Music Apr 20, 2022 at 10:30 am

Grip now or gripe later.



Yeah, but seriously fuck RSD until major labels buy their own record presses. Why don't they? They're available new and they wouldn't be fucking over the small labels and reissuing shit like that (amazing) Betty Harris (which came out in 2016 and is still available for probably less than shops will be selling the new version for). I'm all for accentuating the positive, but every day is record store day so RSD is a good reason to stay home.


Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Manuel Göttsching - Inventions for Electric Guitar
Donny Bennet - The Don
Naked Eyes - Burning Bridges
Procol Harum - Broken Barricades


@2 Those titles did not appear on the list I perused. The first 2 would have gone in my post.

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