"he federal government doles out benefits such as land rights, health care, education, and fishing rights."

Treaty rights are reserved at the signing of the treaty, not gratefully received/grudgingly doled out later on. Obviously it takes a lot of litigation to enforce treaties, just ask all the WA AGs from Slade Gorton to Bob Ferguson who have lost at the supreme court level while trying to violate the treaties.


Is it possible to extract some rent from the Duwamish for their genocide of the Chimakum people, whose land they stole, or perhaps something for the descendants of the slaves Chief Seattle took? Or would it be better to simply be grateful that the era of land theft was ended by the people here now, and end policies based on resentment?


The WA constitution requires that public monies spent provide some taxpayer benefit. The nonprofits are free to pay rent using their own funds, though.


If you ask the governments of the Muckleshiot, Tulalip, and Puyallup there is no such thing as the Duwamish Tribe

They aren’t a tribe recognized by either the federal government or the other tribes. Those other tribes have far more members with Duwamish heritage than the small group claiming the name.

As such it’s completely inappropriate for any government funds to be directed to this group.


"The said tribes and bands of Indians hereby cede, relinquish, and convey to the United States all their right, title, and interest in and to the lands and country occupied by them..."

Let's honor the treaty, it reads pretty clearly to me.


King County is correct in rejecting the expense and it isn’t “real rent” (no one is leasing a damn thing).

The nonprofit can raise whatever non-taxpayer money it wants or pay its own money for this fake rent, but not the county.

And there is nothing complicated about any of this. Much ado about nuttin’.


Would be nice if Hannah was a real journalist. Look into what the non profit does with their "Real Rent". (Hint: they do nothing with it.... almost literally)

But doing work is against the socialist ethos at the Stranger these days.


@7 You are in the wrong place if you are looking for journalism.


Bobblehead Hannah digging deep for the outrage here…


The Duwamish should reclassify themselves as ‘homeless’ -
then they would get lots of funds !
Problem solved!


@10, Ha!


Golly... this was a long slog about virtually nothing.

If you want to address this issue do it plainly, clearly and properly....hiding it in a rent payment is very passive aggressive and a dis-service to those you are trying to help.

Writing this up as some type of social justice piece is just pedantic.

Is The Stranger out of topics and decent sloggers.

We might want to re-name this site The Krieg-ster she seems to be the only contributor beside Rich and Mr. Muede, the crazy economic revisionist.


What an interesting twist on the validity of the Stevens Treaties, eh? How can they be valid on fish but not on land? Doesn't surprise me a bit the recognized (and signatory) tribes don't want to go anywhere near this. Oh, those helpful sympathetic white people...

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