sure to win.

Also, I appreciate the shade thrown at big bharma(sic). Prepandemic they were the least trusted industry and for good reason. It has been sickening to watch over the last year people rising to defend these duplicitous and amoral companies, while labeling any one who may question their unabashed for profit motives as "anti-vax".


Biden’s age is only part of the problem. He’s also, fairly or unfairly, deeply unpopular. What’s he at now, 33% approval? Jesus.

Regardless, with prices climbing and crime rising (that’s the perception, anyway), no Democrat has much of a chance. The only glimmer of hope is that Trump, by far the most likely Republican candidate, is possibly the only politician even less popular than Biden.

If the GOP would just nominate any of the many normal-seeming fascists in their ranks, they’d win in a landslide. But they are all Trump’s bitches.


Lest there be any doubt how this "masking ruling" came about:

The judge is a Moscow Mitch chosen "Amy Barrett".


«The boy in the disturbing video is accused of stealing a bag of chips»

Rest assured the cops worked him over really good when the cameras were gone.
He will never want chips again.


The woman behind the libs of tiktok anonymous anti-lgbt harassment account has been identified. This person has been actively trying to get queer teachers killed. Famed fascist propagandist glenn greenwald unwittingly confirmed her identity with a poorly considered tweet last night.


@4: I am always curious to know what % of the poll respondents actually voted for Biden and now disapprove because of a myriad of progressive disappointments, mainly not waving a magic wand and eliminating student debt.

there will be many who disapprove but vote for his reelection anyway, because the entire GQP is now composed of insane Birchers.


"Libs of Tik Tok is... none other than the Chaya Raichik, who has been working as a real estate salesperson in Brooklyn when, in early November 2020, she created the account that would eventually become Libs of TikTok."


Seems tenuous to assume a democrat has a chance of winning the next election even if they take the majority in the electoral college. Between the republicans’ anti-democratic conspiracism & their court-packing we are well past the point of our votes actually mattering anymore, particularly in national elections. 2020 was just a testing ground for a complete authoritarian takeover of our federal government. Wouldn’t be surprised to see presidential term limits ignored too, seeing as it was simply a norm we followed back when republicans pretended to care about such things.


That the leftist unmentionables are being laundered in public directly contradicts those on the left that deny such things ever happen. Blown out of proportion as a political gambit, yes. Made up out of whole cloth, no.


Speaking of Republicans pretending to care about things, I guess free speech only matters when it isn't CRT (in name only); then it goes into the fire along with the Constitution.


@11. Yeah like Jared Kushner took $2 billion from MBS to hush up the Kashoggi bonesaw mutilation murder, but that doesn't fit the narrative.


10 Because this country continues to do nothing after the Trump coup attempt and then the MAGA rigging of state election boards, it is virtual certainty a republican will get elected. Regardless of how well or how poor the country is doing.

Unless of course one of the variants proves even deadlier and begins to ravage the unvaccinated MAGA strongholds again. Which is always a possibility.


"That the leftist unmentionables are being laundered in public directly contradicts those on the left that deny such things ever happen. "

Could you be a little less coy and spit out precisely what you mean?


Yeah my one dark but semi-realistic hope is that their republicans’ pro-pandemic policies that are disproportionately killing red-staters and boomers will shift the vote margins in enough states and districts. But I keep coming back to the belief that it doesn’t matter who gets more votes if the entire electoral apparatus is rigged & people have completely lost faith in the system.


@10: Such attitudes will guarantee your self-fulfilling prophecy.


On one hand there is a narrative that what the Republicans have their panties in a wad about isn't happening and then on the other hand there are examples of of teachers proudly announcing that is precisely what they are doing.


“Such attitudes” aren’t the problem. The first step in addressing this or any problem is to describe it in clear terms, and from there it’s our national leadership’s responsibility to act. I’m doing my completely inconsequential part by sounding the alarm on a blog no one reads but i’m just a guy, meanwhile we have politicians & prosecutors who could be doing so much more than they are. Go wag your finger at them.


Attitudes = motivations = voting = outcome

Your cynicism only validates like-minded proletarians reading this blog.


If you think pretending everything is fine when our democracy is burning go ahead & have fun with that & see where it gets us, i’m certainly not trying to lecture you over it. Just be sure to fuck off early & fuck off often, you tedious busybody.


@15: as you can see, skidmark can't plainly state anything.

he appears to be circularly referencing the "purple parent" movement, where fundy christians are asserting that schools (aka "gubmint instytushins") have no role in teaching morals and ethics, and are using "CRT" and "Common Core" and "Social-Emotional Learning" to indoctrinate ("groom") children in a Trans lifestyle. they don't know WTF they're talking about, but they're getting laws passed in all the shithole states.

IIRC, public schools have ALWAYS had a role in teaching morals and ethics. purple parents can get fucked.


@18 What are you talking about. "Panties in a wad" about what? Which teachers doing what, where? Be specific. My god. Not everything is this cure little cypher. Use your big boy words.


Well, you HAVE to know that the President of Delta Airlines is relieved that their corporate name is out of the news and feel sorry for any related business w/ Omicron in their name.


Right wing reactionaries have suddenly decided in 2022 that it's no longer critical race theory but the mere existence of gay and trans teachers that is the gravest moral hazard to our country. They think they can keep queer kids from being queer if they target their teachers for harassment when all they are doing is ensuring their kids will grow up to hate their parents.


The midterms are still 7 months away.

It’s way too early to start handicapping the 2024 Presidential Race


@3: And which industries aren't 'duplicitous and amoral'?

@22: There are no shithole states, only shithole people


26 Never too early to start the 2024 betting! Side-wagers are where the big cash money lies.


Follow the science!
How many folks from the Grid Iron super spreader event died or were hospitalized?
Do women have a Y chromosome?
What is the psychological impact of making people wear masks versus those who fear taking them off when everyone is still breathing and spreading germs while eating, drinking, wearing masks incorrectly, and wearing cloth masks that don’t do much to stop Omicron?
You do know germs ignore the 3-seconds rule when you pick that piece of pizza off the floor.
Am I selfish for wanting to take the mask off or are you selfish for wanting me to keep it on?
Are there multiple races of humans or just one?
You can whataboutism the MAGAheads all day long but if your arguments don’t even hold up under the rules you created, people stop listening and though the probably won’t vote R they won’t vote D either.


@10 Presidential term limits are not a “norm”, it’s in the Constitution, dumb fuck. (You’re late for your Q-anon meeting.)

It’s called the 22nd amendment. It was ratified in the 50s.

The tradition of two terms was broken by FDR, after which the Constitution was amended. It’s not a norm.



1/ Guessing zero as I haven’t heard anything about it but there are other negative health consequences besides hospitalization and death and our gerontocracy is the prime demographic for all of them so the least they could have done is require a negative test for entry

2/ Some of them do, even by the scientific standard of biological sex and not the sociological concept of gender, because genetics is much more complex than whatever you learned in your 8th grade science class

3/ No offense but I’m not even sure what you’re asking here

4/ I don’t eat off the floor for a whole bunch of reasons that have little to do with germs but that’s just me

5/ You’re the selfish one but that extends beyond your failure to care about the health of anyone else besides yourself, it’s a lifestyle

6/ Race is a social construct so in that sense yes there are multiple but that has no basis in science


30, hey look it's the dipshit who thought a federal judge overturning the mask mandate meant private and local ordinances about masks were instantly null and void. Looks like you are capable of looking up how your country works every once in a while if the mood strikes, hooray for you you're getting so good at this.


@31 I'm pretty sure 3/ is "How many people are psychologically damaged by having to wear a mask to go into Wal-Mart?" The second half is just "I can't be bothered to wear a mask over both my nose and mouth, ergo mask use doesn't work, ergo nobody should have to wear a mask."

Answer: Zero.


@ Demi Human Squawk

Not even a match for Goc


Most of what I was point out is that we have reached the endemic stage and forever masking is now based on politics and psychological safety than science. Unless everyone is wearing N95s perfectly all the time and eating alone when they are not wearing a mask the whole thing is performative and not based on science. I am being selfish not wanting to wear a mask but at the same time you are being selfish for making me wear it for performative reasons and saying "science."
You are correct about Y Chromosomes in some women but if you were born biologically a man and are swimming in women's races most people are not going to be supportive of your cause. If you think the Overton window has shifted significantly to the left and you act like you know better about someone else's kids than the parents and are shocked when they over-react in a way that set your cause backwards, well that's on you.


Endemic means steady-state transmission, not that we just have to accept the virus is always with us, nor that it's no longer a menace to public health. Each wave of covid we have experienced over the last few years has been its own epidemic of a novel strain. You would never describe an endemic disease in terms of waves. But that's beside the point, because the problem is thinking that we have to surrender ourselves to the virus because people are sick of worrying about it, which is not how you end a pandemic.

That we're not required by law to wear masks is really not that big of a deal imo because N95s work great for one-way protection (whereas cloth and surgicals are most effective when everyone is wearing one), and as a matter of personal choice you would be best served by wearing one in high-density crowds until we have more effective treatments, sterilizing vaccines, and/or a better understanding of the long-term effects of repeated exposures. Two years is nothing in the scope of an average human lifespan yet that is all the data we have so far. That's all science right there.

As for trans athletes, sorry but you are being whipped into a frenzy over a fake issue because it's an election year and making people freak out over meaningless bullshit then dropping it like a cold turd after the election is over is how republicans govern because they don't believe the government has actual responsibilities for its people & it's all just spectacle. You would think trans people were invented in a lab 6 months ago if you just followed the news but there have been trans athletes in professional sports since at least the 70s. Besides, most athletics are just for people to get exercise and make friends, not a career. This moral panic may very well result in short term gains for republicans but the only reason they're so fevered about it is because they lost the culture war decades ago and they know it.


The flu is considered endemic but each wave is different in its severity and it continues to mutate. Regardless, the latest version is not nearly as deadly as previous strains and asking people to act as though this is the deadliest strain constantly is going to cause them not to listen to you when it actually is. 2 years is nothing in a human lifespan but it is not nothing. You are never going to get that back and as you get older that shit becomes really fucking precious. When the numbers of deaths and hospitalizations are going down and the rules seem subjective and half the people are not paying any consequences for ignoring the rules you begin to wonder why you are putting up with this shit? I obeyed all the rules. I got vaccinated, I got boosted, I wore my mask, I routinely got tested, I socially distanced, I didn't congregate in large groups indoors or outdoors. I can't do this any longer when there is does not seem to be overwhelming reason to do so. My sanity and the sanity of others is more important at this point. I personally know a bunch of kids with eating disorders because of this. People have forgotten how to act in public. People are psychotic while driving.
So until the next wave comes I am going to live my life as normal as I can.


For a girls basketball team facing a game where the competition's star forward is a 6'-2" trans female, it's not exactly a level playing field.


@38 You are obviously a ignorant bigot that should be shamed out of existence. Please submit your life-force certificate to the twitter group-think collective.


@39: These are the things being debated, and it obviously varies depending on the sport. And if I'm a bigot, then why is the same thing being said by a famous Olympic Gold swimmer who is now a transsexual? I think you know her name, she's related to the Kardashians.

Your apology accepted in advance.


Fun fact: Endemic doesn't mean harmless.

And over two years into the pandemic and for some reason even the basic science of what masks do and do not do continues to elude the dim bulbs of American society.

For the three trillionth time: Masks protect OTHER people.

Masks help prevent what you exhale from reaching the respiratory systems of other people. The evidence that they are effective at reducing transmission and death is overwhelming. That was true in 2020 and it's still true today when the covid19 virus is still killing three to seven times more than any modern flu virus every week. Endemic or not.

This message brought to by our sponsor: Critical Thought. When you're stuck trying to find an answer? Reach for Critical thought! (Not a Johnson and Johnson Product).


So, why is it 99% Trans Women trying to play in Women's Sports and not the other way around?


@41 Fun Fact: Masks only work if everyone is wearing them correctly all the time.
Fun Fact no. 2: You are still breathing while eating and drinking and not wearing a mask.
Fun Fact no. 3: The filtration system of the modern airplane and significantly superior to your local Applebees. I haven't had to wear a mask at a bar or restaurant for a while.

Its like wearing a condom only half the time while having sex.

So let's use some logic:
If people are not wearing their masks half the time on an airplane because they are eating or drinking and at least half are not wearing their mask correctly and the filtration system is pretty awesome why are still wearing masks? Also when numbers are currently low why are we acting like we are in the worst part of Covid?

Factually you are 100% correct in an academic setting but pointless and counter-productive in the real world.
You are winning on the Internet but losing in the real world.
You know the difference right?

If Biden appeals this right now he is going to lose. If he waits until we really needs masks again and then appeals he has a better chance of winning and a better chance people will listen to him and the CDC.


@40, yer sarcasm detector is broken.

oh no, having trans athletes means sports aren't FAIR!!

life isn't fair. deal with it.


@44: Wow, I guess so. Thanks for letting me know.


Trouble!!?.......Life is Trouble!
-Zorba the Greek


@44 Yer avatar is a butthole


@2 & @8 Max Solomon:+1 for the WIN!! Bravo and well said.

@14 RogerTheShrubber: I keep praying for a new lethal variant that would wipe out the entire GOP Death Cult. If only Vladimir Putin and its sock puppet, Orange Turd could get struck by lightning. Now that would be poetic justice.

Nope, nope, nope. Even if the mask mandate has officially ended I will NOT fly in a commercial jet or travel on a cruise ship. Let's face it---they're flying and floating petri dishes. And Boeing STILL can't get its act together regarding all the scandal with the CEO-defective MAX. And woe be to many U.S. service members serving in the fleet on any naval vessel that has succumbed to onboard infection. You can run but you can't hide.
My beloved and I will still ride the Washington State Ferries but that's it.

Unfortunately, I must concur with economist and NYT editorial columnist Paul Krugman regarding the rise of violence towards those among us wearing masks in public. Krugman nailed it---it never was about freedom. This overly long, dragged out pandemic has been about MAGA-preached Free Dumbs (i.e.: "the right to die", or, my personal favorite, "proud to take one for the Team"). I'll be wearing mine, except to eat, drink, and play wind instruments.
MAGAs can go fuck themselves.


Auntie G usually it's not 'proud to take one for the team' so much as 'hoping to pass it on to the other team but Authoritarian Jeebus will protect me'


@49 HW3: "Authoritarian Jeebus will protect me" only applies to apocalyptic white MAGA rubes assigned male at birth. It's all about their insanely corrupt bro club. What are these batshit crazy dumbfucks going to do once they've killed all the women and girls? On to breeding with farm animals?
I'm glad I had my full bilateral hysterectomy when I did. I consider myself among the lucky ones. The procedure corrected four decades of indescribably horrible monthly misery, and proved to be a real blessing.
I don't know who to feel sorrier for---women and adolescent girls in their reproductive years, or little girls from birth to their preteens who have yet to experience their first menstrual period. What kind of future can they possibly have?


Smokin' Joe Biden or VP Kamala Harris had damned well BETTER soundly defeat the Orange Turd in 2024, keep the Democrats in the White House, and oust a TON of useless GOP garbage in Congress, the Senate, and SCOTUS or it's GAME OVER.
The Death Cult, a.k.a. the world's richest .000000000000000000001% and their MAGA and Russian dupes = Everyone and everything on a dead planet,
The rest of us on what's left of the Earth = 0

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